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  1. Squish_Pinecone

    6th player choice - little help please

    Wise choice not bringing Boar Id agree shank is a decent choice as he can float around and go where hes needed whilst the main group grinds the centre This however is a mixed blessing because some games he does little (2 influence is nice though) and others he TP's around the map mobbing up mascots, strikers and those returning to the pitch With this is mind if you feel you need more grinding and damage potential id recommend trying meathook as not only her scything blow. bleed. sanguine pool is a game changer but her kick stat isnt terrible if you want more options Depends on your play style: Need more manoeuvrability and playing on the wings-Shank Need more pushing power and threat: Meathook
  2. Squish_Pinecone

    Gentlemen...Our Veteran Player

    Guessing from the design there's a strong chance she'll have a 2 inch melee and cos I cant see the scars (Screw snakeskin) im guessing shes going to keep charmed male.From her amount of knives friends have speculated at either tooled up or bleed but I think its just a representation of dirty knives (which she lacked on her noob model) and just a veteran look Very excited and curious to see what her veteran stats/abilities will be-im guessing something to build on her role as a striker by either another dodge (shadowlike) or a buff for scoring
  3. Squish_Pinecone


    Ah strangely enough it was a union player who told me that Still making 5+ and - a dice is an amazing defence
  4. Squish_Pinecone

    Butchers v Morticians tactics

    My main issue is that the morts I play stay bunched up so cant be lured out and if they were theyd use there control to stop me exploiting-Ive even had to start trying to score (I mean if he wont leave the scrum then may as well ) What I need is to find how to smash open there block-they have so much crowding out that i cant really make a dent and the turn swapping means i cant swarm in Could really use some advice and dont say 'bait' or manipulate_Thats there speciality and any mort worth there salt wont fall for it! Ive been finding boar as useless due to ghast hugging him like glue+occasional heavy burden and ox has been casket timed twice now! Hope you guys have some good advice to solve this fellow butchers dilemma!
  5. Squish_Pinecone

    Fillet model

    I cant resist the urge to paint her like Taylor swift and Play bad blood when she's deployed (Sorry not sorry for the puns ) Genuinely excited for a new captain, especially with bleed emphasis-should make boiler/meathook/fillet a savage force to be reckoned with Hope to model gains a bit more-seems a tad barebones atm but its gonna be her performance on the pitch that truly matters Anyone think she'll have charmed male? Unpredictable movement? Shadowlike? Just curious what you think she may have-this model shows speed and agility like shank so whats your thoughts?
  6. Squish_Pinecone


    After shifting out Boar from my lineup been trailing Tenderiser Since were the bashy-end of the spectrum most teams are trying to score-With tenderiser on goal they are always +1 (5+) and mostly shooting through his melee range so 6+ You see how hard that makes it to score-Will likely fail on even 5 dice. That alone is worthwhile. His low influence is mitigated by his goal tending usage so he nets an influence and an activation if you want to make the opponent not see your plans (I call them dud activations-When you activate a player who does nothing to force him to show his plan for the turn sooner) I played engis earlier today and my only mistake was using rush keeper-its cool and all but after some unlucky roles against velocity it wasnt enough for a KD (no point in tackling as she'd just get it back) so velocity next turn went in and scored on 4+ (rather than those coveted 6+'s I speak of) He also fills an experimental role in anti-morticians (A team ive been suffering too) as his ground pound can break up that nasty cluster that they have a habit of creating and dragging your players in. But ive yet to try this so fingers crossed Id always have a tenderiser in you 8 man for above reasons and keep him on goal-DONT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES I DID!
  7. Squish_Pinecone

    Falling out of love with Boar

    I feel people are saying boars strong point is his difficulty to kill with I agree, even with that low defence is V difficult, However in the recent meta ive been playing hes being easily countered by slows, character effects (F**K Ghast) and various character plays Often the opponent isnt trying to kill him-there trying to score (I know this is a hard concept for us bashy-types) and though hes nice with the damage output he recently hasnt been able to get where I need him or do the dmg he needs to because he is fundamentally a simple character and so even a mildy experienced player will find counters meaning that you have brought a 'scary' model but hes gonna let you down so I think either a direct replacement-Rage for dmg or Tenderiser for medium base is preferable or a faster/more utility model will be in my lineup Also that 2+ is broken af but in play it just means that he becomes the target of choice for GB effects (scything blow+Unmasking ) and ive lost the midget missile boiler to the side effects of boars poor stats All in all a strong character but very simple which makes him great for either a new butcher or a newbie opponent but a wasted slot later on Still its not as if I had the 12 dice he needed anyway #MoarDicePls
  8. Squish_Pinecone


    I was really skeptical on her at first but in my past few games she's really started to stand out I think the main issue for us butchers is detaching from the bashy mindset-I found this really easy cos its what we do best-Don't need to put any more time or thought into that so have been developing my football game. Briskets scored in my last 3 games (2 screamers) one time done by a blitz down a flank after being passed to by shank and twice by running in, attacking, using a momentum+dodge result to get her behind their lines I neednt supershot but I like to not risk it and that's 2 fewer take-outs you need to win (basically meaning you can kill there 4 squishiest players-though I do have a habit of boilering there captain to death ) Would recommend that you always have her because she is an amazing striker and nothing demoralises the opponent like the bashy team outmanoeuvring and scoring and as I said, we dont need to work on dmg we do plenty-Also even if she misses the ball is all the way from our goal and as others have mentioned for a brawler the fact she doubles her dice on a charge alone means shes always solid (also with 3 players generating 1 influence that 2 can be a V useful commodity) Hope this helps but id say just take her and think in the mindset of scoring and its surprisingly easy as the opponents dont really play against it