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  1. I played Theron Hunter vs ballista Engineers Game was played last night Wednesday 10/11 Final score Theron with 12 (2:2), Ballista with 6 (1:1) Unfortunately didn't take pics, but my opponent can corroborate, just PM me if needed.
  2. Thats the way I've called it in the past but wanted to make sure, thank you all
  3. Tried my best to find this but couldnt find anything. So here the situation, you have Midas with a enemy model base to base behind him. He is charged by another enemy model, base to base in front so that all three models are in a line base to base. If midas chooses to activate unpredictable movement, can he actually dodge?
  4. Collected Guild Ball Resources

    Templates Wargamers Workbench - the combo key https://www.etsy.com/shop/WargamersWorkbench?ref=hdr_shop_menu
  5. cool,thank you, did the whole melee range thing change with parting blows at some point. I could have sworn it was the other way with if you get KD from a parting blow you were still in the melee range. maybe I'm making things up. oh well
  6. Hello All, Just looking for a bit of clarification on the parting blow rules. As stated in the rules clarifications list page. You are hit after leaving range, so are not still engaged with the person hitting you after the blow (eg if KD). So here is the scenario: Rage and princess are engaging Esters Esters walks out of Rage's melee range to attempt to reduce crowd out making attacks on princess and takes a parting blow from rage. she advances out of Rage's melee and at 1 inch take's a parting blow. Rage get's three hits and knocks her down. Now according to the above ruling esters would be knocked down but now no longer in rage's melee, correct? And glutenous mass does not go off because it's when she was advancing, correct? So theoretically she could then clear conditions spending one momentum and stand up. If still engaged with Princess buy attacks on her and no longer suffer the crowded out. correct? Thank you
  7. Looking for templates

    sent PM
  8. Delete

    sent PM
  9. Duration of Bag of Quaffers?

    I believe as it states once per turn, implies that it lasts for a turn and then needs to be recast but the wording should be buttoned up. Something like "Once per turn target friendly non-[captain] guild model within 4" of this model gains [+1] TAC for the duration of the turn."
  10. Stores near West Palm Beach

    I appreciate it, I'm in Jupiter this weekend for a wedding, was hoping there might be a shop closer, don;t think I'll have time for the drive.
  11. Stores near West Palm Beach

    or Jupiter, FL
  12. hello guild ball fans, Does anyone know of any stores near west palm beach, Florida that might carry Guild ball and other tabletops? thanks, WarpWookie
  13. Damage sponge and counter attack

    Hmm was just looking through the already asked question post and found this. Damage Sponge: "May not be used against a charge, when charging you declare a ‘charge’ not an ‘attack’ " So I would assume then you cannot because you declared a 'Counter attack' not an 'attack'.
  14. Damage sponge and counter attack

    I would assume you can according to the counter attack wording on page 36 of the rule book "After the active model resolves their Attack, the target model may then make an Attack against the origin model, if able." The counter attack allows the model being attacked to make and attack, if able, after the active model resolves it's attack. So it might look something like this in sequence, active model declares attack, you respond with counter attack, active model resolves their attack, if you can still counterattack then you make your counter attack, in response to that the active model's player uses the damage sponge plot card. However after thinking about this longer the plot card states "declares and attack". So let's see what the lawyers say. Kind of comes down to if "make an Attack" is the same as "declares an attack".
  15. Painting Midas again

    incredible work