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  1. mr baron

    Do you take Disease damage turn one

    The sequence of events that may not be inherently obvious until you start looking at them. Scourge, Miasma and Kat start the game with the conditions on and the conditions are reapplied at the end of every turn. When the models are taken out, they come back on with conditions cleared, and then the conditions get reapplied at the end of the turn. It is interesting to note that the cards specifically say the end of the turn and not the beginning of the turn.
  2. mr baron

    Do you take Disease damage turn one

    Yes, this was my question that was answered in the rules forum. Basically any model that starts the game with a condition, will pick up the damage in the turn 1 of the maintenance phase. What is interesting is that when the model gets taken out, the model will return without the condition.
  3. mr baron

    GBKeeper 1.6 Released

    Many thanks for getting vSakana added!
  4. mr baron

    Harriet - Who to replace

    I think for most match ups, you drop Compound, and go with Ballista, Mother, Harriet, Ratchet, Hoist, Velocity. For teams that want to score 3 goals, you may want to think about adding back Compound and drop Velocity.
  5. mr baron

    GBKeeper 1.6 Released

    Downloaded and it looks great! I also gave you 5 stars! Many thanks for your work on this!
  6. mr baron

    My Life with Dice Episode 24 | Hunters v Union

    Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbf1eRrYzoYzyFyAxZ__GCA/videos
  7. mr baron

    Puzzle Time - Engineers vs FIsh

    Let's go through some of the probabilities: No Def stance: Tac9 v 2/2, 54% chance to score 8 successes, yields 6 results, which is a wrap, and the Fish player goes with Ball's Gone & 1" dodge for 2 MOM and moves out of Colossus 2" melee, which means no counter attack. Fish player then does WTG for 4" dodge and takes the shot with Bonus Time. In this scenario, The Engineers are hoping that the Fish only score 7 successes or less so that they can counter attack to get the KD or KD >. With Def Stance: Tac9 v 3/2, 65% chance to score 6 successes, yields 4 results, which is enough for a Ball's Gone result. With 2 INF left, the Fish player can then spend 1 INF for WTG and 1 for the shot, having generated 1 MOM for Ball's Gone. In this scenario, The Engineers are hoping that the Fish only score 5 successes or less so that Greyscales cannot get the ball with the charge, forcing Greyscales to take a second attack, which means that Greyscales cannot get a Ball's Gone result, and the Tackle result is non-MOM, unless he does a Bonus Time and he scores 6 successes to get the ball along with 1 MOM (33% chance of success) If the Engineers only have 1 MOM, they are in a bad spot. I think they are forced to go with the counter attack, and hope Greyscales does not wrap, so that they can counter attack off and then get the knockdown result (81% for a KD, and 50% for a KD >), which would mess up the goal run.
  8. Paul posted a new video on his "My Life with Dice" channel and this episode captures a Hunters v Union match. Paul's videos are excellent and feature voice over fast play video and they run about 25 mins or so. My thanks to Paul for posting these videos. I am posting here to encourage tactics discussion from a Hunter perspective. Note that this post does contain spoilers, as is necessary to provide commentary and analysis on the match. The match featured Theron v Sea-Brisket, with the Hunter's player using vet-Minx. A good buddy of mine, Danny, plays a lot of Sea-Brisket and this is one of his favorite captains, so this match report really captured my interest. Line ups: Hunters: Theron, Fahad, vet-Minx, Egret, Zarola, Jaecar Union: Sea-Brisket, Coin, Benny, Grace, Mist, Gutter As an interesting side note, my buddy usually plays a very fast Sea-Brisket team with his normal line up: Sea-Brisket, Coin, Benny, Decimate, Minx, Mist. I like my buddy's list a little better, just because it is a faster team, and S-Brisket wants to go 3-0. While, I am not going to offer up a complete play by play analysis, I am going to bring up a couple of points during the game to try to generate discussion on Hunter tactics. 1. Team selection: I like the line up, but I am not sold on Egret. For this match, it worked out well, but I am wondering if there is a better choice. The Union team clearly wants to go 3-0, and the Hunters are not going to be able to score as quickly as the Union player, which means that the Hunters need to look at their damage dealing players. To make Egret really shine, you have to put a lot of INF on her, and I am not sure that you get the ROI from the INF investment. I think I like Hearne 1 a bit better into the match up. I think the Bear is worth looking at as it can do a lot of damage, and the Union team is going to have to really work to take him out, which distracts from scoring goals. 2. Kick off (1:40) - Union kicks off with Mist to the corner, which is a standard opening for a Sea-Brisket list. Normally we would expect to see Mist kept within 6" of S-Brisket to keep the options open. The Hunter player recovers with vMinx then kicks to Zarola who dodges back. As I was thinking back through this sequence, the Hunter player can expect to see a double attack coming from Mist and S-Brisket to get the ball, and they both have ways to cover the pitch. I am wondering if it is better to keep the ball on vMinx and just have her pop a trap to bump her def to 5/1 if the Union player tries to go after her. Zarola is normally a good ball holder with unpredictable movement, but both Mist and S-Brisket and work around that. At 8:35, we see the Union player move up Mist, take the ball from Zarola and hit the shot, no surprises on that move, as Mist can do this very reliably. 3. Hunter Goal Kick (8:55) - After the goal by Union, the Hunter kicks the ball out to his right where Egret can get the ball. I think the plan here is good, as the Hunters can recover the ball with Egret. Fast forward a bit, and v-Minx is moved up to threaten the goal. I am not a fan of this move. With the ball on Egret, on the right side, the Hunters have some time to set up for take outs. v-Minx can very reliably do good damage and I would leave her close to the scrum. I think the better plan is to move out Zarola to threaten the goal and leave v-Minx to work on take outs. 4. Hunters Goal (16:20) - At this point, the Hunters are down 4-8, and Egret goes in for the goal to make the game 8-8. I don't like this move, as the Union player will kick the ball out to the other side to set up a snap back goal to win the game. I think the better plan for the Hunters is to work on getting 2 take outs, and then make the goal to win the game. I was playing a game with Theron v Vet-Rage and I was at a similar point in the game and I fell for taking the goal rather than work on the take outs and I lost that one 12-10 as a result (still kicking myself on that one). I think when the Hunters have a late goal in the bag, they should get the take outs and then take the shot on goal for the win. As it turns out, the Union player rushes the shot and misses, keeping the Hunters in the game a bit longer. 5. Jaecar activation (19:55) - This is an interesting spot in the game. Score is 9-8 Union. Jaecar goes over and starts to buy attacks into Gutter to get MOM. This is a good move. Jaecar as 4 INF, and hits 4 times, generating 4 MOM. and then does his Back to the Shadows to move away. I think this is a mistake. With the winning shot on the table, you keep Jaecar base to base with Gutter and block the charge lane to v-Minx and seal the game. If Jaecar gets killed, Union is only at 11, and a shot by Egret wins the game. With Jaecar moving out of the way, Gutter has a lane to charge v-Minx and scores a Chain Grab which pulls in Egret. This could have been a disaster for the Hunter's player, as the goal is now much harder to get and there is a chance that the Hunters can not score this turn. In the end, the Hunters do win 12-9 and it is an interesting match to think about. As a final shout out to Paul, please like, share, and subscribe to his channel to encourage him to continue to make match reports!
  9. mr baron

    When do we take Mataagi over Minerva?

    With a TAC5 v a 4/1, the probability is 50% of scoring the MOM GB on the two column. Over the course of the game, if you take 4 shots, you will statistically hit twice.
  10. mr baron

    Ball's Gone

    If an attacking model scores a Ball's Gone Result, can the attacking model pass before the defending model can counter attack? The text on the card says that the model gains possession of the ball and then can immediately make a pass. My thought was that the counter attack happened after the pass, since the verbiage on the card is "immediately."
  11. mr baron

    AOE Placement

    Perfect! Many thanks! This one can be closed out!
  12. Just to confirm, for AOE placement the model placing the AOE does not need line of sight to the spot that he/she is placing the AOE. For example, could a model hide behind a forest and place an AOE on the other side, completely out of LOS of the entire AOE. I think the answer is yes, but just wanted to confirm.
  13. mr baron

    Breaking Play Episode 02

    These are excellent! Keep'em coming!
  14. I watched the match report, and I think what the person in question meant was that if you ended closer then by default the range is decreasing, which is mostly true, but not always true. I am thinking that person that said that, did not think the comment through all the way, and just provided a simplified version of the rule. But, as the other folks have said, the rule works as the OP thought - needs to decrease throughout the movement.
  15. mr baron

    Pit Fall triggering

    The trap is a passive trigger, in that once an enemy model moves within 1" in triggers. The Hunter player does not need to declare the trap for it to trigger, it is the movement of the model that triggers the trap. In my experience, as a player is moving around the trap, there is discussion about possible paths and whether there is intent to move to trigger the trap.