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  1. Skuloth

    2 names on Longshanks.

    There is an option in your player account settings that lets you put in alternate names. This should allow you to merge all your results.
  2. Skuloth

    Union picks in the current game.

    Mainspring. Interesting. Since we're here, wanna go over the rest of your flex picks too I assume Collosus is coming in against similar teams, both to support Gutter and also be a 2 inch annoyance.
  3. Skuloth

    Union picks in the current game.

    I'd be curious to hear what your 6 usually looks like, and how you're using Gutter.
  4. Skuloth

    Playing Butchers at LCQ

    I was the third 4-2 Butcher Sounds like we were on very different lists too. I was running Fillet, Pig, Brisky, vBrisky, Meathook, Boiler, Boar, Vox, Tenderizer, Minx Tenderizer and Minx didn't make it onto the field, while Boiler saw one round against Ballista and oBrisky saw one round against shark. Every other round I played vBrisky Boar Hook and Vox.
  5. Skuloth

    Spoiled cards

    Gbscrum is my favorite resource for looking at cards online.
  6. Today I played round two of my local escalation league. My line up: Ballista Hoist Velocity Mother (Still haven't painted my ratchet, woops) His line up: Obulus Mist Bpm Dirge The game starts off with the engineers receiving and passing around to make influence, followed by the obvious puppetmaster to retrieve the ball. Ending with a dead bolt to Obulus's face and an unfortunate scatter resulting in Mist collecting the ball. The turn ends with MIst and Ballista fighting over the ball eventually ending with Mist in possession but stuck hanging out with Ballista. Turn two starts off with Velocity ripping the ball off mist and sinking a quick and easy shot, followed by quickly paying for her crimes and dying to the puppet. The rest of the engineers struggle to make efficient usage of their influence and are unable to get the ball back into their possession thanks to Obby and the bird. Turn Three starts off by demonstrates the mort's inability to simply kick a ball. Starting with Obulus missing a 2 dice tap in. Followed by dirge doing the exact same thing. At this point Ballista and hoist have killed mist and the ball scatters relatively close to Obulus. Turn 4 results in the quick goal from Obulus putting the morts at 6 points. Followed by a goal kick out to Ballista who sinks in his Breach to end the game with a screamer. Final score 8(10) to 6 in favor of the engineers.
  7. Skuloth

    A slaughter in the forest

    Today I played a game with Butchers against the Hunters. I was playing: Fillet Pig Boiler Hook vBrisky and vOx He was playing: Theron Doggo vHearne Chaska Jaecar and Minx The game starts off with me losing the dice roll and kicking off with Fillet. I went for a short kick to get the hunters to come closer to me in case they managed to hit fillet with a couple of plays. The turn goes fairly normally, starting off with Chaska retrieving the ball and missing a boombox on Fillet followed by boiler swift stancing her. We both spend a few activations shuffling up the board when finally Theron goes and fails to hit fillet with any arrows. Last activation comes and Fillet murders theron catching both hearne and jaecar in the blood rain and activates man marking. Turn 2: Here's where the game begins to get a little rough. I lose a +3 roll for initiative. Theron walks onto the board from near the goal and proceeds to beat fillet to death in a single activation from full health. I did not expect him to down her in one go and lost a full stack of influence for the turn putting me on the back foot. I send Ox in to knock down Jaecar and Hearne and try to regain some pressure despite being massively down on influence this turn. The pig and meathook keep minx busy and unable to charge while the hunters gang up on Ox leaving him pretty low on hp at the end of the turn. Boiler is able to pump a handful of damage into Chaska and earns enough momentum to get me the initiative for turn 3 with an even dice roll. Turn 3 begins with Fillet charging in from the side taking out both Jaecar and Chaska a long with 2 influence on each of them. Earning me back a sizable portion of the tempo lost the previous turn. She heals Ox Boiler and Herself to prevent Theron and Hearne from as easily causing a huge problem. Theron kills Ox, while hearne meanders over towards meathook and minx. Boiler and brisky position around hearne to set up a few crowd outs for an easy take out in turn 4. Also positioning themselves close to the dog who has the ball on top of the obstruction near his goal. Going into turn 4 I lose initiative again and watch Theron perform another miracle deleting Fillet from 12 hp. His dice have been spiking all game so I had only given her 3 influence this turn in case of this exact problem. Following Fillet going down, boiler erases Hearne. At this point the hunters are on the back foot with butchers at 8 vp with several people located near enough to the ball. Minx attempts to tie up brisket, while Meathook walks up to the dog takes the ball and sinks a goal to end the game. 12 - 4 for the butchers.
  8. This week is the first round of our local escalation league, and I played Engineers into Brewers. I was on Ballista Hoist Velocity against Tapper Spigot Friday. Ignore my poor roster selection. They were painted and people scare me so I haven't painted ratchet yet I lost the kick off roll and kicked with Ballista. Kick scatters perfectly parallel to the center line, and only in range of Friday. Ballista kicked from out of tappers range, so he passes to tapper and dodge forward. Ballista good markers a dead bolt into spigot and wiffs then charges into tapper to take the ball and make a couple momentum before breaching a shot on goal. He's all lined up to KD tapper and run the length back out, before realizing that hes missed practice for weeks and rolls a solid 4 ones. The ball scatters to the left of the goal putting friday on the ball path conveniently(?) knocking both tapper and friday down. Long story short, Ballista could easily be fired before the next round of this escalation league if he doesn't get his act together. Tapper stands up, KDs and puts a couple damage onto ballista followed by hoist trying to get in the way of spigots charge. Spigot walks in and gets Ballista to ~8 hp. Going into turn 2 my opponent makes a crucial mistake, forgetting I missed my goal attempt and decides he must prevent hoist from scoring to end the game. Leaving Ballista alive to dead bolt spigot. The turn isn't particularly eventful, Velocity moves towards the ball. Hoist ties up spigot and friday in an effort to keep Ballista alive for the future. Going into turn 3, Ballista leads off with a dead bolt on tapper to make some space and momentum. While friday and spigot are tied up, Velocity shoots in an easy goal. My opponent shoots the ball pretty far out in an attempt to out range Hoists threat on the goal and however isn't able to prevent Hoist from sinking a goal to end the game due to his KDed captain. The game ends in the favor of the Engineers despite their crucial missteps early in the game.
  9. Skuloth

    Beautiful and paying costs.

    I'm fairly confident in the intended rule being that Beautiful happens at the same time thus preventing the use of the play. However there is a potential wording discrepancy which could be addressed since target is used in both beautiful and the timing sequence.
  10. A question came up about whether or not the cost is still payed when targeting siren directly with a character play that would be out of range due to beautiful. Play timing sequence step 1: The active model declares a character play against a target model within range and LOS and pays the relevant cost Beautiful: Enemy character plays directly targeting this model suffer [-5"] rng So the question mostly boils down to being unsure when the range reduction of beautiful takes place. Plays require the target to be in range, however beautiful requires a play to target Siren to take effect. So what happens? For instance an dirty knives or something is targetted at siren from the max distance of 6 inches. Is siren a legal target when the play is declared since beautiful requires the play to be targetted first. Meaning that the cost would need to be paid? Or is there a missing step in the rules / miswording of beautiful that would make it so plays can only target Siren after taking into account beautiful which would mean she is not a valid target from 6 inches and no cost would need to be paid? p.s. I know this is a nitpicky question.
  11. This evening the the battle for gutter was fought with the butchers representing themselves against the masons. My line up was Fillet Piggy Hook vBrisky Boar and vOx His line up was Honour Marble Brick oHarmony Mallet Flint The game started out with the butchers receiving and turn one progressing about how you'd expect. Everyone advanced forward a bit to get into position for turn two, while Fillet rocketed into the enemy line using Brisky's quick time and the ball. She charged into brick unleashing a blood rain on honour marbles and harmony. Eventually dodging out of melee from harmony and marbles and killing brick with her legendary. At the end of the turn Honour walks into her and push dodges her towards harmony while accidently leaving base to base allowing fillet to dodge back out of range forcing Honour to quick time back into melee. The turn ends with masons up in momentum by one allowing them to win the initiative. He leads off the turn with a sisters double activation for 9 influence, killing fillet and scoring a goal with Harmony. The butchers lead off with a boar activation finishing off Honour who was wounded due to fillet's turn one shenanigans. At this point the butchers have most of their influence still on the board with minimal mason influence remaining and brisky in possession of the ball just forward of the deployment line. Vox and piggy tie up Mallet and Harmony allowing meathook to get in the damage necessary to kill harmony with a bleed tick. At this point the game is a 6/6 tie, and the turn ends with Brisky killing marbles who decided to try and tie up Boar. Leading into turn three the butchers have enough momentum to guarantee initiative and they occupy the entire center of the board with wounded players on all sides. The path to victory is relatively clear with the dead masons all walking back onto the pitch from the left out of range of Brisky. Boar leads off the turn again by murdering mallet who is knocked down and surrounded. Hes also able to knock down flint. Flint in a last ditch effort steals the ball from Brisky and sinks a shot putting the game at 9 to 10 in favor of the masons. However Brisky is able to retrieve the kick off and sink a shot of her own to end the game.
  12. Skuloth


    Ghast? I assumed that the guy with the cane was obulus.
  13. They're not actually my models I'm a butcher main, but my opponent plays me on butchers all the time so I borrowed another squad for this game.
  14. It belongs to @Dilly