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  1. mr baron

    Falconers tournament outing

    I agree that I think that SFG wants more ball movement and interaction, we will still have guilds that are designed to go 6-0 or 4-1. 2-2 is the sweet spot of balance, but there should be guilds that are at extremes to have some variety in the guild lists. Without a doubt, I expect to see in S4 more ways for models to interact with the ball.
  2. mr baron

    GenCon Sneak Peeks

    So no GenCon spoilers?
  3. Any chance we can see new wall paper for the new guilds?
  4. mr baron

    Falconers tournament outing

    (Disclaimer - I have 0 games with them thus far) In looking through the cards, it seems like it should be fairly easy to get 1 or 2 goals a game, but then they will struggle a bit in the end game to either get the final take out or to get the final goal. They do seem really squishy, and they could struggle a bit with a high damage output team that can hide the ball well.
  5. mr baron

    So close you can taste them in the air...

    Just called my LGS, and they are expecting the shipment in tomorrow (Tuesday). Looking forward to getting a game in with them this week.
  6. Rats v Falcons might be an interesting match up of minor guilds.
  7. mr baron

    The Navigator's Guild

    I am thinking that Fathom will shake up the Fishermen's line up. Linked with Angel is really interesting.....
  8. mr baron

    Season four announcement

    I think the adjustment for the AOEs will end up being relatively minor. The adjustment on passing and snapshots will have a bigger impact to everyone, as it does help out the short passing game quite a bit. . Mascots will have to get a bit closer if they want to get into snap shot range. For Brewers, getting a MOM for kicking off is very nice.
  9. mr baron

    Veteran Decimate

    @ CurlyPaul - what would you call your favorite 6?
  10. mr baron

    Cat vs Dog : pre season 4

    I do agree that putting the ball on Scum to play keep away is a valid tactic, and if that is the overall strategy going into a tournament, then there is a case to be made to go with Scum instead of Quaff, but I don't think I would take both.
  11. mr baron

    Cat vs Dog : pre season 4

    I agree with what has been said above. The loss of the Sic'em plot card, means that Scum is not as useful as he once was. If you are taking both captains, 1 mascot, 4 squaddies, that brings your list to 7 players with 3 rotational models. I would rather have access to 3 squaddies rather than 2 squaddies and another mascot for my rotation. I think I can get by with just 1 mascot, which would be Quaff, and still be in good shape for a tourney.
  12. mr baron

    List choices v Alchemists

    Its speed, damage output and 2" melee v unpredictable movement. With both Smoke and Midas having unpredictable, you need a couple of models with 2" melee, otherwise it is extremely difficult to pin them down. I think into the Alchemist match up vDecimate & Hooper are required if you are taking Esters.
  13. mr baron

    Veteran Decimate

    After a year away from Brewers, I have jumped back into them and played 8 games this past week including a local tournament last weekend. Here are some of my thoughts so far: 1. Both Captains have game. I was very successful with Tapper last year, and I think he is still good. I think you include both of them in your roster 2. I think the base 4 squaddies is: vDecimate, Hooper, Friday, oSpigs 3. I am thinking that for the 10 man roster, you only take 1 mascot, to give you 3 additional slots for your rotational players. I think Quaff is better if you only take 1 mascot. 4. Rotation players: Stoker, Mash, Lucky. I like Pintpot, but I think the other 3 bring more tools to the table that you might need for situational match ups. I have not had a match where I was thinking I would have won if I had Pintpot on the field. 5. Union options: For Brewers, I don't think we need any Union players. I played 1 game with Gutter, and I think she might add something to the team with 2" reach, drag, gang ups and she is faster than most Brewers with a 10" base threat. I want to play a few more games with Gutter. I think she is an interesting option.
  14. mr baron

    Theory Crafting Brewer Lists

    Continuing on this thread, today I played Brewers into Fish with the 2" melee line up team. Normally my opponent plays Corsair, but today he decided to play Shark. Lists: Brewers: Esters, Quaff, vDecimate, Hooper, Mash, Gutter Fishermen: Shark, Salt, Sakana, Hag, Greyscales, oSiren Won 12-8. Fish scored twice, but I was able to get to 6 knockouts before he was able to score 3 times. This list actually played well. I kicked off with Gutter and then charged into his lines. I was able to tie up Siren with Gutter for the whole game and she was non-factor. vDecimate scored 2 take outs. Esters and Hooper attacked models that tried to score, and were able to take out 4 models. At the end of the game, I had the ball on Mash in the corner to buy me time to get the 6 take outs. Most of the action centered on Shark, Sakana and Greyscales trying to make goal runs from the side line. Normally I take Tapper into Fishermen, but this team played well with all the 2" Melee in the list. Based on how this game went, I will probably try this line up again.
  15. mr baron

    Attempt at Nonmetallic Metals

    that model looks very familiar.....very familiar........hmmmmm