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  1. Very much looking forward to this it has to be said and I shall bring my pitch with me as well.
  2. If it's any help the venues does good beer and really great cake!
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    Mason's Beginner Tactics

    Burt Reynolds?
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    Hull - 06/09/15 - Who Ate All The Pies?

    Luke, I have sent payment and pie order! Padge
  5. Just a quick casual observation regarding Honour and Harmony. I'd never considered that using their link up play to nail a vulnerable players. I'd always considered it was a way to score a cheeky goal. In my last game my opponent used Honor with to get in start bashing up Kraken and then used the linked ability with Harmony to get in and finish Kraken off without me having a chance for an activation. marbles was in the vacinity as well. Anyway it's a doable thing to think about to take down a player that has been left over exposed, well possibly.