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  1. Achilles

    Blacksmith painting schemes

    Just painted my first three!
  2. Chris brings his Engineers in for his first game of Season III!
  3. With Season 3 out I'm releasing the rest of my Season II Matches. Enjoy!
  4. Hey folks! Local pundit Kevin came around for a few games with his Alchemists! Here's the first!
  5. Marcel brings his Morticians all the way from South Africa for his first game of Guild Ball against my Masons!
  6. Achilles

    GMG Video Match Reports - 2016 Open League

    Latest Match Report is up! Engineers vs. Union!
  7. Achilles

    GMG Video Match Reports - 2016 Open League

    Thanks Waitey! Here's my next Match Report - Rematch of the Masons vs. Brewers!
  8. Achilles

    GMG Video Match Reports - 2016 Open League

    Thanks Lee! We're about five games Filmed now and I'm really enjoying the game!
  9. Hey folks! Ontario's nicest Tabletop gaming spot is hosting a Guild Ball beginners and Open day this weekend on April 2nd. Multiple pitches are available and folks will be learning to play and scrimmaging all day. The owners have just finished painting up their Engineers and Alchemists as well as building pitches and will be throwing down all day. All the product will be on hand as well. 10am, Saturday April 2nd Lords of War Games and Hobbies 124 Kerr St, Oakville, ON, Canada (905) 845-9277 lordsofwarstore@gmail.com Or check out the event details and/or respond on the Facebook Invite HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/1521073074863395/