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  1. Played a game with my local sparing partner Dave. My line up. Midas, Naja, Calculus, O Kat, Vitriol, and Harry. Dave played Corsair, Salt, Jak, Kracken, Hag, and Gutter. Been trying to decide if I should play masons or Alchs in the upcoming ATC. I'm really concerned about the Corsair match up vs Alchs as I dont think smoke played well into him. I wanted to see how bad the nerf version of Midas did. I received the ball with Midas passed the ball around missing with the ball ending up on Vitriol.I used the terrain and calculus as a shield to prevent Midas and Harry from getting dragged in. Harry put corsair on fire, and Vitriol wiffed on Kracken which ended a turn 1 goal run. I win the roll off and Vitriol pokes Kracken puts up clone and scores. Knee slides to the far side of the pitch making him choose to go after the center or chase vitriol. Dave choses to go after the center. Naja dies to corsair gutter damages harry and Midas builds up momentum on corsair who is surrounded. Salt scores. The ball scatters 6 to the 6 which is a disaster. Dave wins the roll off and Jak calls salt over who snaps the loose ball. Calc blinds a full stack corsair with the bonus time and everyone gets into a slap fest in the center with no one dying. Salt scores. Kick goes well for me and Vitriol gets the ball and scores. I put her in the center up 5 momentum hoping the ball kick let's me try a first activation goal next turn. The ball scatters to a spot where I can nearly grab the ball get to hag poke her for 1 mom dubl dodge and score for the win. VIP is Vitriol with 3 goals.
  2. Not a bad idea. I'll pass that along.
  3. Hey all, My brother and one of his friends from the Colorado meta recorded one of their games for your entertainment on You Tube. It follows the double speed video with added commentary format (similar to Don't Touch the Beard and Run the Length format). Feel free to check it out and post your thoughts in the comments! Superior Strategist pilot battle report
  4. Spellshock

    Steamcon USA tickets

    Does anyone know if Steamforged is going to open up more tix to the Steamcon US or going to sell tickets at the door? Ive got a friend in the waitlist but he has to book his flight soon and won't commit to booking unless he knows he will be able to attend.
  5. Spellshock

    Guild Ball Manager a new Android App

    Any timeframe on when the new hunters and Farmers will be added?
  6. Can Granite's "Between a Rock” trait trigger when Vet Harmony suffers damage as a result of her using “Team Player” to take the damage as the result of an enemy attack or character play? Example: Graves hits Granite (who is within 4 inches of Vet Harmony) and chooses to deal 2 damage which gets dealt to Vet Harmony (via Team Player). Can Granite trigger “Between a Rock” and walk away?
  7. Spellshock

    how about your roster now?...now? (update)

    This is the list I'm thinking of running only piece I am considering a change is Decimate for Harry (still undecided). It makes the Midas list a little weird if you don't take Harry (Midas, Flask, Merc, Vitriol, Harry, Vet Katalyst). If you don't have Harry you either get Decimate (decent ball handler and momentum generator but no conditions) Calculus (generates conditions for Katalyst, but not much else) or Compound (generates no conditions but requires no influence to run). Harry gives you ball tricks, conditions, and the clutch push/damage if you need it. Decimate is just so nice to have in a Smoke line up. Testing is required (and I also don't have harry yet)
  8. Spellshock

    S3 Tournament 9 Man Roster

    I think if I were playing my Masons right now, I'd be Running Hammer, Wrecker, Marbles, Minx, Flint, Tower, Mallet, Brick, and Vet Harmony. I don't see Honor as a competitive option. I know people like her, but losing responsive play, the nerf to superior strategy, and the ability to missile hurt a lot. I think she's still fun to play and has a cool interaction w/ the new Harmony 1. There may be a good goal scoring team out there (maybe Honor, marbles, flint, brick, harmony and A&G??) With the above Hammer line up it gives you access to both mascots which are very good in certain situations. The double counter charge bubble is really hard to avoid and can at least cause footballing teams a headache. Wrecker is great and will continue to be now that he only gives 1 VP per take out. Play him on the wing and push people into range of hammer or minx. Or keep him close to hammer or minx to get players out of engaging range if you need to charge or use that Sic um card for the momentous knockdown. Tower keeps hammer alive by making it hard to knock him down. I'm not sure tooled up is useful in every game, but if you have a big fatty to take down it can be worth the additional activation to charge hammer up more. I may experiment swapping out vet harmony w/ Chisel. With the ability to always turn on hammers heroic 1st activation, having a mobile damage dealer w/ 2 inch reach might be good. (mallet may just be better here IDK) Minx is just better than Mist now. Gets work done for 1 or 0 inf, and provides that -1 Def that Hammer loves.
  9. Spellshock

    Changes to Mason's Rules - Season 3

    Losing the extra range hurts, but getting that extra die for free makes up for it a bit. As far as nerfs go its not too bad. Love the new tower, the new Defend the Ground and Protect Those Close seem like they should have read that way all along.
  10. Spellshock

    Plastic box contents

    marbles could also be getting a trait on the other side of the card to mitigate the nerf.
  11. Spellshock

    Changes to Mason's Rules - Season 3

    Anyone else able to confirm this, or is this just an epic troll?
  12. This is great! Will we also need to purchase the main WMW Ticket to get in, or is this a completely separate event from WMW?
  13. Hi, I used to play alchemists, but have recently switched to Masons as my main guild and most of my experience is with Hammer as Captain. A few things I've learned, for the most part his heroic play is a trap, if you are wanting it to be an integral part of your game plan. It requires you to first to get that momentum, and it feels awkward to set up. Most of the time hammer can do a better job of what you're trying to set up for your other players to do. Another thing is that you don't need marbles to deal a significant amount of damage with Hammer. On 6 inf plus iron fist against most models in an open field you can pretty much guarantee 14 damage and a knockdown. This can be enough to one shot some of your opponent's players and most of the time you end up being able to deal much more than 14 if you want. The downside to this of course is that it costs 7 influence leaving you with only 6 for the rest of your team. Since you play alchemists and Midas you should be used to this, but you do want to practice spreading the influence out for when you play vs control oriented teams. I also find that Hammer does a great job of being a solid scoring threat and ends up scoring at least once each game that I win. His knockback allows you to get that extra distance to be within scoring range and with ball hog + bonus time you are rolling 4 dice to score. If you kick off, I almost always use Hammer to do it (except vs Obulus) so that I can threaten 10 inches from where I kick. it helps keep your opponent back a bit if he is smart, since a tooled up hammer can one shot almost anyone (maybe not Helga or Fangtooth). My current line up is Hammer, Mist, Mallet, Flint, Marbles, Brick with Tower and Chisel on the bench. (in order of importance). Tower gets subbed in to Brewers and Masons and some butchers. Chisel gets subbed in vs Shark fish and other low burst damage lineups. Brick usually gets subbed out but, if I want to play as the beating team, flint may go take a seat. As I get more and more less dependent on using Marbles' tooled up, I want to see how Rolando does as a Hammer mascot. I'm not sure he's worth it but I think once he gets painted up I'm going to try playing him in some of my Wed evening casual matches. He might be better on the table than on paper (similar to truffles). I also need to get Averice and Greed to maybe replace Brick in my line up. Not sure if that extra activation is worth it since a lot of the action for my team happens earlier than later in the round, but there have been times when going last would have been really key.
  14. I should be there. (Aaron England)
  15. Spellshock

    Startling Line Up for a New Alchemist

    I tried Smoke alchemists without Vitriol yesterday (replaced her with decimate) for a lineup of Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Mercury, Venin, and Decimate. I played into Masons and was hoping Decimate would give me a shot of winning the momentum gain and dealing with their low Def 1-2 armor players. I wasn’t able to win initiative a single time that game but decimate was able to make my opponent hoard her momentum turn 2 instead of using it to heal or clear. Venin was the sacrificial lamb and died without doing much but adding bleed to my opponents decimate. Not sure if he is good in this lineup but I need someone that I don’t’ have to dump influence on. Maybe compound would be better but I also like that venin can go mid field and be a bleed threat for just 1 momentum. Blind ended up being the MVP of the game by making Flint unable to score (my opponent didn’t put full influence on him and was an inch or so out of range) and forcing him to commit more activations (influence) to kill Venin than she wanted when I blinded a tooled up Decimate. Smoke did a lot of work by porting up the field and scoring. She was also able to score again from the same spot via snapshot with her 4 dice kick. Game ended with a 12-10 Victory for Alchemists with Marbles and Flint being taken out by conditions and Smokes legendary (flint). Masons scored 2x (flint) and took out Venin (Decimate, Marbles, Mallet) I don’t know that Smoke is better than Midas. In some ways her game is more straightforward than Midas and may be easier to use for newer players because of that. I think in the hands of an experienced player Midas is in contention for best captain in Guild Ball (Midas or Obulus IMO). However Smoke is definitely competitive and force to be reckoned with. I also think that she is more dangerous vs certain teams/lineups than Midas would be whereas Midas has a more smooth threat curve vs pretty much any team. So far I really like Smoke and she may be my go to captain with the Alchemists for a while. She just plays how I wanted to when I picked up the alchemists.