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  1. Thanks for posting this up. I notice a lot of Brewers players run no Union, but I've heard love for both Harry (goad) and Hemlocke (for the conditions game). They never make your 10? If your Tapper team is nearly set with Scum, Hooper, Friday, Spigot and flex, how does that change with vDecimate? Also, without Stave, what do you do into Farmers? Others wonder if the expected Corsair match up changed with the A&G change.
  2. Veteran Decimate

    Been out of Guild Ball for a chunk of months. vDecimate looks like a good reason to come back on board.
  3. Colorado Guild Ball Master Thread

    Admittedly, none of us are (currently) super active on these forums, but the Colorado Guild Ball Facebook sticky is currently getting an overhaul to be up to date: https://www.facebook.com/groups/481428382030383/
  4. Veteran Ox confirmed

    Am I the only one who prefers the artwork pose to the proposed model?
  5. Playing vs. Fillet

    I'm a Fillet player. Typically she activates last one round, then first the next to Legendary and get all the bleed damage. However, knocking her down is key. Most Butchers go down easily. She has zero armor. Clumping up is less dangerous for pain circle as it is for her bleed pulse off a charge (if she has the distance... and she's fast).
  6. Guild Ball Manager a new Android App

    Ah... that'd be a helpful change.
  7. Butcher List w/ Fillet - Thoughts after 12 games

    I really like Boiler, as his playbook is short enough to wrap (especially with ignoring ARM). Most Butchers don't do that. As much as I like unpredictable movement/+1 DEF against dudes, I'm starting to get more iffy on what Brisket can do offensively. Never bothered to put together Meathook. Starting to like Tenderizer a whole lot more though (even if I'm still trying to suss seismic kick). Right now it's just stand within 4" of the goal and wait.
  8. More Fillet Tournament 8 Discussion

    I'd still go Rage. Even if he doesn't get to do his thing (or gets pushed away), he can tool someone up. He dies easily though. I played that podcast list: Fillet, Brisket, Shank, Tenderizer, Boar (who I usually don't like), and Rage. 10 influence (ouch). Fillet and Shank typically share 8 influence; 1 on the furious fellas. Played better than I thought. I like Boiler (more bleed) and Gutter/Decimate as alternates.
  9. Guild Ball Manager a new Android App

    Built some teams, but I must be missing how to track damage. Can someone help a n00b?
  10. Truffles

    I'm down for a sturdy mascot.
  11. Gentlemen...Our Veteran Player

    No more +1 DEF against the fellas? She ain't perty enough any more?
  12. Fillet Card is released

    Yes, all the bleed all the time.
  13. Alternate Butchers Paint Schemes?

    I am forbidden to see such shinies. Thank you. Will check it out. Ooh, merged replies. How fancy.
  14. Alternate Butchers Paint Schemes?

    Just got my Butchers in, but I'm looking for alternate schemes, as I'm not a fan of the bright red (usually like it elsewhere, just not here). I do like the white aprons with blood splatters (a la Sious_69), but I'm not sold on a color to go with it (still black arm bands, etc.). So, anyone got some perty Butchers I can see for inspiration?