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  1. Krisp278

    Season 3

    Season 3 must be going to release at Steamcon as the pictures of the kick off game shows it contains a season 3 rule book.
  2. Krisp278

    Possible teaser in the Fansite package?

    Is it hunters as it doesn't have a hunters guild logo on it but does have an alchemist and a morticians logo in the art? It also has players with yellow on them which is also 1 of the morticians colours and no dark green of the hunters?
  3. Krisp278

    Looking for the other eleven!

    Yep there was a shirt and pin set you could get as an add on but only 12 people bought it so I just wondered who the others were. Only 9 more to find!
  4. Krisp278

    Looking for the other eleven!

    I ordered for the pin as well and hadn't really looked at the shirt until yesterday so I hadn't noticed the 'one of the twelve' text on the back! So thought it'd be cool to know who the others were.
  5. So I'm one of the twelve and seen as its a pretty small club I thought I'd see who else is in it?
  6. I wondered if one of the levels would be the rest of the foil captain cards?
  7. Krisp278

    Where to start?

    But you will need to download the base vassal engine as well from www.vassalengine.org/download.php then follow the instructions. If you also check the vassal part of the forum Phil has set up a mumble server as well so you can chat whilst playing.
  8. Krisp278

    Where to start?

    If you go to the guild ball home page its available through the download section.
  9. Krisp278

    What the?

    Buy a starter box you may get luck I've heard of a couple of butchers players over on Facebook who got KS sculpts in their starter in stead of the retail ones.
  10. Krisp278

    Where to start?

    You could also download the vassal module I'm sure some one will be up for taking you through a demo game on line.
  11. Krisp278

    General Ramblings

    I generally have tv on in the back ground whilst painting or a podcast/audiobook that I've already listened to so I don't need to concentrate on it. But surely you would need tubthumping by Chumbawamba in any GB related playlist.
  12. Krisp278

    UK Games Expo - 31/05/2015

    Butcher won with 6 take downs (but shank did miss a goal attempt at 6-4) to the engineers 1 goal. The game is still up on periscope if anyone wants to watch it.
  13. Krisp278

    Greetings From the Swedish Wild!

    Welcome to the forums! Don't just lurk get involved everyone is pretty nice!
  14. Krisp278

    Guild Ball TV

    Great show guys! I like the way the 2 of you talk first to set up the game then moved on to the game and then going back to the studio for game analysis. It's like match of the day!
  15. Krisp278

    Hawkcon NSW

    So anyone going to Hawkcon? It's probably before we get our models but would be good to grab a drink and talk Guild Ball before it land and maybe break out the paper dolls for 1 last time.