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  1. Wrynisimus

    Possibly tweeks in S4

    I agree with berserk being a good idea for the bear. I think Seenah should be 0/1 Inf with Berserk as well as furious, that way she can get four attacks out a turn for increased output. Still keeps a drain on the teams INF but wouldn't be quite as detrimental as it is now.
  2. Wrynisimus

    Master Crafted Arsenal as a playable list

    You can drop the ball during an advance before you enter someone's melee range so its right behind wherever you end up. Make's positioning a little awkward as you can't move to the other side of the model you're wanting to attack, but it might come in handy once in a while.
  3. Wrynisimus

    Farmers 10.

    That's my plan too. I played in the LCQ at Steamcon with the Farmers and dropped Ploughman and Windle from my lineup to get my 10. I found that Thresher doesn't miss either of them as his lineup is set as Thresher, (either mascot) Tater, Jackstraw, Millstone and Harrow. I was still able to get solid performance out of my standard Grange lineup (Grange, Buckwheat, Millstone, Harrow, Windle, Tater) by switching out Windle for Fallow, with the added benefit that my list was more mobile because I didn't have to babysit Windle to get him up the table. The only issue I had with Fallow was she strained my harvest markers by taking two a turn for maximum performance. When I brought both her and Buckwheat in my 6 I found myself struggling to get everything I wanted done in a turn as they both bring no influence and take harvest markers. But I think I can mitigate that by switching Buckwheat for Peck or switching out a planter for Jackstraw.
  4. Wrynisimus

    Master Crafted Arsenal as a playable list

    Farris' legendary doesn't grant impact. She gives out "Give it a Whack" which is the ability that lets you kick a free ball while its in your melee zone. So the idea is to drop the ball on the way in but keep it in your melee zone. Then if they counter, you don't have the ball for them to tackle away but you can still kick it by staying within an inch of the ball marker.
  5. Wrynisimus

    Steamcon Keynote Discussion

    They didn't say at the keynote, but in the Super Secret Squirrel sessions, they gave us a preview play of the game. Its going to be on a hex grid, the one they were working on was approximately ten hexes deep if i recall correctly, not sure how many wide. This may be subject to change but I think the hex based play area and movement is a key part of the system to cut down on measuring issues and streamline play.
  6. Wrynisimus

    Master Crafted Arsenal as a playable list

    I definitely agree with the scoring team idea. From the looks of it, between Alloy, Bolt and Farris I'm looking at a first turn goal on the kick or receive. Burnish and Hearth look like they can run control quite well while I look for two more goals from the rest of the team. I may proxy Ferrite as she is just that good, but for now I'd like to play with the actual models I have. Horse captain looks solid for a mobile scoring lineup, useful for building momentum on a goal run without risking tackle counterattacks, I'll give her a go for my first try I reckon. Cheers
  7. At Steamcon I managed to win Master Crafted Arsenal in the raffle. As I have not really looked that deeply at the Blacksmiths and I haven't got the Forged from Steel set I was wondering, how viable is Master Crafted Arsenal as a playable list on its own? Who would you take as captain out of Hearth, Burnish and Farris?
  8. Wrynisimus

    Plastic Fisherman's Guild

    During the keynote, they said there was going to be a survey or poll going out about how much demand there is for the pvc versions of existing teams, that might have been what "coming in the next few weeks" was referring to
  9. Farmers playing Thresher, Peck, Tater, Harrow, Jackstraw and Grace vs Union playing Blackheart, Strongbox, Harry the Hat, Mist, Benediction and Avarisse and Greede. Final score was 12 to the Union (2 goals, 2 kills) 4 to the Farmers (2 kills)
  10. My Morticians playing Obulus, Dirge, Silence, Brainpan and Memory, Bonesaw and Mist. @MrGears with Engineers playing Pinvice, Mother, Velocity, Hoist, Colossus and Compound. Turn one Bonesaw football dervishes and scores 4-0 to the Morticians. Turn two, Velocity scores immediately. Obulus manages to engineer a goal by Puppet mastering Hoist to pass to Bonesaw who snapshots and scores. Locus scores a remote control goal. Game ends with Silence getting the ball and passing to Bonesaw for another snapshot goal. End game 12-8 to the Morticians. Apologies for the poor quality pictures, we were in a hurry to pack up after the game. (We were being so quick though that start to finish, the whole game took us 15 minutes to complete)
  11. Morticians using Obulus, Dirge, Ghast, Graves, Cosset and Minx with the Misery GIC. Alchemists using Midas, Flask, Vitriol, Katalyst1, Mercury and Compound with the Acidic Coating GIC. First turn was mostly spent advancing to positions for turn two.The brawl developed on one side of the pitch after Ghast successfully passed to Obulus, dodged up and charged Katalyst. Meanwhile Vitriol and Midas moved into position to threaten the possibility of a goal. End of turn one 0-0. Midas came in, took the ball, legendaried and scored, snaring half of the morticians. I played Who are Ya on him. Between Ghast, Graves and Minx, Katalyst and Mercury got taken out. Obulus used the vengeance token to knock Midas down and take him out. Meanwhile Flask charged Dirge and took him out thanks to a double intensify. Vitriol got the ball and scored again. End of turn two 9-6 to the Alchemists. Beginning of the next turn Obulus took the ball and ran away to the middle of the pitch. Dirge arrived back on and engaged Vitriol, who proceed to take him out again. A second scrum formed with Compound and Katalyst facing off against Graves, Ghast, Minx and Cosset (Minx was on 6 health at this point, Katalyst on 3). End of turn three 10-6 to the alchemists. Initiative roll went to the Morticians, Obulus received a full stack, he put confidence on Ghast, then puppet mastered him to attack Katalyst. The initial roll ended with 3 successes, the confidence reroll pushed this up to 4, allowing Ghast to take the momentous 3 damage and take out Katalyst. Obulus then sprinted towards the goal, and bonus timed a tap in Shot to allow the Morticians to win 12-10.
  12. Wrynisimus

    Everything on Blackheart

    I've been playing Vet Rage for most of Season 3 and I'm thinking of going back to Blackheart for an upcoming tournament, thinking about using this lineup with him: Blackheart, Strongbox, Grace, Rage, Benediction (flex slot possibly Decimate) Basic idea is turn one everyone gives a buff to Blackheart, then moves up to a good position for turn two(Confidence from Strongbox, Quick Foot from Grace, Tooled Up from Rage, Sturdy from Benediction and possible Second Wind from Decimate) he then goes to town on the enemy team, puts damage where he can and hopefully scores a goal. If I've played it right I should have first activation for next turn, where Blackheart can then go first, potentially kill the player(s) he damaged turn one and then retreat back to his team and legendary for extra defense. Then it would be on Rage/Blackheart/Decimate to get kills and Blackheart/Grace to get goals with Benediction serving as a road block to any enemy heavy hitters. What do people think? Would this work or is it a bit too many eggs in one basket with too little follow up plan for the remaining turns?
  13. Wrynisimus

    Scalpel Rosters

    So, I'm going to be playing in a league fairly soon. Obulus has been good to me but I'm wanting a bit of variety so I'm switching to Scalpel. Currently thinking of this 8 man: Scalpel Dirge Silence Ghast Bonesaw Mist Rage Avarisse and Greede Thinking of trying for footballing with a side of bashey when it's needed, would this list be effective? What kinds of lineups have people found work with Scalpel?
  14. Wrynisimus

    Dealing With The Mason Missile

    Not entirely sure of the maths, but how would Ghast with wake the dead fare at taking the Chissile on the chin? Fear and reanimate combined might be enough to make the takeout a little too difficult
  15. Just wanting to clarify an interaction If I were to attack a model with scalpel, trigger tormented agony and then attempt to move the influence to a model with gluttonous mass, would this be ignored and use up gluttonous mass as it says target model? Or would it bypass gluttonous mass and put the influence on as they were not the target of the attack?