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  1. Project positivity - making Masons great again.

    Hah, too bad you are in the UK. I now have 3... But yes, he fulfills the role of vHarmony but also brings a solid playbook beyond his support.
  2. Project positivity - making Masons great again.

    Wanted to contribute some masons positivity as I've jumped onto them for competitive play post errata and have been both enjoying playing with them and performing well. I think between the hammer changes, and the addition of lucky (who does a lot more than you would think at solving mason's issues with control play), plus the already amazing honor and double counter charge, and the overall changes to the meta, masons are in an amazing place. Just got back from the NOVA open regional championship event. Of the 10 players who had qualified for the final event, there were 3 mason players. Masons overall came in 1st (Brian White) and 2nd (myself), with a mason mirror in the final. In all my games I felt very confident in the tools I had available to me with the guild. Honor is still the primary drop, as she has so many options into the the control based teams (e.g. hunters, engineers, morticians, smoke alchemists, etc.). She also is just so versatile and can switch between winning the scrum and scoring so quickly. That said, Hammer is certainly viable - in fact I would go further to say he has favorable matchups into a lot of the beater teams as his personal damage output is very high and between him and his team he brings one of the more durable lineups. In addition, he is still a mason and between his personal goal threat, legendary, and flint he still projects serious goal threats throughout the game. Overall, I think masons are in a pretty awesome place.
  3. Hey, I'd like a password for longshanks, there are some missing events that I was in I would like to add. Thanks!

  4. Lucky

    Has anyone had a thought about lucky in hammer? Particularly v. Ranged cp control teams (e.g. engineers, hunters, smoke alchemists). Free condition removal plus a conditional 14 influence is huge. Even if lucky is not in position to contribute personally, his generated influence can be used later on by hammer. And under legendary, with just one or two buffs, he is hitting momentous 2 very reliably, and can even Jack up the damage even more when full set up. He also functions as an additional secondary striker.
  5. Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    As did I, so you can give the loss to either of us.
  6. 5 Things Less Ridiculous than Stagger.

    I wasn't specifically responding to you, but no worries. On the first point - maybe listen to their responses to the changes on some of the podcasts? I, at least, got a sense that they certainly did acknowledge that it was in part about power level and toning down things that were overtuned. On the second point, I don't necessarily disagree that overall the changes may negatively impact the captain selection process with fish. I do believe that they did not intend that to be the case with the changes, as you see nerfs to both sides (The Shark/osiren nerfs vs. vsiren nerf), and their nerfs to shark do seem to be targeted at increasing the risk of playing him and the interactivity between him and the opponent's models through nerfing his control options and keeping his offensive output the same. I think it is certainly possible that SF missed the mark somewhat on the balance between the captains themselves and how that would be affected by the changes.
  7. Alright, lets talk engineer's lineups post errata and how these changes affect the cogs. Is harry still worth taking? Who replaces him if not? How do engineers come out overall with the changes (better, worse, or the same)? Now, I understand a number of people like to play "pure guild" and that this trend is to some degree common with the engineers as well. I want to mention that I think that's a totally valid approach, especially if that aesthetic of running pure guild appeals to you, or you really just want to play mechanica models, etc. For this post I am strictly framing the discussion from a competitive standpoint. I assert that based on my experiences with the guild in tournament play, you will be more competitive if you include a union player in your 10. That doesn't mean you should or have to play them in every game, but they are a very important tool to have on the roster. That said, let's dive into our discussion. Pre-errata, I think it is safe to say that Harry was by far the most common union include in Engineers, with Averisse and Greede probably behind in a distant 2nd. Harry just did absolutely everything, and particularly for engineers brought everything engineers wanted. Breaking that down further, what engineers really want that they lack many choices of in guild are the following: 2 inch melee, reliable momentous damage, and to a somewhat lesser degree resource efficiency. Harry also happened to bring solid control options with molotov and goad, as well as insane resource efficiency (influence AND momentum). Post-errata, we see large changes to Harry and A&G, with the other union models untouched. Let's look at each in turn. Harry Advantages: Still brings great influence and momentum efficiency Still brings 2 inch melee Still brings control Disadvantages: Does not bring reliable momentous damage Still relatively squishy for an engineers lineup Notes: Pin vice still really loves Hat aura Averisse & Greede Advantages: Ideal case damage output increased(? - need to test to confirm) Averisse still tanky, greede survivability increased Disadvantages: Slow No goal threat Singled out already in faction Rage Advantages: Influence efficient Extremely reliable momentous damage Disadvantages: Doesn't impact scoring game High value target to be controlled and/or killed Notes: Ballista does more to set him up, pin vice does not particularly synergize with him Gutter Advantages: High ideal case damage output Reliable momentous damage 2 inch melee Some control/utility with chain drag Relatively tanky with lifedrinker and 4/1 Disadvantages: Poor low case damage output subpar KD Influence hungry Note: Ballista supports her more with his KD and controlling options. Decimate Advantages: Fast/mobile (6/9" with lots of dodges) Contributes to scoring game - good ball retrieval, decent kick stats, mobility Extremely reliable momentous damage solid low case damage output Second wind is HUGE for pin vice, almost Hat aura levels of utility Disadvantages: Average high case damage output Average defensive stats Vulnerable to counter attacks 1 inch melee Can be influence hungry (although is more flexible than gutter) Overall Thoughts I think gutter and decimate will come back as the most popular and best union options. I am not quite sure if one will be significantly better than the other or if it will be a playstyle/preference call. Both bring the reliable momentous damage that engineers desperately want. From there, each has several advantages and disadvantages. I certainly think that which captain you lean towards could sway the choice. I think Ballista probably prefers gutter while pin vice usually prefers decimate. I think it is definitely close though. As to how these changes will effect engineer's overall performance in the meta, I think they may take the slightest of hits from it, however they certainly still have great options and are in a really solid spot overall. In fact I think with Harry less ubiquitous, there is some additional space to explore the remaining union options and how they can contribute to the guild.
  8. 5 Things Less Ridiculous than Stagger.

    Again, I wouldn't call them sudden. While we certainly didn't know specifics, it was pretty apparent models such as Vitriol and vSiren were likely to be toned down at some point. Shark also fits into this category, as although at top levels of play corsair was better, Shark has always been a captain that promoted at lot of non-interactive board states, which can be very frustrating to play against. Stagger is can be either better or worse than snare. Snare pros: speed debuff, persists across turns. Stagger pros: cannot be removed in any way. Yes, it is worse gut & string. That was the entire point. It is worse than KD in most situations, sure, however it is stackable with KD if needed. It also, again, cannot be removed, AND no model is immune from it, i.e. sturdy. It is also momentous, where not many fish have momentous KD (Kraken, Corsair, and Jac). Shark's KD is not momentous, so there are times when you would choose the -1 def that is momentous rather than KD, e.g. if you are going on a scoring run, you don't need the extra dodges and the KD is trivial for your opponent to remove. I think the issue is that it obviously is strictly worse the G&S, and people are reacting to it with a perspective of what was lost. rather than what it actually offers independent of G&S compared to other similar abilities, as I described above. For his legendary, the change they give further addresses increasing the positioning skill needed to be effective with shark without dulling it's teeth. it also raises some of the interactivity as perhaps not the entire enemy guild is hit by it. A good shark player certainly can still affect key models with it though. Making it give out snare is poor design as that completely overlaps with Midas's legendary, and would be strictly* better. I don't know about you, but giving it -2/-2 and keeping the range instead of -4/-4 is even more of a nerf. The aura of the legendary can be overcome through good positioning. Reducing the effect directly is much more impactful.
  9. 5 Things Less Ridiculous than Stagger.

    So as you mentioned, everyone did know that these teams were on the top of the curve, and thus nerfs were certainly something that was likely to happen. I think SF actually did a great job at explaining the rationale for the shark nerf - they wanted to keep his offensive scoring potential untouched, while hitting his low interaction hard control tools. This prevents some of the NPE that players (particularly newer and casual players) get when playing against Shark, as they don't lose nearly as much of their agency in the game. It also forces the Shark player to position better or make sacrifices in pursuit of their overall gameplan. Now, there is an argument that Corsair was already the better overall captain and that these nerfs further imbalance the captains to the point where Shark is going to be seldom played. That is a separate argument from what you are making. I don't agree with a public beta for errata changes, especially not for a game such as guild ball with a small model count. Public betas are mainly useful for getting large amounts of gameplay in a short period to stress test and find any unanticipated bugged interactions.
  10. 5 Things Less Ridiculous than Stagger.

    I wouldn't feel sorry for them. Fish and alchemists were performing extremely well in the competitive scene. Both teams are still competitive, even if they may no longer be at the top (or they still may - that remains to be seen). Corsair certainly still is fantastic, and now I think people may explore the more mixed game corsair again, instead of the Fish ball which is IMO a less interesting way to play.
  11. July Errata - ergo Morts super balanced

    Mist certainly the frontrunner for union choice, although I could see an argument for minx. Scalpel is good! Her main issue is that she is really greedy for influence AND 2 of the models she really wants to take are both 1/3, meaning she is often playing at 12 AND has to compromise on lineup choices.
  12. Tournament help/tips

    The best tip is to 1. get familiar with your own models' abilities, stats and playbook. That will save you a lot of time referencing cards every time you attack or want to do something. It also helps you to know your options. 2. Get familiar with other models' stats and abilities. I know this is hard to do, but it is super important to doing well. Even if you take a few 5-10 minute bathroom breaks, break out a phone and open up your GB app of choice. Look over the models for each faction and get familiar with them. Specific tips for Fish and Alchemists - it depends a lot on the type of team you are playing against. Corsair is a different beast than shark, for example. General advice against hyper-scoring focused lineups is to either score first (if possible) to put yourself ahead, or to "kill" the ball and slow down the tempo of the game so you can get a few takeouts before you bring the ball back into the game and go for the goal/goals you need to win. In terms of models to hold the ball on - Obulus can be a decent ball holder vs. Alchemists, however you have to watch out for vitriol as she can negate your unpredictable if she gets base to base. Dirge can be a good ball holder as he is fast, can ignore terrain, and is 5/0.
  13. Scalpel... Again

    I played my morts in a qualifier yesterday and did not use her. I chose obby as a comfort pick. That said, thinking over my match into corsair fish, I think she would have been a better call. Obby still managed to pull it out, but it wasn't an easy game for sure. Scalpel likely would have had a much better time breaking up the fish ball. I definitely plan on getting more games in with her, she is my favorite morticians player.
  14. As always, love the cast, even when I hate it (well disagree strongly is probably more apt). What has been bugging me over the last few casts is that you guys keep referring to those development of extremes of play becoming the norm at top tiers of play. Basically the extreme scoring 3-0 and ball killing denial 6-0/4-1 styles of play. You mentioned that you dont see top players keeping the ball live and aiming for that 2-2 style game. I always hesitate to call myself a top player, however I certainly have done well enough for myself and l literally have gone 2-2 in 8 of the last 10 tournament games I have played. The other 2 I lost and went 2-0 and 1-2. That doesn't mean that there isn't a part of the game where it is advantageous to go for an extreme style of play. Rather, you take those extreme play styles to secure incremental benefits which you eventually (say around the mid game) convert into goals or takeouts. Now, you guys play more often than I get to certainly. However I wonder if you guys have been overly influenced by a bit of groupthink based on being in such a tight knit, highly communicative competitive local meta. It seems you guys quickly establish bits of knowledge and come to certain viewpoints. And logically so, as you base it off of your play experiences with other good competitive players. That said I think it occasionally causes some reductionist opinions and positions. A great example of this is the not you guys did on one of the recent episodes about Vince's "crazy" pin vice lineup. You guys presented and analyzed it as something quite out of the box when in reality it was the exact 6 (the original lineup w/o harry) I used in most of my captaincon championship games (although. I used ballista over pin vice in all but two rounds). As i said to you botts directly on FB, if that is out of the box thinking perhaps it's time for a bigger box ;). Again, all this criticism aside (I've heard from a reliable source that creating internet criticism and controversy is a sexual kink for botts), keep up the good work gentlemen. No one can fault the depth and width of your discussions.
  15. Sanchex Cup 3 Sign Ups!!!

    Name: Michael K Skype Name: mike.klein19@gmail.com Guild: Engineers Ballista Pin Vice Mother Colossus Harry Hoist Rachet Velocity Compound Vet Velocity Hopefully my mediocre skill at using vassal isn't too annoying...