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  1. Makai

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    Knuckles is confirmed to be actually Numasai instead of Mald. Let's bring him into Fish so he can join Sakana, Hag, Tentacles and Fathom as best buds!
  2. Makai

    Running Fish into Blacksmiths

    True, that and the fact that she has really bad counters make me not a huge fan of hers even though she does have a place in some match ups. If going for a Shark lineup I'd forgo Gutter completely as she's not enough on her own to get you take outs and go for a straight up 3-0 lineup of Shark, Tentacles, Greyscales, Sakana, Jac and Hag. That's depending somewhat on what they draft of course, but the general idea is to keep Geryscales on one corner of the pitch, Sakana on the other corner, and Shark in the center for ball coverage; Tentacles for denial with blind, and Jac and Hag as batteries and for enemy and friendly repositioning.
  3. Makai

    Running Fish into Blacksmiths

    Corsair actually has fair game fighting into Smiths as he can push Apprentices out of Sentinel range and murder them without much trouble. 2-2 is not a bad plan as long as you focus on the Apprentices, most of which are going to be coming into you anyway looking to retrieve the ball or score. I'd also take Tentacles as he has pretty easy Blinds into a lot of Smiths which can ruin their day and remember to be extra careful with Siren as Smiths can field some female heavy teams and she's liable to go down really fast if someone like Cast gets on top of her.
  4. Makai

    Vet Rage only captain

    I ran a fairly successful Vet.Rage only list a while back when I was dabbling with Union. This was back when Harry was still a monster though and I haven't returned back to the guild in earnest since then. I believe my list was Vet.Rage, Strongbox, Benediction, Harry, A&G, Decimate, Gutter, Mist, Snakeskin, and a roaming flex (Grace, Minx, sometimes Blackheart as a bluff). The core drop into most teams was Vet.Rage, Strongbox, Benediction, Harry, Mist with a flex. Good reach, lots of pushes, damage and incredible momentum generation. The biggest weak points were in the passing game, lots of 2 dice kicks and quite a few missed passes when trying to extend my threat ranges, and ball retrieval as outside of Mist tackles were pretty hard to find.
  5. Makai

    How to Avarisse & Greede

    Hag can also extend A&G's threat range with Fisher's Reel and her Legendary. If the opponent has early dodges or pushes you might want to attack first with Avarisse to get the KD and then go for the Singled Out play with Greede. Corsair with a friend(usually Tentacles) is great at setting up A&G as he can pre-KD an opponent's model (so you can attack with Greede first to get the Singled Out), push them into a better position/angle for A&G to approach and soften the target up a bit while offering a gang up to facilitate the wraps. With two gang ups (Let's say Corsair + Tentacles), you'll be wrapping on a KD'ed 4/1 55% of the time (70% if you bonus time or get an extra gang up).
  6. Makai

    Getting my head round Farris!

    And pushing players off the pitch when they happen to stand too close to the edge
  7. Makai

    Fishermen binary?

    Corsair can play a mixed game, no problem (depending on match-ups of course), especially if you bring in some choice Union damage dealers like A&G or Gutter. I've been able to go 1-4 with him before but usually go for a 2-2 game. Shark needs to be played at a very high pace now as you are no longer able to shut down key enemy models with Gut & String and need to end the game before all your players start getting wiped out. He can still be fun but he's definitely lost some breadth after the nerf. I've managed to win a few games going 2-2 with Shark but that's never Plan A.
  8. Makai

    Clocked out Against Farmers

    Don't worry about Shark dying, that guy dies all the time and sometime that can even be a good thing as it allows you to re-position him somewhere closer to where he wants to be (closer to the ball). How was your friend killing the ball? Between Shark, Sakana, Greyscales , oSiren and the Farmer's defensive stats there should be nowhere safe for him to hold the ball. One of the most important things for Fish to do is to make sure you've got a good coverage of the pitch so that nowhere the ball drops is too far from your players to retrieve or steal the ball.
  9. Makai

    Meta match ups

    Gah, good point. Was getting their Union roster confused with Farmers since I got them both around the same time.
  10. Makai

    Meta match ups

    Played as Blacksmiths against Smoke-led Alchemists on Friday and sure enough, those Apprentices melted under condition damage. Smoke didn't even need to use her Legendary before the game was over! Planning on trying that matchup again sometime but replacing Anvil and Sledge with Bene and Grace and just go for a 3-0 between Ferrite, Iron, Cinder and Grace.
  11. Makai

    What are we missing?

    What I really want for Shark Fishermen is for a way to protect my squishier models from the big bad beaters on the other side for more than just a single turn. Jac and Hag help a bit with this with their pushes and dodges, but I miss being able to decrease the threat ranges on the Tappers and Hammers of the world with G&S to buy my team some more time to go after the ball and play some football. Maybe someone with Constitution to be able to give out some Tough Hide, or Blast Earth to create some Rough Ground, or being able to hand out UM to my non-Greyscales players? Just something to prevent my team from melting around me if I miss my first kick on goal and now have to go retrieve the ball all the way at the back of the opponent's side of the field.
  12. Makai

    Well that kinda hurt - July 2017 errata

    This is my big issue with the removal of G&S. Shark has gone from being able to play as either a Striker or as a Defensive control captain, gut & stringing high value targets to help keep the rest of his team safe long enough so they can then score, to being only playable as a Striker. If all people used him for before was as a pure Striker then yeah, the loss of G&S isn't a big deal. For those that used him with other models like Jac and Hag to manipulate the pitch and open up lanes for the likes of Sakana and Greyscales to do the actual scoring it's a big change, as a whole play style has been closed to Shark-led Fish making his lineup even more one dimensional than before.
  13. Makai

    Hammer Rises! - July 2017 errata

    This got brought up yesterday at our game night: anyone else notice how Hammer can't actually steal the ball from a player with Close Control unless they're also Sturdy? He can trigger Close Control but then has to knock them down and just hope the ball scatters his way...
  14. Makai

    Shark Learning Curve Plateau

    The only time I've been able to take someone out with Shark was when my opponent rocketed a Greede towards him and even then it took two back-to-back activations to get it done. I used to be able to do takeouts with my Shark team in Seasons 1 and 2 with Gutter. She would provide control with her chain grab, keep my opponents honest so they couldn't just throw their glass cannon models at me without fear of retaliation and pick up a few situational takeouts if my opponent left a low HP model next to a low def model. In Season 3 you're mostly committing to going 3-0 with Shark right now. The best advice I can give for getting that third goal is to make sure to always have all lanes covered someone who can score. If you really want to try for takeouts I'd suggest switching Siren for Vet.Siren, she'll get you some momentous damage, and as you'll probably need some good crowd-outs in order to get the higher damage results on your other player's playbooks, her Gaze can also help offset some of your opponent's retaliation.
  15. Makai

    Growing group in Huntsville AL

    Cool! Let us know if you guys ever organize any events/tournaments over there and I'm sure some of us over here in Atlanta would be more than happy to drive over!