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  1. Fishermen Lot with KS Shark for Sale

    You selling the le shark separate?
  2. [W] Limited Edition Kraken

    You ever sell this?
  3. Clocked out Against Farmers

    I guess killing the ball is too broad a term. More like passing to and fro with JackStraw and Bushel. So, tried to have my team spread out across the pitch. He'd boot it down to JackStraw (5+ 0), or Bushel (5+ 0), or kick it deep, and teleport Straw to it with Crop Dusting. Sakana and Siren were on either flank at mid pitch to cover that section. Shark and Greyscales were down in front of my opponent's goal, until Shark died. I had Tentacles and Hag at my end...so I kind of formed a diamond. I think Tentacles must go in place of the speedier Salt. I forgot to move Hag's Shadow Like. Hag stays tho, she's great wth FIsher's Reel for free using Talisman. I missed a couple passes, and a snap shot, so that gave him the opportunity to scoop up the ball. I could take the ball most of the time.
  4. Clocked out Against Farmers

    Fish Shark Tentacles Sakana Greyscales oSiren Hag Played another against Farmers last night, usual result. Lost 8-12. We played on the clock, so it was hard to really remember the game, I scored two goals. He scored 1 goal with the rest takeouts. I played very poorly, and after getting Shark killed in yet another game, I feel he may demand a trade to a better team. In all seriousness, I waited until the top of turn two to score w/Shark, ran the length (sigh, no Knee SLider), prior to this he used his legendary. I got him as far away as possible, but the Farmers have so many moving shenanigans, that Grange still got in on him. I even ran Greyscales over to mover the saw wielding bastich away. So, I've probably played 8 games against Farmers, six with Fish. I really think that team is nigh impossible to beat. I have yet to play them with Corsair. I spread out my team, I pulled Windle all the way to my goal almost, Grange at the other end. I will keep on keeping on against them. Playing against the clock is tough. It was my third game w/clock, and man, I was rusty. Great, I have a "Balls Out!" Tourney this weekend. When my time ran out, I scored one more goal on my last activations to make it 8-9. My opponenet wanted to finish it up, so twenty grueling minutes later of him killing the ball, mercilly it was over. So, lessons learned, I suck. No, seriously, I focused on when to Def Stance/Counter Attack/MoM for health. It was my main focus since it is a weak area. I'll leave you with this sad shot of a Dead Shark, biologists every where were outraged at the senseless slaughter. Cheers
  5. Shark vs Tapper's Brew Crew

    Thank you, I love the brutal honesty, The Pirate's Code in your response. After the game, I literally scratched my head, and wondered how I had lost this match, because I really felt like my team was better. I actually never considered kicking it away when I win the roll off...but after reading your response, it makes perfect sense. It was seriously, two bad placements that really cost me the game. Two too many. I feel like just a few more games, and I'll have that "Aha!" moment where the light bulb turns on, and winning will be more of the norm for me. This is exactly what my opponent did. He waited, and waited for me to fall into the trap, Scum-missiled me, then Tapper came in, and did the rest.
  6. Shark vs Tapper's Brew Crew

    Fish Shark Salt Sakana Greyscales oSiren Hag Brewers Tapper Scum Friday Mash Hooper Spigot Played against a very good Brewer player yesterday, probably about 100 games of Brewers under his belt. Unfriendly crowd, since it was at his apartment. His wife was playing our Pundit with her Engineers. In true Brewer fashion my opponent was swilling PBR's, and the house had a lovely smell of Coffee and Bacon. But wait, I digress... My line up from left to right on the pitch oSiren - Sakana - Hag - Shark - Salt - Greyscales Brewers were facing me as Friday - Hooper - Spigot - Tapper - Scum - Mash I received the ball, things are looking up for me already. I like the match up. I feel like i'm going 3-0 for sure. Just need to stay out of the Death ball which is Tapper. I field the ball with Siren, kick back to Sakana. She misses the kick...WTF. It scatters into Sakana, so no big deal, but really wanted the MoM. He moves the big, slow, fat, Mash, and basically some other pieces. I punt the ball over to shark, and go to work. I activate Hag, she Talismans to give Reel to Shark. He keeps his players a bit back from mid pitch. Mine have spread the pitch nicely, and I'm going to work them down to his end. I activate Shark, Charge into Mash, and use him like a MoM pinball machine. I spend 1 MoM to Bonus Time. Why, because Shark has missed goals in each of my last couple games. Good move, he score a screamer. I don't have G'D@mn knee slider so I spend 1 MoM to run the length and assume i'm far enough away from Tapper to be ok. 4-0 WRONG. Mistake one, not popping Shark's legendary first, to get Tapper and Scum in the bubble., then run the length. This would probably have saved Shark, saved the MoM, and could have led to another score in turn one for me. Scum missile comes in and beats Shark down. This is a spot where Shark's own speed is his demise. Try as I may to get Greyscales and Salt over to him to help him he's just too far up the pitch. Tapper comes over as the last activation for the side, and takes Shark down to 1. I spend MoM to Def Stance and it keeps Shark around for another turn. Here is where I wonder if I should have just let him die, saved the MoM and tried to get more of an advantage for top of 2. I think this would have been the wiser choice. So, I lose the damn roll off. I allocate 0 on Shark. Tapper kills him, charges into Greyscales, sill almost fully loaded, and takes the damn old man down to 4. 4-2. I activate Greyscales next, move him into melee with Mash, and just bank some MoM. I misread "Field Dressing", so I can't use it on Greyscales for free...so I spend 1 MoM to bump him back to 9. Again, a waste of MoM, he dies on my opponent's next activation. 4-4 DAMNIT!!! Back to me, I activate Siren she fails to seduce Spigot, so with her last influence I run her out of there, or she'd have died too. Spigot moves in and scores the goal. Missed roll is haunting for sure. I put a vengeance counter on Spigot. 4-8 I get the ball into Sakana, activate him, smoke cloud, sprint, hit Spigot on the way to the goal, and score. Yeah, it's that damn easy for Sakana to score. Mental note, maybe Sakana should score my turn one goal. This guy is so good, so good. 8-8 Alas, this is it for my Fish. He gets the ball to Friday on the toss in, she friggin marches up the field with Friday Shenanigans, and scores the game winner 8-12 So, misplayed on my part...moving Shark toward the side of the pitch, when I probably should have moved him toward the goal for cover, or maybe right up base to base with Tapper. Being greedy with turn one goals from Shark have caused him to die, each time. I think if I don't have "Knee Slider", I shouldn't risk it w/him, and use Sakana for the turn 1 goal. It is very, very hard not to go for that glory with Shark on turn one and nab those 4VP's. Thoughts? If Shark does score turn one, can I pop the legendary after I score? Should I pop it before I score, score, then get Shark the eff out of there? Spending MoM to heal a dying Greyscales was a HUGE mistake as well. I should have let him die as well as Shark on the end of turn one. Then I could have brought them back top of turn 2. I had divided up the INF just fine, but they would have been on the back of the pitch, and surely would have contested both Brewer players from scoring goals. Plus side, Shark, and Sakana can score from almost anywhere against low Def players, it's just that easy. I feel very comfortable with these two pieces. No joke. Hag is worth every grey hair and wart. She brings INF to the table and doesn't even need it.. I felt this match was entirely winnable on my part, and even when I had lost two players, I still felt pretty good about the match. Lack of knowledge on the Brewers team, and my opponent's skill set were a huge down fall. In hindsight, this may have been a better match up for Corsair Tentacles Hag Greyscales Sakana vSiren. As always, thoughts, comments, assistance, or just say, "Man dude, you really screwed the pooch in that one," are always welcome.
  7. Corsair vs Honour Match Report

    cool. i will check it out.
  8. Corsair vs Honour Match Report

    Cool write up. I have recently installed Vassal, but am too intimidated by it to give it a go.
  9. Fish into Farmers Thursday Night GB Match

    Thank you. That's very kind. I try to get my games out so I can remember where I messed up, and hopefully provide some entertainment, but also I want other players to let me know what I need to do to get better.
  10. Sakana...why use him?

    So, how do you like Angel with Shark? Is that extra 1INF a nice to have and make her worth taking? I eyeball her card, and just think she may have more of a spot than Siren w/Shark.
  11. Fish into Farmers Thursday Night GB Match

    I was thinking that, as he missed, and I watched him die. I see that open pitch, and balls in his hands. I read in the forums, that Sakana is a better "Baby Shark", to use and sac if necessary.
  12. Sakana...why use him?

    This how I played him just last night. The Hag, and his smoke bomb on himself was really good. Plus, his smoke bomb on old man Greyscales saved him from a major beat down. He also scored my second goal from around mid pitch. I will continue to put him in the line up.
  13. Minx-Where to buy her!

    She's sold out, and from what I heard discontinued. I found her, covered in dust, in a LGS. Check eBay, Facebook Guild ball sales, trade here.
  14. The few games I've played with Skatha, I think she's brilliant. I like what she brings to the pitch. I think her supporting cast leaves a bit to be desired. She has a very nice playbook, including a low Tackle, and even a KD. Good, accurate kick, and awesome tricks. When I come back to hunters in February, I plan on using her for all my games. I love Ulfr, but he is so damn hard for me to play. I think he needs to be tweaked a bit. His playbook is one column too long, even with Lone Hunter. I run him in tandem with Jaecar, but seems like they both always want more than two. Which makes it so very hard to bring the Bear. Snow, only used him twice, "Ooh ball" is a fun trick, but I prefer Fahad over him, again for bringing INF but not needing it. vHearne, love the way this model looks, love the BG story on it as well. He has reach, he brings 2INF, his kick is decent. I think he's a great toolbox player. Just looking at him again, I think I haven't used him enough, nor used him correctly. After moving back to my Fish the last couple weeks in preparation for a tournament, I realize what a challenge it is to crack the Hunter puzzle, especially Skatha. This is a tough team to learn, and play well. I have a lot of fun playing them, but I realize now, I am truly rubbish with them.
  15. Fish into Farmers Thursday Night GB Match

    So, played the game last night and ran: Fish Shark Salt Sakana vSiren Greyscales Hag Farmers Grange Peck Windle Bushel JackStraw Harrow I kicked off w/Shark, and my opponent, not familiar w/Sharks movement was like, "You can only jog him up, you can't run him to kick." I smiled and said, "This is his jog." So, i Kick with Shark to the left of the pitch, and the Farmers are so slow they can't even get close to the ball. I get the ball with vSiren and promptly pass it over to Shark. The Farmers are still moving to the left of the pitch, leaving the right wide open. Shark takes the ball in from pretty much no man's land, and gets into scoring position. I only have the 1 MoM, lose one dice from Grange, but I think it's Shark. I kick, and come up with a 1, 1, and a 2. MISSED! Plans go south. No MoM to Run the Length, next thing I know Shark is dead to frigging Windle. Well, that didn't go as planned. 0-3 Time to work out of this hole. I score pretty much in turn two with vSiren, another great scoring tool. I have her Run the Length, wishing I'd have gotten the Knee Slider plot card. I figure she's safe and will be able to move out of Windle/Grange death ball. 4-3 Then on the toss in, he gets the ball to Bushel, and she has I'm Open, which I need to remember, and she does some nifty plays with JackStraw. That girl can score from almost the same distance as Shark. However, I've placed Salt in the path, which forces my opponent to kick with JackStraw. Stupid scarecrow makes it on two dice. 4-7 My opponent has 90% of his players on the left side of the pitch. Bad positioning on his part. I decide to take advantage of this and work the ball to the right. I toss the ball in, it goes to Greyscales, he maneuvers over to get the ball to Sakana. I activate Hag, she Reels Sakana. My opponent is meanwhile has vSiren pinned down. I don't worry about her at the moment. Sakana pops smoke on himself, moves up the empty right side of the pitch, and promptly scores. So, before the game I read and re read my cards. I tried to think of some cool stuff to do with Sakana and his smoke. I brought Hag because she brings 2 INF, but doesn't need any to do stuff, and I could use her to tie up Windle with Fear. 8-7 Now I feel pretty good about it. My biggest issue is vSiren on 5 health, trapped down at the other end. My opponent throws the ball in, and gets it up to Bushel. That is probably the best ball threat on the Farmers. She can do some really crazy stuff, and her move is dynamic. I think her and JackStraw work really well together, and he scores with Bushel. I don't remember what turn we're on when she scored. 8-11 I throw the ball in, and it goes right to Shark. Turn ends. My opponent wins the initiative, but is leery to give me the second turn because he knows I can get the ball into his end, already have the 1 MoM for going second. If he lets me go first, he realizes that I can get Shark to the end of the pitch, and score as well, bouncing off a farmer or two on the way. It literally takes him five minutes to decide whether he wants to go first or second. He opts to go first, and takes vSiren to zero. She gets her 1 back, clears conditions, and dodge 4" away. But, alas, Grange follows her and kills her a second time. 8-13 So, mistakes were made. I trusted that Shark would score that first goal. He only needed a damn 3, but I didn't have enough MoM to boost his shot, and him missing put me in a hole. Shark dying is not the end of the world. He is so fast and capable of doing things he can get back into the game ASAP. I forgot to play Plot Cards, AGAIN. I am from now on, just going to play them face up so they are always in front of me. Opponent be damned. I also forgot to give myself the extra influence for scoring my first goal. This was my second game against Farmers with this team. I didn't miss Kraken, but I should have taken oSiren. I had already put vSiren in the 10, and didn't feel right about switching her for oSiren...too damn honest for my own good. Even tho I knew I should have. Hag is solid, so solid. She will be in this lineup all the time. Sakana is good, and his smoke gives him, and other players movement, and shenanigans. I feel like I am almost there with cracking the Grange Farmer nut. Thank you all for your advice, tips, lineup suggestions. I feel bad for my Skatha Hunters, they will be on the shelf until months end.