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  1. sirez

    Thresher Thread 2.0

    I don't make many posts but reading the last thread has me a bit fired up. I remember the outcry about s3 shark and Midas being too strong because they could score 3 goals and win the game. It was like this for a few months. Then one day someone found out about ball killing, no longer were shark and Midas king of the pitch. Give it time, play against him and play accordingly on how to counter him or beware of his threat. It's too easy to nerf someone before they are even out. Play the game and learn, just like others did rather than nerf the game to where it is playable for you.
  2. sirez

    KR bag help

    i am looking to buy the kr backpack with a standard size case to carry my models but i need help picking the right foam for it. i am looking to bring my most played, painted teams brewers, morts, union, and my new farmers when they come in. anybody can help with picking foam to try and make this possible?
  3. sirez

    Tourney nine post Brainpan reveal.

    no more silence for me obulus scalpel dirge a&g ghast casket graves 1 brainpan and memory cosset
  4. sirez

    Morts extinct in Vegas

    very true but he's tac 4 and 1" melee. very easy to tie up
  5. sirez

    Morts extinct in Vegas

    the biggest hurt is the -1 tac, the rest is meh. bonesaw is gimmicky at best, you have to rely on multiple passes to pull him off and the morts aren't the best kickers. he does to a swift breeze with 4/0 and 12 boxes. ghast doesn't do it as much as the used to, graves and cosset got better buthan not much else when other teams are much better. they are too slow for this meta is which the top teams are winning by 3-0 or 2-1. (fish and alchemists)
  6. sirez

    Morts extinct in Vegas

    i played them at the kick off tournament at captaincon, they just cant do it anymore. maybe later with brainpan and memory but for now, i will have to bench them
  7. sirez

    The 3-0 Meta

    i feel like alchemists are broken right now, its almost impossible to stop them from scoring. and vet kat has a 10" threat range, usually can do 8+ dmg and with witness me. they have the fastest route to win.
  8. i find myself never really giving him influence which saddens me. i think when brainpain and memory or even sooner, i will take him out for bonesaw or someone. he just isnt cutting it for me
  9. she cheeled her clone on from the bench. that's about as close as she gets to the field.
  10. sirez

    Butchers vs midas

    how do you handle this team but mainly midas. he can just go anywhere he wants. he push dodges or dodges, heroic play to dodge again. I just can't handle him on one side and vitriol on the other.
  11. sirez

    metal in the future?

    I do hope they keep metal in some way but I do hope they some plastics especially for the bigger models, vet katalyst was a easy build but I would love a plastic colossus(missed out on resin). I've touched the plastic kickoff and just don't like the weight and how easily they knock over or get pushed. especially with a game that has melee zones.
  12. sirez

    S3 Tournament 9 Man Roster

    so I'm trying out masons this season and I'm stuck with which 1 union to bring. they all do so much
  13. sirez

    Tournament 9

    got my new 9 to try obulus scalpel dirge graves 1 cosset silence casket ghast A&G need a scoring threat better than bonesaw and i feel A&G are really good at this
  14. sirez

    Tournament 9

    played yesterday in a tournament with obulus, scalpel, dirge, silence, graves 1, minx, ghast, casket, bonesaw first game was against vet rage and I took, scalpel, casket, dirge, silence, graves, minx lost 9-12 but a very good game. got mist in the casket 2nd game was obby, bonesaw, dirge, silence, ghast, graves against esters brewers. I got a first turn goal with bonesaw but then he got trapped in. I feel like bonesaw scoring ability is gimmicky and needs to be pulled off turn 1 or early turn 2 or he doesn't work at all.
  15. sirez

    Steamcon USA

    Would hate for it to be in Vegas. way too expensive for hotels and stuff. put it in nyc, cost the same as Vegas .