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  1. If a model is in a forest and is within 1" of a obstacle does the model benefit from both the cover of the forest and obstacle? Do these benefits stack with each other?
  2. mr baron

    Print-friendly S4 rulebook...

    Perfect! Many thanks!
  3. I think it can be said that with the improvements to Skatha, she is one of the more exciting captains to play with. So with that said, who are your favorite 5 to put on the pitch with Skatha? For my first S4 games, I played: Skatha, Fahad, Zarola, vMinx, Ulfr, Bear This is a great line up, and plays really well. Skatha + Zarola + Ulfr means that you can attack the ball regardless of where it sits, and can get 3 goals. With Seenah, you can knock out opponents and go for 2-2, which means that this line up is very flexible. But, I am curious to know what line ups everyone is looking to play with Skatha.
  4. mr baron

    First S4 event breakdown.

    I played 4 games with S4 Hunters at Steamcon US with the following line up: Skatha, Fahad, Ulfr, vMinx, Zarola, Bear I really like this line up. I did play a game v Ox Butchers. My opponent tried to hide oBrisket in the corner with the ball, and I was able to move Ulfr over to pull it off her for a goal. Between Zarola & Skatha, I can reposition any model to attack the ball. I was an Ulfr hater in S3, but love him in S4.
  5. mr baron

    Minerva in Hunters.

    That's what I am thinking, which is what prompted the earlier post. In general the Hunter squaddies seem really good and synergize well, which is what SFG was trying to achieve. I think they have done a solid job of balancing the roster. I am thinking that Minerva is in my 12 man roster, but not sure she will consistently see the pitch.
  6. mr baron

    Minerva in Hunters.

    With all of the Hunter's S4 cards shown, does Mataagi or Minerva see the pitch?
  7. mr baron

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    The more I look at Hunters the more I like them. Ulfr is definitely a lot better. The synergy with the team is a lot better. This team has come a long ways from S2. For me, Jaecar was basically an auto include in S3, and now that is not the case. Still not a big fan of Egret, I was really hoping that they would do something else with her. I am thinking that my first S4 Hunters game will be with Skatha.
  8. mr baron

    Season Four Blog

    well that's a bummer...
  9. mr baron

    Traps mechanics changing.

    Overall, I think it is a net positive. I really like that vMinx's traps now cause Snare. I will also say that I did like the variety of the different traps.
  10. mr baron

    Season Four Blog

    Based on today's blog, it seems to me that Brewers will keep their condition clearing abilities on the other models, namely Stoker, Hooper and Lucky. I am also wondering if the 2 DAM on Stave's heroic will get incorporated into Barrel Lob. I agree that by giving Stave free Barrel Lobs, he could actually see the pitch.
  11. mr baron

    Let's start taking tactics

    I plan for at least 2 Harriers on turn 1. The decision to play ball or go for 3 Harriers depends on what their ball retrieval looks like and if they can get into my lines on turn 1. For example, if I am playing against Shark/Fish (or similar team), I am planning on 3 Harriers because I know they are going to come after the ball and I want to take out whoever they send to get the ball. My main strategy on turn 1 is to get the ball in a safe place and then start focusing in on taking out anyone that my opponent over commits on.
  12. mr baron

    Let's start taking tactics

    If in doubt, Harrier followed by Eye Spy. KD is great on the counter after Harrier and Eye Spy are already out.
  13. mr baron

    Let's start taking tactics

    After a bunch of games and taking a look at how games are won and lost, here are my thoughts on the team: - Everything runs through Devana. She is a super solo that needs set up. The more set ups the better - she is very greedy, so you need to feed her. She should always go last, unless it is to set up the winning goal. - The secret of Rundaas is Dirty Knives. When I attack with Rundaas, I am now always leading with Dirty Knives followed by a Harrier. Dirty Knives is great to knock out a target with 1 health left. I was watching a Falconer's match report today and the Falconers player was trying to kill a 1 health model with Minerva. I think the play is have Rundaas attack a near by model and then kill the other model with Dirty Knives and save the Minerva activation. - I think the base line up of Rundaas, Minerva, Mataagi and vHearne is the primary line up for S3. This line up gives you 3 Harriers, 2 models with 2" melee, and Last Light, and provides the most synergic boost to Devana. Last Light on Devana is amazing, given that her character plays just cost 1 INF. - Current S3 Egret does not provide synergy for Devana, which goes to my first point. Everything needs to run through Devana. If she is on the field, you are either giving up a Harrier or Last Light. - My ideal game is 4 TOs & 1 goal. Work on getting on getting the ball, force the other team to over commit, get the 4 TOs, then score the goal for the win. - if in doubt, pay for the Harrier. The team gets a lot more work done with Harriers on the field. - Do not over commit Devana. If Devana is not on the pitch, the team performance really goes downhill.
  14. mr baron

    Kicking with Falcons

    I think Rundaas is my kicking choice.
  15. mr baron

    Falconers Guild changes for S4

    Egret needs some help, otherwise she will not see the line up in competitive matches. The other squaddies have better synergy with the team.