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  1. Sardonic Artery

    Seasoned Spigot

    Wish he had a momentous tackle before 4, but he looks aces. Still seems to get taken out fairly easily, so classic Spigot there.
  2. Sardonic Artery

    Didn't Get LE Pride, Am I Stuck Buying the Box?

    Guess we'll see what year that happens then...
  3. Sardonic Artery

    Didn't Get LE Pride, Am I Stuck Buying the Box?

    Still got it? If not, I'm about ready to look for a proxy that my local TO will hopefully accept. I'm not going to pay $75 for one model -- where's the reasonable option, SFG?
  4. Was out of the country when LE Pride sold out. Now that page is gone and I don't see a way to buy (the standard) Pride alone. As I've got the other 5 players locked up or owned already, I'm not into buying a six-person box. Has SFG commented on future options for getting the mascot alone?
  5. Sardonic Artery

    S4 arrives october 12th

    *Looks at Butchers* Wat
  6. Sardonic Artery

    Season 4

    I activate Decimate first to drag models back into my lines. If killing the ball is getting reduced, nerf scoring teams.
  7. Sardonic Artery

    Season 4

    No way Friday goes to straight DEF 5 with Esters making it 6.
  8. Sardonic Artery

    Confused by roster changes

    After seeing the card, Pride is a great looking mascot. The fact that it plays goalie helps a lot.
  9. Sardonic Artery

    Going to a tournament next week and I'm out of practice!

    You need to know that your core team will change about a month from now. Also, apparently a DEF 6 / ARM 1 Friday still kills the ball against most scoring teams.
  10. Sardonic Artery

    Seasoned Spigot and Veteran Fangtooth

    I thought vSpigot also worked for the church?
  11. Sardonic Artery

    Veteran Decimate

    Indeed, @CurlyPaul, it does bode well for Brewers design overall, but let's be honest, vDecimate is gonna join oSpigot and Friday as essential to the 10. Thanks for the quotes, @ningu. I'm surprised y'all don't reach for any Union support -- namely Hemlocke (for blind) -- while you still can.
  12. Sardonic Artery

    Seasoned Spigot and Veteran Fangtooth

    I just want a non-trash Fangtooth. (But Seasoned Spigot looks cool.)
  13. Sardonic Artery

    Veteran Decimate

    What's your 10 (and do you miss anyone)? Maybe it's that I have Lucky (non-mom clearing), Esters, Hemlocke, Stoker, but he feels less valuable to me. Regardless, I'm glad there's a debate.
  14. Sardonic Artery

    Veteran Decimate

    ^Guess that helps on the Stoker question. Sounds like I haven't played enough of those match ups. Scum still edges out Quaff for me overall though and even now I can't afford both mascots in my 10. What does Hooper do in his match up that vDecimate doesn't replace?
  15. Sardonic Artery

    Veteran Decimate

    Lucky clearing conditions without momentum is gold against Engineers. Can't say I've got any room for Quaff with the 10 being so hard to fill out these days. Part of me thinks vSpigot could make it in once Union is no longer an option, but I've heard of others controlling scoring teams without blind, goad, or close control. As is, oSpigot still has too much on one card for his later version to get play most games (though I like what vSpigot can do -- just not enough to edge out oSpigot... yet). I agree with the theory that vDecimate could replace Hooper. Still need to test it more. Considering even dropping Stoker from my 10. Maybe y'all are getting more out of him than I am -- anyone feel the same?