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  1. Ragnar Rok

    Steamforged plays Ratcatchers vs Union

    I agree with you. I"ve always tried to make him work. LOL...people better get used to playing that "DUmpster FIre", Mist is gone.
  2. Ragnar Rok

    Faithful of Solthesius in May

    I agree. This is painful.
  3. Ragnar Rok

    How to Avarisse & Greede

    Well writtten, nicely done. I can see them becoming even more valuable once you score that first Fish Goal w/Shark gaining that extra INF. I think Hag could be their friend as well, since she brings 2, but rarely needs any. Thank you again.
  4. Ragnar Rok

    When do vGraves & Vileswarm ever see play?

    I think vGraves has much potential, they should have left his tac mathing oGraves. Plus these models are sweet. I think the ScyFy show Blood Drive modeled Julian Fink after vGraves
  5. Ragnar Rok

    Ongoing dervish debate

    Any video footage of someone using him this way out there? I would love to see it in action, since this has been a confusing part of his game, and has made me shy away from using him.
  6. Ragnar Rok

    How to Avarisse & Greede

    Hey, I just got Avarisse and Greede, I'm using them with my FIsh right now, and am having trouble wrapping my head around them. I played them into Farmers, and they generated probaby 5 MoM or more per turn. Any articles, or helpful tips on how to best utilize this pair of near do wellers? Do you spit them up, then ups them at the end of the turn? How do you allocate for them? Are they an early round activation or late round? If they die is it the end of the world, (Greede died twice)? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Ragnar Rok


    Does anyone else think it's high time they release another RatCather's card or two? Man, I'm tired of seeing God Tear on the blog. Sorry, Negative Nancy alert. I'll be sad to see him go, but look forward to playing RatCatchers
  8. I know it's blasphemy, but when I played Obulus pre-adjustments, I would rarely use PuppetMaster, and usually just had him go off with his beat stick, or score, or perhaps both. Something to be said about just seeing that old man just destroy folks, and then score. It was always the threat of PUppetMaster that I thought adjusted my opponent's play style. I haven't played Morts in quite some time, focusing on my Fish, but when RatCatchers come out, I'll more than likely be alternating evenly between MOrts/FIsh when I play. I sorely miss playing Morts, but my main opponent is a Farmers player, and I've seen him destroy Obulus' Morts on too many occasions for that to be fun for me.
  9. So, I played against Farmers again. Lost again. I tried to run a Killing Shark team. My opponenet killed Tentacles twice and Greede twice, Avarisse once. Fish 8 Farmers 12 Fish Shark Tentacles Sakana oSiren Greyscales Avarisse Greede Farmers Grange Peck Windle Plough Man Millstone Fallow So, not really gonna go into the details of the game. I scored my usual two Fish goals, kicked off w/Shark to start the game, spread out my team, save for A&G. I left them in the middle of the pitch to combat Grange. I was racking up MoM with A&G like crazy, and Shark was also doing some nice work. He and Greyscales scored the goals. I opted to go second on turn two, for the one MoM, and hte easy score. I went second thinking I would get the ball back and score again immediately. So, killing Grange is hard. I beat him down, and beat him down, and beat him down some more. A&G, my first time using them, are pretty cool. A bit tricky, but man they put out some damage. I would love to hear how people play them, tricks with them so I can play them better in the tourney I have coming up at month's end. I tried to use a Kill Shark roster, minus Kraken. Is this possible? I felt a bit hamstrung with lower influence that Hag usually provides. Maybe I needed Hag instead of Greyscales? Also, if you have not faced Fallow yet, watch the Eff out. She is one nasty old lady, who wants to go last, and I don't really know how to disrupt that w/Fish. She pretty much one shotted Avarrise by herself. I guess Gutter could pull her away, or Corsair, but I feel l ike Corsair is too slow, and won't out punch the Farmers, so you need to play the scoring game against them. One turn my opponent had 15 INF off of Fallow beating up Avarrisee, and harvest markers. I bit my tongue, but I was pretty pissed off at the start of the next turn. Harvest markers for INF is total BS. It's too much of an advantage, even if you get the ball first. I am starting to feel pretty bleak about the Farmers being really beatable by Fish, unless the Fish player plays a perfect game. THoughts on this? Image below of me trying to focus on killing Grange w/everyone...my fatal flaw, bringing the team into a tight ball, perhaps should have left them spread out, and had A&G just work on him.
  10. Ragnar Rok

    How to Shark like a pro?

    LMAO...I thought I was the only one that played Shark this way.
  11. Ragnar Rok

    How to Shark like a pro?

    Great write up
  12. Ragnar Rok

    How to Shark like a pro?

    I have read, never Shark into Morts, just don't do it. I've played him into Hunters and that was nightmare. Not many engineer players around, but duly noted.
  13. Ragnar Rok

    How to Shark like a pro?

    So Shark, Tentacles Sakana A&G Angel oSiren?
  14. Ragnar Rok

    Rat Catchers

    LMAO...but would you mess w/either one? I heard that Friar Tuck was a total Hard Case.