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  1. Snack Break

    Perfect. The takeout happens after all playbook results occur, which means you get the benefit of the +1 VP from the takeout since Snack Break is now active.
  2. if Piper uses Haunting Melody on a knocked down model, can the opponent still chose the option to have his model make a jog, even though the model will not be able to make a jog due to its knocked down condition?
  3. Snack Break

    If Scourge changes a model wraps (getting 2 results) killing the model and also getting the Snack Break result, do I get 2 points for the take out or 3 points due to Snack Break?
  4. Who to kick with?

    that is my thought, or if there is a good goal run opportunity. 4pts now is better than potential points later on.
  5. Alchemists Strategies

    I am thinking that a 2" Melee team is the way to go against Alchemists. I agree that Pelage can get into trouble very quickly. You will have to continually heal her or she will be KO'ed.
  6. Who to kick with?

    Does it make sense to use the Legendary on turn 1 to aid in a knockout or does it make better sense to save it for a goal run?
  7. Hauting Melody

    thanks...that is what I think as well.
  8. Alchemists Strategies

    In playing around with the Rats, a Smoke Alchemist team seems like a hard match up for us. I think they can spread out conditions a lot faster than the Ratcatchers can and play a waiting game to let their conditions do the work. I wish the Ratcatchers had more ways to remove conditions. It feels like we would not play a disease game into them.
  9. If Piper uses Haunting Melody on a model that has Unpredictable Movement, does the Unpredictable Movement trigger with the results -specifically the option where the other model makes a jog into Piper? The card says that the other model is friendly during the activation, so I am thinking it does not.
  10. What to do with Hammer?

    I think one of the keys for successful plan into a Hammer team is to pick carefully what model you are going to feed into him. Send one model to engage them and then work to get goals to keep the point trade in your favor. I fully agree that if you get a scrum going and then Hammer jumps in, it is going to be bad news.
  11. Excellent! Looking forward to seeing it!
  12. New Team Mats

    As a follow up to the Blog post, the Ratcatchers mat looks great. Curious to see what mats folks are looking forward to. For me, Falconers would be my first pick to follow up the Ratcatcher mat.
  13. Hopes for First Falconer Preview

    I am curious on when the dedicated team forum will be created - hopefully when they start revealing the models.
  14. Many thanks for the reply back!
  15. Pipers road to the winter cup

    The one game I played with Pelage against Alchemists, I had the same thoughts, she is very vulnerable to teams that can put out a lot of condition damage.