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  1. Ulfr

    I keep looking at Ulfr and I want to like him more than I do. It feels like if he had a Mom 1 or a 1+dodge in the first column he would be so much better. If he has the ball and needs momentum, he needs to make multiple attacks to gain momentum, increase the kick and then gain separation. Am I missing something?
  2. my new shiny Fishermens

    Good work!
  3. Cats are better than dogs

    very nice....
  4. Cats are better than dogs

    The Scum missile into CA is really good......
  5. Who Dis.?

    mom dam 2 is fantastic.
  6. Who Dis.?

    I like the playbook. Would be even better with a momentum result in the first column. I really like the momentum results in the 2-4 columns.
  7. G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Will Blacksmiths be added after the Gencon release?
  8. 1st game with vspigot

    I like vSpig and he will be in my line up when I need to try for 2-3 goals to win. I do want to get more game time in with him as I think he is very solid and provides a good second striker to the team.
  9. G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Will Lucky be added in August based on the 8/18 release date?
  10. Escalation league kit and 'Lucky'

    Will Lucky be available at Steamcon US?
  11. Tiki-taka Fisherman's

    I would probably drop Angel for Greyscales. He will probably score you more goals than Angel.
  12. Great job bearded dude! Really enjoyed the cheeky narration - just priceless. Fully agree with the comments on Honour. Absolutely disgusting behavior. Where were the refs on that play? As a fellow Brewers player, keep it going!
  13. Worst Team Lineup

    This one looks pretty bad: Theron, Snow, Seenah, Ulfr, Zarola, and Hemlocke Not sure that it does anything well.
  14. How to pull your punches?

    One of the guys in my meta is playing a fillet team and is just ripping it up. His line up is: Fillet, Princess, Tenderizer, Boiler, Meathook, Boar For Butchers or any melee heavy team, having the other team score a turn 1 goal should not be the end of the game. It happens. In a recent game against Fish, despite my best efforts, he scored a Turn 1 goal with Shark, but those were the last points that he scored. I played my game, knew what I wanted to do and it turned around. For newer players, I try to play teams that I have not played before or have limited experience with as to give the other person a better chance. If you play your A team, it can get ugly. I also try to talk through my thought process on what I am doing and thinking about to provide additional insight and context for the other person to react to. I also allow take backs, and I try to warn them about potential "gotchas." If a measurement is close, I give it to the other guy. In other words, I try to play a very friendly and laid back game.
  15. Scout Report

    I think the second one is a Farmer due to what looks to be a plow.