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  1. Chrisb

    How can I use Salt?

    I like to use salt to pick up loose balls and run away with them then use jac to pull him accross the board ball and all then you have the ball with a fairly meaty player.
  2. Chrisb

    Demo Games vs Brewers

    Id go for the fishers, the brewers are good for a bit of punch and showing off the skirmishing element of the game but the fishermen realy show off the footballing element i use brewers and fishers as demo teams as standard 3v3 works well but do it on a 3'x3' pitch or it all ends up a bit of a mess in the middle, also i think brewers work better for demos than butchers as brewers dont need the momentum just to tackle
  3. Chrisb


    Amazing tartan
  4. I use lost arc in stevenage or wargames workshop in milton keynes hope this helps
  5. Chrisb

    Erahf's WIP Teams

    Wow amazing pj well done
  6. Looking forward to tonight, playing a few games at lost arc in stevenage, hopefully introduce some new players if any one fancies coming down for a game that would be great. 

  7. Hi there im new to guild ball, but have been playing table top games since I was 8 (40k 2nd edition) so yeah about 18 years iv kinda drifted away from G.W. in the last few years and looked at getting into some more interesting games. I started Malifaux with a group of friends a couple of years ago. I was at my lgs a few weeks ago picking up a few bits for my painting projects when I spotted Salt though wow that's an otter mini that's awesome what game is that from and so bought a rule book 2 teams (and salt) and built my self a board and some scenery, any way hi guys erm...