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  1. Beermonkey

    Farmer GIC Theory Thread

    I think it makes a lot of sense for the Farmers. Healing is really our only defensive tech. We don't have armor, our Defense is terrible overall, what we do have is a lot of health and some healing. So from my point of view this card is a must have.
  2. Beermonkey

    The Scarecrow Goal

    Granted I've only proxied a couple of games with the farmers but a Jackstraw goal requires a LOT of set-up IMHO. You need enough harvest markers in the right place to move him around. If he has the ball and he's close sure maybe. But with TAC 3 getting the ball is possible but I don't see being able to charge to get the ball, then teleport around, and then get a shot on goal. Not without wasting a lot of Harvest markers that are better used elsewhere. For me I like to keep him mid-field. Throw down crop dusting and be there to pick up a free ball or impede an enemy striker. Using him as a striker is just a bad idea, I think. It's not efficient, it's not reliable, and it's not what he's meant to do.
  3. Beermonkey

    No Ghast or Casket

    Played and won a tournament game against a very good player this weekend without Ghast or Casket. I used: Obulus Dirge BP&M Bonesaw Graves Minx It was a tough game against Midas Alchemists but I managed a 12-10 win. So yeah you can win without them but you need control that ball. Good luck to you.
  4. Beermonkey

    Bonesaw - do you love him or hate him?

    Big fan of Bonesaw when receiving. Also against a Scrum based team like Brewers as Unexpected Arrival does wonders for breaking apart a tight packed line. I've also had games where he did nothing but distract an enemy player for a couple of rounds. That's a win in and of itself. So overall I think he's a valuable addition to my team and will always have a place in my 10.
  5. Beermonkey

    Ideas for Harvest Markers

    Well I asked my wife to see what she could come up with. Her sculpy skills are far superior to my own. This is what she came up with.
  6. Beermonkey

    Second wave - mascot +

    I would like to sugest that the donkey be referred to as our Asscot from now on.
  7. Beermonkey

    Influence Generation and Cycling

    The one thing I think I would really like to see is the option to NOT turn Tokens into Inf. Maybe I want to leave a Token on the field for a first turn Cabbage Punt or Big Breakfast. I think having that flexibility is really going to make the team. But that's just me.
  8. Beermonkey

    Influence Generation and Cycling

    I was kind of hoping some nice playtester would stop by and tell me not to worry, that my fears are unfounded.
  9. Beermonkey

    Influence Generation and Cycling

    I have some concerns about the Farmers. I love them but SF have let me down with the Hunters and I fear they may do so again with the Farmers. My main concern is that the Farmer will lack Inf to be effective. Windle is 0/3, Harrow 2/3, and Bushel 1/4. Right off the bat that makes 2 of the 3 players sub par. Seenah is a good player but a liability specifically because of her 0/2 Inf. I won't speak to Tater as I feel his card will change enough to be very different. While Harvest Tokens add Inf they also cost Inf to create. Harrow can put down one for free, if he starts near the captain. After that he has to attack a model to plant more. I'm worried that the whole mechanic is just too gimmicky. I worry that this will be another Hunter team. Overly reliant on synergies which are easy to spot, and stop. The players seem good, only if they can reap a Harvest token I mean Big Breakfast is amazing but if I need that Token for Inf next turn I would much rather have an ability like Crazy. So my fear is that Farmers are going to be overly reliant on a mechanic that is difficult or costly to get and forces you to make a decision to either get good players, or enough INF to fuel them, but not both. I truely hope I'm wrong but as I said, I was burned on Hunters before. I fear the Farmers may leave me buried in manure. That being said I'm still gonna get them cause they look great.
  10. Beermonkey

    Season 3 - Dave's batreps thread

    Just for the record I'm enjoying these. Keep up the good work.
  11. Beermonkey

    New Fishermen player!

    Thanks. Honestly it's not mine. I saw it on a battle report, though I can't remember who's or I'd give credit where it's due. It works very well though so have fun with it.
  12. Beermonkey

    New Fishermen player!

    Also if you have to kick off and you have Jac I like to do a little thing I call the Jac Gambit. Use Jac to kick off as close to the edge of the pitch as possible and load him up with Inf turn 1. Anyone who grabs the ball will then get Lured by Siren and then pushed off the edge by Jac. Do you want the ball? Are you willing to concede a take out to get? If not the fish have the ball. Put them to a decision like that first turn and they tend to be on the back foot for the rest of the game. Put the pressure on them and make them pay.
  13. Beermonkey

    Scalpel's unnatural stamina + second wind

    Then next one after spending the 1 MP for Unnatural Stamina. So she can save 2 INF by spending 1 MP. It's a STUPIDLY useful ability.
  14. Beermonkey

    All bets are off

    While this is true SF did say that Midas was the MOST changed player in S3. So... yeah.
  15. Beermonkey

    Season 3 and the Fisherman's Guild

    I don't think you'll see it be a condition. Snared was one of the key things that made Hunters unique. I don't imagine it'll be watered down like that. It makes sense to give it to Minx with her ties to the Hunters and allows other guilds a chance to get access to that unique condition.