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  1. Isn't the deal that their cards now have the logo for both teams they play for on the back (bottom right corner)? I feel like I remember reading this at some point, but I might just be filling in blanks. All the dual-color stuff is just decorative icing. Much like the fancy background on the Ratcather release event cards.
  2. JimO

    Seasoned Spigot and Veteran Fangtooth

    Anyone else think they're priming the union to split into two complete guilds by S4? With this box, they'll be at 20 models w/ 3 captains and 3 mascots, right? Six more models with a captain and mascot gets them up to 26, enough to draw the line at the average size of the other guilds. As a Spigot fan, I'm excited about seasoned Spigot...as a Brewers fan, a little saddened.
  3. JimO

    Damage Trackers

    I had that exact same thought! It's an elaborate, over-the-top solution to a rather pedestrian problem, but it would be amazing! If you do this, you should definitely share the script/materials required.
  4. I had never noticed the distinction before. You could imagine an effect that was "deals this model's TAC to the target", which would then deal less damage if the target was in cover or had other TAC reductions rather than dice pool reductions. I can't think of any abilities that work that way now though...
  5. JimO

    Ratcatchers Guild

    This guy! I'm not normally a huge fan of the non-balls, but @tehlon I might want the wedge of cheese to kick about. Now to (im)patiently wait for my Brewers minor guild...
  6. JimO

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    I was able to reset by clearing the app's storage rather than a reinstall. But my roster has been unresponsive at 6. I didn't even think to try with fewer. After checking this thread, I cleared storage again and tried 1. Looks like things are working. Hopefully the performance changes help.
  7. JimO

    what I truly feel Brewers need

    This. So much this. Also, a momentous inspiration Esters list sounds like a lot of fun.
  8. JimO

    Guild Ball Sculpting/Goal making

    There's a goal post thread in the "display cabinet" forum that has some great goal inspiration. The display cabinet section of the forum might be a better spot to get hobby advice than general. That said, Hexy has a few different coffin & gravestone options (I think they're a collective group of sculptors) https://hexy-shop.com/?s=coffins+gravestone&post_type=product&type_aws=true They're based out of Poland, but I've ordered through them to the US. Shipping was a bit steep, but I got a few things so it wasn't terrible. Once you've got the pieces and parts you want, you prime and paint the goal just like any model. Hope this helps!
  9. JimO

    Limited Edition Model List

    FYI: there are two separate Infamy Harry's. The standard one: And a Kickstarter Exclusive one: The KS Exclusive Harry came w/ a S2 Guild Ball card.
  10. Not sure if this is the best place to ask this or not, but here goes: In the Fan Site Files, there's a 1600x900 team image of the Brewers that has their Season 1 six-man roster with the team logo in the background. The "Sing When You're Winning" box art is similar for the second six-man roster. Has anyone seen a digital version of the "season 2-3" team?
  11. Our Kick-About League continues...this week, my Masons faced off against another player's Masons in a near mirror. I've been posting for Brewers, but Engineers need some Hat! Orders given! Harmony taps in the game winner!
  12. Our local meta has an Escalation League on right now. In a twist of fate, I'm playing Masons (for Brewers), while my opponent was playing Brewers (for Hunters). Let's get ready to rumble! Turn 3: A revitalized Honor sends Harmony to hold off Friday Turn 4: Brick forgets how counter charge works and looks on as Friday scores the game winner!
  13. JimO

    Casting materials for new guilds

    Quoting because they stole my like button! So long as the LE variants aren't limited to tourney winners, this sounds like a solid plan.