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  1. Ragnar Rok

    Finally playing Butchers

    Thanks. I appreciate it. I will need to forget the Fish mentality of 3-0, and learn to flow better.
  2. Ragnar Rok

    Finally playing Butchers

    Many of these threads are really helpful. I recently picked up Butchers, and have a couple games under my belt with them. I've wanted to play them for a few seasons now, but just could 't tear myself away from my Fish or Morts. I have most of the team, minus Meathook, and the pig. I was wondering if it's good to practice with Fillet or just run Ox teams. The line up I used was Ox, Princess, Boar, vGutter, oBrisket and Boiler. Played into Farmers. I was shooting for a 4-1 game, but it just didn't work out that way. Dice effed me a lot, and I just couldn't get the ball back from the Farmers once they stole it. What is a good way to get the ball back to continue on with the 4-1 goal?
  3. Ragnar Rok

    Morts vs Masons

    This is very helpful, thank you!
  4. Ragnar Rok

    WTB: Vet Gutter

    Hi, Looking for vet Gutter from the exiles box. I'm in the US. Please PM me if you have one for sale., thanks.
  5. If you still have the vGutter, and are willing to ship to the US i'd like to buy her. No hard feelings if you don't want to tho, I understand. Oops just saw the sold, sorry.
  6. Ragnar Rok

    Morts vs Masons

    Played against this lineup: Honour Marbles Flint vChisel vHarmony Granite I took: Obs Dirge Bonesaw Ghast oGraves Skulk It was my second game back in quite some time. I lost 12-4, and misplayed Ghast/Dirge, I activated Dirge to get in Flint's grill, and was planning on ramming Ghast into him next activation. I should have just went with Ghast. This error was a 6 point swing, and cost me the game. It was a 2-2 game by the Masons, with a bit of ball killing to slow me down. Bonesaw scored with ease, and Obulus (who I play strictly from comfort) did well. I'll be facing this guy more often than not, and he runs a Mason's very well. Is there a better way to play into them? I was going for a 3-1 game, and literally missed a kill on Chisel with Obs and Graves...dice were not my friends. First game with Skulk, and I put him in to stop Flint. I had Skulk in the middle of the pitch, hoping to make a mess for the Masons. Well, Flint scored both goals. Where do you put Skulk, or how to do you play him? Is he even in the 12?
  7. Ragnar Rok

    Coming Back

    So, I played my first game back with a repurchased Morticians team. Why is getting back into this game like putting on an old comfortable pair of shoes? Not sure but it was. I ran Obulus Dirge Ghast Bonesaw vGraves Ghast Hunters: Theron Fahad Chaska Seenah Zarola vMinx Mostly because oGraves wasn't built, nor was Cosset. I played into a Theron led Hunter team, and fumbled around the pitch. I actually took out vMinx, and the Cat, and scored a goal with Bonesaw. Lost 7-12, but I played very rustily. Chaska is a damn nightmare now, and he took out three models on his own. Note to self, P'Master him over to me, and beat him to a red pulp. I made three mistakes, two of them where I had brought Obulus back on after he had been taken out, and one "Unmasking" pushing Seenah away, instead of keeping close that beast. I've read Scalpel is where it's at, but I still have a soft, comfortable spot for Obs.
  8. Ragnar Rok

    S4 Captain Choices

    So, Fathom it is.
  9. Ragnar Rok

    S4 Captain Choices

    I see Fathom in a lot of the team lists. Does she bring a lot to the pitch? I have ordered her, and am just waiting for her to arrive. I've been out for awhile, and was mostly a huge Shark player. I used to run Corsair with A&G, what is the player that is being run in place of A&G now?
  10. Ragnar Rok

    Coming Back

    That's what Shark does too tho. Then you get him back on the pitch, and back into the fray. Course Shark is a special kind of scorer.
  11. Ragnar Rok

    Coming Back

    I have the LE Skulk on the way from SF. Hopefully he get's here soon. I've always been an Obs guy, and was one of the few that actually tried to make Bonesaw work, back in the day. LOL..I'm a stubborn bastich. I am beyond excited to hear he can finally score, and score well. He is my favorite piece. LOL. I mostly play against a couple people, got tired of Farmers kicking my teeth in, so took a long break until they were fixed. I am looking forward to having Bonesaw be decent now, since he has long since been my favorite player. I am also looking forward to running Hemlock. I never used B & M, so I won't miss them too much.
  12. Do you still have the fish? If so, I'm interested.
  13. Ragnar Rok

    Coming Back

    So, I took some time away from the game, and am returning in the next week. I like to think I could maneuver my way around the pitch, and give my opponent a good game. Where should I start, and what are some key elements I need to know about the game, and Morts? Do you guys feel the game is in a good place? Links, and or personal experiences are totally welcome. As always thanks.
  14. Ragnar Rok

    Steamforged plays Ratcatchers vs Union

    I agree with you. I"ve always tried to make him work. LOL...people better get used to playing that "DUmpster FIre", Mist is gone.
  15. Ragnar Rok

    Faithful of Solthesius in May

    I agree. This is painful.