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  1. MetacarpiUG


    Cosset is an auto include for me - she dies easily, but she ALWAYS does work for me. Late on activation, tooled up, with Dirge engaging a target? Crazy, Charge, Delete.
  2. MetacarpiUG

    Morticians at Vengeance '17

    Great write up! I play against Jonathan on the regular - he's a bit of a bugger! His Corsair game is seriously good!
  3. MetacarpiUG

    House rules ideas

    My group are shuffling and using new encounters on death/rest rather than repeating the same encounters over
  4. MetacarpiUG

    Number of behavior cards in core box

    Because they were included in the core box. Believe they were 'baked in' all along if you want, but you have nothing to back it up.
  5. MetacarpiUG

    Number of behavior cards in core box

    My point is you have nothing to back this up other than you stating it - without any sort of proof
  6. MetacarpiUG

    Number of behavior cards in core box

    Based on what, exactly?
  7. Is the the first time any of you have backed a kickstarter project? Frankly it's incredible that they have achieved what they have - most of the projects I have backed have slipped by 3 or more months with no communication. Chill your beans, you'll get the game
  8. MetacarpiUG

    Missing kickstarter items

    I had a bent axe on my Warrior, and my Dancer was snapped at the base - I've contacted SteamForged, but I imagine that they must be absolutely swamped right now. It's fixable, but shouldn't need to do so Normally their service is spot on, so I'm happy to give some leeway!
  9. MetacarpiUG

    What is Sporting Conduct in Guild Ball?

    Very similar experience here - and that was at my most recent tournament that I attended. Other than that it's all been gravy. I might even go as far as saying that the GB community is one of the most pleasant that I've had the pleasure of being a member of!
  10. Beat me to it - the cards determine which type of attack it is. Although admittedly it's odd that the Crossbow Hollow bolts are magic. No biggie though
  11. MetacarpiUG

    Unsure about UK deliveries

    This question has been asked over and over - the answers are out there. The base game is due any day (mine arrived today for example) and the stretch goals and add ons are due in October. This was also addressed by an update in the Kickstarter campaign.
  12. MetacarpiUG

    Steamforged could you reply...

    Chill your beans, mine has literally just ticked over from Advised to being at the hub. This is nothing to do with SteamForged, and is down to when ParcelForce get to the distribution depot, and how many copies that they can pick up at a time. Patience is a virtue - IT'S ON IT'S WAY
  13. Several local stores to me (Birmingham, UK) have received their copies, and here I am obsessively clicking the refresh button on my tracking data.
  14. MetacarpiUG

    The very first review of the game is up!

    He complains about the miniatures, yet doesn't provide pictures? Does that strike anyone else as odd?
  15. MetacarpiUG

    Tracking info recieved

    Just as I'd broken my habit of obsessively checking my BackerKit, this happens!