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  1. @TheNatural Thank you. PM sent.
  2. At the initial Adepticon 2018 registration time, I signed up for the Musical Teams tournament slated to be run on Saturday, the 24th. Date and Time Session Cost 03/24/2018 Guild Ball: Musical Teams $40.00 I logged in today to look at the event and saw that it is no longer listed. Instead, the only team event on that day is this: Guild Ball: Doubles Tournament Day: Saturday | Start Time: 10:00 AM | End Time: 6:00 PM | Category: Guild Ball | Event Type: Tournament | Age Requirements: Everyone (6+) | Remaining Capacity: 14 | Cost: 25.00 | Total Capacity: 16 | Experience Required: Some So the event is completely different and at a different price point. Why is this? Is there any communication I missed that stated why they changed the event? What do I need to do concerning this? Does my ticket sign me up for the replaced event or do I have to request a refund and then re-purchase an event ticket? Thank you, noob
  3. Maverick on Rage. Today's blog post had this at the end "Singled Out to boost the number of dice Rage makes on his attacks." Maverick would inhibit Singled Out (friendly character play) from affecting the TAC of Rage, correct? That's how, if I recall correctly, it was ruled for Commanding Aura and Blackheart in s2.
  4. is that crayon or paint, mako?
  5. When is the July tournament? This is a little too close to the day of the event for me to plan to head up that way so I think I'll try for the next one.
  6. noob

    Figo League Pack is Back!

    Has this changed at all for 2017? S3?
  7. Thank you, gents!!!
  8. So, is the Big League designed for just S2 play? The S3 ruleset got rid of icy sponges but in the Big League documentation, the Union have a Plot Card that says if a player returns with 2 icy sponge tokens, the friendly team gains 15 cp. As the S3 cards only have one returning-health mark on them, does Union just have to play down a plot card option? How did you all do it? Thank you!
  9. noob

    US Shipping Status

    Midwest, US, Received.
  10. noob

    Farmers Release?

    YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE FARMERS! A single shot of bourbon kicks your butt.
  11. noob

    Backwards goal kick

    And, since it was placed behind the goal line by your goal kick positioning and scatter, you would be unable to generate momentum.
  12. Please share the twitter thing? I am not a tweeter
  13. noob

    Art of War Studio HELP!

    And there were talking animals
  14. noob

    Art of War Studio HELP!

    From their website on shipping: "Dispatch and Shipping! Our terms have changed! Please review this section before making your order We have changed our service to try and combat rising postage prices and to reduce our rates to customers. As a result, we now only dispatch goods on Fridays, and it takes between 3-6 days to reach UK and EU customers, 5-10 days to reach the rest of the world. ´╗┐We make every single order when it comes in - this takes time. Bear in mind that it tends to take us about a week to make your order - so whenever you place your order, the odds are that it will get sent the Friday after the week you buy it. Sorry about the lead time for dispatch - it's the best we can do at the moment. As we grow, we'll be able to add additional dispatch days, but right now, that's the best we can manage! We are working on implementing a fast-track system and we'll update this page with that service as soon as we have it up and running. To sum up, this is the rough lead time from order to delivery for each region; UK & EU - 10-12 days Rest of the World - 15-20 days We will speed this up as soon as we can! Please bear these times in mind when making your order! Also, during busy periods, such as Christmas, or just after sales or major events (Black Friday, Salute, etc), we tend to experience delays as we receive such a high volume of orders - please check our blog for updates on shipping delays and fire us an email if you have an absolutely "urgent I need it right now" style order." So if your order was stock, with no customization or special instructions, the order sitting not yet delivered 23 days after the placement (btw, you ordered on the 2nd, you said, which is a Sunday, so I think we are safe to assume it wasn't looked at until normal business hours on the 3rd) is still within the projected timeline they outline on their website. If there were any customizations, discussions on the items ordered, or tweaking, that time will be increased. I've made a number of orders from AoWS and they've always arrived within their projected timeline.