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  1. Crucible

    Her and Vet Kat are bringing me back into the game.
  2. W: BlackHeart H: $$$

    Hi, I'm looking for Unions Blackheart.
  3. Big League Campaign Deck is coming...

    Argh. Am I the only one that is totally frustrated w/SF's distribution schedule? They find this stuff in the warehouse, hey, lets get it into the hands of our fans, customers, and players. Ok, I'm calm again.
  4. TNGB Hunter Woes

    I was playing a game in the past against Seenah, and he still got to charge Ghast for free since he wasn't spending influence to attack. It was such frustrating BS. I have not used "MisDirection" yet, I normally use PM or just swing for the fences. The bear is a legit threat tho, especially if he gets "Bear Hug" off. Thanks for the good advice, I really want to avoid the Hunters this week on TNGB, the traps just piss me off.
  5. I have Morticians, Fishermen, and Alchemists, and two players short of Union. I tell myself the Alchemists are my son's, that way I don't feel so much like an addict. I'm nowhere near the worst in my meta.
  6. I started playing on a whim and suggestion from a fellow Warmahordes friend, and immediately hung up my Warmahordes. This game has a lot going for it, and I really have to force myself not to buy ALL the guilds.
  7. Staring down the Butchers

    Ah, fair enough. If I play against Butchers tonight for my TNGB, I'll let you know how it goes.
  8. Beautiful models. Great write ups, that second game sounded a bit nerve wracking in the middle.
  9. Staring down the Butchers

    I have a sinking feeling Cosset will get herself killed against the Butchers, but then so might Rage. I've heard you need to keep them spread out so Ox can't do his thing. If he plays Boar, just tie him up w/Ghast, and he can't charge. What about Graves for another character w/reach, plus he's an ok footballer? You looking to score two and take out two?
  10. TNGB Hunter Woes

    Great advice on Mist. I get in panic mode when I see the loose ball, and feel like I need to grab it w/the best available player. I'll send dirge to retrieve it, and then drop it. I will re read the clock management piece. I do waste a lot of time shaking dice, and thinking. I have learned that activating the piece w/no inf ala Dirge is a great way to push the clock back onto my opponent. The biggest problem for me as a Morticians player is that I don't know the other guilds as well as I should. Control must know what it's up against to function at it's full potential. Games under my belt, and reading my opponents cards will help. As always, the information I get from this forum is invaluable. Thanks.
  11. TNGB Hunter Woes

    Hi, So, played my 2nd game against hunters last night for TNGB. It was even streaming for the game shops web channel. Morticians: Obulus Dirge Silence Ghast Mist Rage Hunters: Theron Fahad Chaska Egret Zarola Jaecar Second time I've faced Hunters, fielded by our local Pundit. He's been playing the game since release, and is a very strong player. I win the roll, receive the kick, and pick up the ball w/Mist, I mist allocated on Mist only gave him two to start the game. Huge mistake, so I put the ball in space to Obulus, and we did the typical moves the first turn. Neither party generating momentum. I realize, Mist needs to start the game w/at least 3 every time, if not 4. Second turn, he puts Egret over in no man's land on an attack to Silence. Not sure why he did this. I basically take her out w/Rage and Obulus on his next activation. I kick the ball to an out of range Mist. It's accurate, and has a great scatter, snap to Mist, and we're off. On my activation, I drive Mist toward the goal, he uses his entire movement and "Where'd they go." He shoots on goal, I bonus time, he misses. 1, 1, 1, 2. WTF. No MoM left, so he missed the goal, can't "run the length", and is stuck in no man's land. He uses Chaska's Boom Box and kills Dirge, like a damn Daffy Duck cartoon...puff of smoke and feathers. Boom Box is seriously a play that I find to be complete BullSh!t. Why does a blunderbuss not scatter and have an AOE hitting all models? 2-2. So Mist is killed immediately by the damn cat, and Zarola. 2-4 Turn basically ends, I look at my clock...I've already burned about 13 minutes or more on two turns. Argh! Last game I clocked out against Hunters as well. The ball is stuck on the Hunters' goal. W/Mist dead, he just leaves it there. There really is no need to move the ball, and he moves it up with Egret when she comes back on the pitch. Things get ugly fast. In the course of the next couple turns, he plays his MoM to zero every turn (he's also a Mort's player), so Obulus never gets to RM, because there was nothing to RM. I'm focusing on killing Chaska, and it takes forever to kill him. I have him ganged up on by Ghast, Rage, and Obulus. I did have a lot of shite rolls, and I mean SHITE rolls. In the meantime, whilst I'm doing this he has succeeded in Taking out Silence and Rage. As I fall behind, I'm loading Obulus up w/more Inf, well, and as players die. 4-8 So to end this tale of woe. I clock myself and pretty much give up the last 4 vp's due to clock-age. My opponent also clocks, but later than I did, so I only get 2 VP from him. I never bring Dirge back, just use my MoM for bonus time, and healing, and clearing conditions. 6-12 Game over. OK, so is this the right line up for Hunters? I am really finding that not running w/some other type of huge damage dealer or scoring threat is not working. Last game against a Hunter Hemlock team I lost 10-12. Obulus is a must for me to play, just how it is. Even tho I eyeball Scalpel, I just want to focus on learning one Captain and one team. I can see Scalpel having an advantage against this team with "Tormented Agony" and removing Inf. My concern is how the eff do you dispatch of Chaska? I did use "Shut Out" on him turn one, and that seemed to work OK. Is that something worth doing, or just keep P'Mastering him away? I felt Egret was an easy target to take out, but perhaps taking out Chaska first would have been beneficial? Seriously tho, Chaska and the Fahad did a lot of damage to me. The traps were not all that big a deal, I only got stuck by one. I do get pinned a lot against hunters, and spent MoM healing and clearing conditions. I never blame dice, because you're hot, and you're not. Are there any tricks to stop Fahad and his free charge? What do you guys do when you face the Hunters? Obulus was a champ as always. Rage did his thing and survived for quite some time, and I rolled very low with him, so it cost me an early second TO. Ghast did Ghastly stuff, and never, ever was in any danger, in every game I've played, he has been the star of the team behind Obulus and Bonesaw, (yeah, I said it, Bonesaw). His "Unmasking" went off perfectly, causing damage and push to only the Hunters. Alas, it was in extra time, so, it didn't really help me out. Two games in a row, clocking out, help.
  12. Hunters vs Fishermen

    Great write up. The detail was awesome along with the pics.
  13. Rest of of Season 2 releases

    I agree wholeheartedly.
  14. Masons Season 3 Speculation

    Yeah, I hadn't seen The LT's response. That makes me feel much better. I can see all guilds getting a 'rookie' player.
  15. Masons Season 3 Speculation

    Right. They are so wrapped up w/bleeding Dark Souls, GB feels like the step child ATM. I'll be happy if they just put out the season 2 models.