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  1. Pin Vice v Farmers/Thresher

    I think it does. If Farmers get the ball first, they can gain momentum to work around the Blast Earth. Without momentum, they are going to take two turns of ranged AOEs and the Engineers will be able to set the Tempo.
  2. Pin Vice v Farmers/Thresher

    did you receive or kick first?
  3. Pin Vice v Farmers/Thresher

    You put Ratchet on Tater and Pin Vice on Thresher. Ratchet can get some good work done against Tater especially if you landed some AOE's on him earlier in the game.
  4. Pin Vice v Farmers/Thresher

    I had banged up a number of his models on turn 1 and then focus on knocking out Thresher and Tater on turn 2. My thinking was that if I hit Thresher & Tater with AOEs in round 1 (8 dam on each model), I will be in good shape to get knockouts in turn 1 & 2. Pin Vice was also able to do some work on Turn 1 as he moved into me, and I moved her near the end of the turn after he had committed both Thresher and Tater. With Pin Vice, if you load her up with Tooled up and Deletion she can put out a lot of damage. Against Farmers (DEF 4, no ARM) , she should be able to consistently hit 4 points of damage a swing (2+1+1). On 5 swings, that is 20 points on average. Even if you terrible rolls, you should still be able to get 15 dam. If get you extra buffs the damage output goes up significantly.
  5. Ratcatchers Guild

    I am looking forward to the Ratcatchers! Hopefully SFG will start posting some blog teasers soon. 2 months and counting!
  6. Pin Vice v Farmers/Thresher

    If we drop Locus, what model is our best alternative? Is it Compound or is there a better choice?
  7. Pin Vice v Farmers/Thresher

    Its a good question, as Tater's counter charge with the knockdown on 3 is brutal. My buddy typically activates Thresher & Tater in back to back activations, and they will end up in the middle of the field, so my plan was based around the following: - Charge Tater and eliminate him first - Engage Tater to prevent the counter charge - Get Tater to counter charge a different model - Turn 1 AOE damage & rough terrain with Blast Earth. In this game, in turn 1, I moved Pin Vice last and was able to get into the scrum without getting counter charged. In subsequent turns, Pin Vice was either already engaged by Tater/Thresher or I was able to maneuver in a way to avoid the counter charge. My thought was that if I could get AOEs onto Thresher & Tater then Pin Vice would have a better chance of knocking them out. For the most part the strategy worked for turns 1 & 2. As I look at my line up, I am wondering if Compound would be a better choice over Locus in order to threaten the Farmers with his Counter Charge. I took Locus to specifically counter Thresher's and Tater's 2" melee and to provide another range play.
  8. Bags and Storage

    +1 for Battlefoam. Their Guild Ball bag is very good, and they have a number of other bags that are worth a look.
  9. Pin Vice Kick Off Options

    For teams that can put out a lot of damage, is Hoist our best option? I do like the idea of Velocity kicking off to put pressure on the opposing team.
  10. Last night was my first time playing Pin Vice. I had previously played Ballista and was looking forward to try Pin Vice. My buddy asked if I wanted to try her into Thresher, and I agreed knowing full well what the Thresher team was about. I had played against Thresher twice before and in both games about mid-way through the games starts to fall a part. Once Thresher pops his legendary, both he and Tater can just rip through teams. Without a doubt, The Thresher team is a tough one to play against. My list: Pin Vice, Mother, Hoist, Ratchet, Locus, Velocity Farmers: Thresher, Buckwheat, Jackstraw, Millstone, Tater, Harrow I lose the dice off and my buddy elects to receive. My turn 1 plan was to play conservatively and try to get AOE damage on Thresher & Tater before moving in my team into the scrum. Turn 1 - I kick off with Mother, and Jackstraw recovers the ball. He passes it around to create some momentum. I drop 3 AOEs on Thresher/Tater and we both do some damage to each other as he moves Thresher & Tater into engage me. The threat ranges on Thresher and Tater with the Millstone bump means that they can be well on my side of the pitch. 0-0 Turn 2 - I load up Pin Vice and knock out Thresher, Tater & Harrow, while he takes out Mother and Locus. 6-3 Engineers Turn 3 - He brings Thresher & Tater back from the side and they can immediate enter back into the scrum. He pops his legendary, and takes out Pin Vice, Hoist, and Ratchet, while I take out Tater again. 9-8 Farmers Turn 4 - Unfortunately, he has the momentum and he gets to go first. Thresher has a clear run at goal which he makes, otherwise I would be able to get the ball and score. 12-8 Farmers win. Turn 3 was brutal as Thresher's legendary accelerates his damage output as well as provides healing. As we debriefed the game, there was a spot in turn 3 where I could have tackled the ball and tried to get it over to Velocity rather then trying to take out Tater. That may have made a difference. I do agree that in this match up, Engineers need to get the ball at some point to get a goal. The Farmers can soak up a lot of damage and have access to good healing. All in all, it was a good game. I really liked Pin Vice and I think she has good game into Farmers. One of the areas that I need to work on is how to get the ball back from the Farmers, especially if he is hiding it behind Thresher/Tater. I also want to think more about my kick off options. I want to put goal pressure on his team, but I do not want to give my opponent free points. Definitely looking forward to more games with Pin Vice.
  11. Pin Vice Kick Off Options

    When kicking off with a Pin Vice team, what is considered our best kick off player?
  12. Gravity Well

    Thanks, that is what I was thinking. We can close out this thread.
  13. If Greyscales jogs up and then uses Where'd They Go to engage Locus, does Greyscales get pushed into Locus? The text of Gravity Well states "When an enemy model ends an advance engaging this model..." which would imply that if a model dodges into engagement range after an advance, they would not get pulled in.
  14. Tough hide and model explosions

    Many thanks! That is what I was thinking.
  15. If a character with tough hide (Corsair) kills a model that blows up (Flask/Mainspring/Compound), does tough hide reduce the damage? I am thinking it does not since it is not a character play or a playbook result.