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  1. mr baron

    Team Player Question

    Many thanks! We can close this one.
  2. mr baron

    Team Player Question

    Many thanks for the explanation. So to summarize: - All the Playbook damage needs to be considered as a total, even if there is a wrap, and damage transferred is either all or nothing - For a damage result that contains both Playbook and Character play results, those can be considered as separate damage results
  3. For the Team Player trait on vHarmony, can the owning player split damage or is it an all or nothing situation. For example, if Hammer gets hit for 5pts or damage and elects to have vHarmony take damage, can the owning player split up the 5pts or does all 5 damage have to go to vHarmony?
  4. mr baron

    Hunters s4 matchup poll

    Hammer +vHarmony is obnoxious. I played against that on Sunday. It takes forever to TO Hammer.
  5. mr baron

    Hunters s4 matchup poll

    Since the initial results have been posted, I thought I would summarize and get the conversation started: - Hunter's best match ups: Blacksmith & Masons - Hunter's worst match ups: Alchemists & Morticians - Most people want to receive with Theron - Most people want to kick with Skatha - Top 4 squaddies for Theron: Chaska, oHearne, vMinx, Bear - Top 4 squaddies for Skatha: vMinx, Ulfr, Zarola, Bear
  6. mr baron

    Let's start taking tactics

    I am also wondering if moving to a more goal scoring team is the way to go. At the end of S3, I was trying for a 4-1 win condition, but now I am thinking that 2-2 might be the better approach, since the team does not kill models as fast as other guilds. Team: Devana, Frelsi, Ikaros, Egret, vHearne, Rundass This team is made for speed and goal scoring. Ideally set up an early goal run with Ikaros on T1, then try to peel the ball off someone with Devana to set up for a T2 goal. Get Egret & Rundass on the wings, tackle the ball with Devana and then airmail to whoever is open.
  7. mr baron

    Thoughts on Playing for Takeouts?

    If you are giving Minerva 3, how do you normally allocate the remainder?
  8. mr baron

    Thoughts on Playing for Takeouts?

    Yesterday I played again against a Mason's team run by our top player, and I lost 12-11. Basically we traded take outs and he won initiative on turn 5 which was the difference. Here were the line ups: Hunters - Theron, Fahad, Jaecar, vMinx, Chaska, Egret Masons - Hammer, Wrecker, Chisel, Vet Harmony, Mallet, Granite It was an exciting game in that we were always about 2 points a part for most of the game which included a couple of lead changes. He ended up with 7 TOs (6 + mascot) and I ended up with 6 TOs (5 + mascot). At the end of T4, it was clear that whoever went first on T5 was going to win and he had the edge on momentum. In these last two games I have been trying out different line ups to get a feel for the squaddies in S4. I dropped Bear to pick up Jaecar. Chaska has been amazing, but he does attract a lot of attention. I have been impressed with Egret and I am rethinking her. For teams that like to bunch up, getting 2pts of damage, poison and then being able to dodge 6" is really good. For my next game I will be going with this line up: Theron, Fahad, Chaska, vMinx, Seenah, Minerva At the moment I am not sold on Minerva, as it seems like I could get more work out of Egret, and she is more survivable.
  9. mr baron

    Hunters s4 matchup poll

    Where are you going to post the results?
  10. mr baron

    Thoughts on Playing for Takeouts?

    @BigThumbToe Thanks for the comment. As I think about the match, it was very close. There were two points in the game that if they played out differently, I could have won: - If I had allocated an extra influence to Egret to get flurry off which would have hit 3 models. Since I only had 1 INF on her, I only did a net 3 damage (1+2 for poison) instead of 12 damage ([2+2] X 3). This would have enabled the take out of Mallet, instead of leaving him on 1 hp. This turned out to be a significant missed opportunity for me. - If vMinx had hit the M2 on her second swing on Flint, that would have taken out Flint. She hit the M2 on the first swing, but then only hit the 1 Dam on the second swing. That left him on 1 HP. Hitting the M2 was a 79% chance, so it was a little disappointing that I only rolled 1 hit. Overall, the line up did well, and the more I think about it, I was in a position to win the game. I agree that if I had taken Minerva, the game would have played out very differently. I will have to try it.
  11. mr baron

    Thoughts on Playing for Takeouts?

    Last night I played against a Mason's team run by our top player, and while I lost 12-8 it was a very close game. Here were the line ups: Hunters - Theron, Fahad, Bear, vMinx, Chaska, Egret Masons - Honour, Marbles, Flint, Harmony, Mallet, Granite I was going for the take out game, and he was able to get 2 goals + 2 take outs. A couple of notes about the game: - The Honour/Harmony linked activation with Superior Strategy is still really good. Its easy to line up goal runs that can be hard to stop - Granite did nothing during the game. She was easily controlled and taken out by Theron - Chaska + Fahad can get some good work done. Dropping a trap, Boom Box followed up by a charge with Fahad is really good. - I am getting mixed results from the Bear. Without a doubt, the Bear can do a lot of damage, but still suffers from low defense making her an easy target. A knocked down Bear is very bad - Egret did ok. I miss allocated in one turn and she did not have enough influence to do a flurry that would have caught 3 models. That may have made a difference in the outcome, given that it would have led to a Mallet take out, instead of him ending up on 1 hp. By the end of the game, Mallet & Flint were down to 1 HP each, but my opponent was able to go first and took out the Bear with Honour to win the game. Very close game.
  12. mr baron

    S4 Theron 4+ Takeout list

    @AaronWilson - Why did you go with Snow over Fahad in that match up?
  13. mr baron

    Up against the Alch

    This is a match up that I am concerned about, as our condition clearing is not as good as some of the other teams. I agree that Minerva is ok, but she needs to be up near the scrum to be effective.
  14. mr baron

    Thoughts on Playing for Takeouts?

    This is what I am thinking as well. In my next game, I will try this line up to see what it will do.
  15. mr baron

    Navigators Delayed Until November 16th

    Are we still tracking to Nov 16?