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  1. 'smiths experiences so far?

    I’ve been toying with the first box in Escalation and for me Blacksmiths can give a lot to different play styles. i have run Ferrite a few times as the captain now and I am slowly going off the idea. I find that a 5 influence activation on any of the three masters just not like other teams super star captains so I play a bit of a reactive game with lower influence numbers pooled around the team. also I am much preferring the football aspect and using players like Furnace for the reach and the burn. For me he’s doing a fair bit of the work with his low access to pushes. His apprentice is also so tricksy I always like having her skirting round the edges to pounce on a ball or drive some easy momentum at the end of a turn if nothing more.
  2. Into Blacksmiths...?

    The numbers seem like Ox would be good as I think Fillet would find the armour difficultto overcome to get at what she wants in thenolay book. Butchers have a good few tools to get round armour and have good low playbook results for simple damage output that with ox will result in some hard hits. Blacksmiths feel generally slower and need to bunch a bit more if they want the master/apprentice buffs that play into Oxs domain. I’m messing around with Blacksmiths at the moment and am dreading the Butcher fights!
  3. This article was a nice read. I’ve been pretty successful with my Butchers according to the rankings over season 1&2 exclusively with Ox. season 3 I dropped Shank for a bit, did worse. Put him back in the team and found my win ratio on a high again. I think Shank really compliments my play style. yes he doesn’t murder a player straight away now, yep he can’t easily jump on and defeat a player back from being taken out. but his huge threat range and his Thousand Cuts ability I find a massive tool that often offers me a chance to do something with him each game. Using him to harass a ball carrier, pinch a ball and thump it somewhere better or even straight off the pitch is good. ive even used him as a speed bump to shield other players and disrupt Opponents plans. I think his simple speed and 2’ melee gives him the versatility to feature in my team against most match ups. yes the old days of super Shank are gone but in no ways do I think he is sub par to any other Butchers player. As for Ox, well that’s another long story. i have written a blog on ‘my Path to Butchery’ which is on Fishy Wargaming and tracks alot of the highs and lows of playing an Ox line up in general.
  4. Matchup Listings + Tournament 10

    I do think GB is balanced enough to go for what you like. For instance I have had great success without Boiler, V.Ox or Boar in most games still relying on good old Shank though he seems to be out of favour. is the dual Mascot worth having or could that be another spot for an outfield player?
  5. Need tactical help for 6th player vs. Fish

    Out of your options I would say Tenderiser too. A goal hungry fish team comes unstick with a miss. Having the TN up to 5 you should see one. Mid the dice are then kind the miss could bunker the ball as you flatten any fish in your half. As for his positioning. I think the fish have the speed and repositioning to mean the counter charge isn’t so effective. So strapping him baseto base to the goal and inching him about to try and block the incoming shots may be effective. dont out Infl on him and then run your Ox death ball Fighters up front. His activation can then be a quick Dead dud to force your opponents hand. Also reduces the Influence drain a full front fighting force of 5 would posses. I've had a lot of success with Tenderiser over time and think he is fantastic against kicking teams just to make them have to think about the shots and where players go.
  6. Ploughman

    One thing that I thought no gets overlooked is his ability to grant Glide. This could be used favourably against certain opponents with tough ground auras or who can generate tough ground to keep the Farmers mobility high. all round an interestingbtoolbox that I do think wins out in certain match ups.
  7. Snakeskin legit

    I'm new to Union but long term player. Snakeskin is currently my go to bunker for the ball in my Blackheart team. That 6+ def on his legendary turn against males and the option of Clone is just massive. with Blackhearts ability to pull the ball off her after she has activated. It makes it even better to dangle her just in reach of enemies. but then I'm new to this Union and also steering clear of v.Rage & S.Brosket for now!
  8. GIC General Theory Thread 

    I must say I like the idea and scope of this as a balancing machine. i would much rather steam forge release a pack of 30/40 cards to redress balance then make wholescale changes to players that people will have invested money and time into painting. SFG seem to work really hard on getting balance but people will always feel one side or the other is more powerful, it's just perspective of local meta and the games style you play. I think the game feels well balanced and if these changes enable for faster games in general I am all for it. I think if this game could get to a quicker time set it will open it up more and more, but not sacrificing the layers of tactics is going to be really tough for the design team. I welcome seeing the next batch!
  9. Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    My bad
  10. Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    I think it's worth remembering that these cards are not just a buff but also a balancing card. as per the poster above I've had a lot of success over the years with Ox and Fillet and I see that this is going to make the hard times harder. Having a damaged player come back on and scrambling for momentum then only getting a heal rate of 2 is harsh. But I guess the net benefit is doing what we do good. which is smashing face, as a butcher player I concede each game a goal will likely go in and I will lose a player or two. So for me I see this as a great buff where I can now ignore healing to a big degree allowing me to spend momentum on other areas and juice the heals from doing my objective... which is killing my opponent. Someone mentioned above the interesting opportunity of healing off the coubter attack. Now this is something your opponent is going to have to factor in each turn when clearing down a model. This again is going to change how people approach. will this mean we heal less over an average turn? Probably yes, but I'll by he'll be using that momentum for other things or winning the race to have a great attempt at forst turn activation. with the 'average' opponent having a heal rate of 3 I think we may find our games going much quicker and harder. But it is going to change up play styles without a doubt. In the right set up against low def players and crowding out Thousand Cuts I can see the likes of Brisket having great healing potential with the short play book!
  11. Tenderiser - How do you play him ?

    So how is it all going? The big guy helping out?
  12. Starting Union & Alt Deployment

    I'm very tempted with Grace & Benny right now. But again I'm trying hard to make that hemlock work. Maybe the new GICs will open the door for her again.
  13. Starting Union & Alt Deployment

    Yes it was. I swear at one point we both finished activations and just threw away 6+ Influence to keep the clock from timing out. Was a really fun game and one that will stick in the mind for a long time. even my four 6's on 7 dice were not enough to win the day!
  14. So I've taken the scary step after only playing Butchers since the games release to dive head long into a footballing Blackheart team. My first attempts to hit the pitch in an Alt Deployment face off. any tips or advice on using the players I've selected. I am trying to focus on the footballing aspect with maybe a tiny bit of damage threat. My pondering is leading me to look at a few other players but the core I am thinking of keeping the same (so no a switch to V.Rage is not on the cards lol) https://www.fishywargaming.com/single-post/2017/09/01/Loot-Plunder
  15. Trying to deccide whether to buy

    Edited (I think) lol