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  1. Want to win stuff?!

    double dodge are 2 jokers who have no idea about guildball.... they should get Alex Botts on the cast to add some quality content!
  2. Negative as in ball killing. I find I prefer to kick because it gets all my models more space to work in and put pressure on. If the opponent has a good way of killing the ball, thats the only time I dot like to kick. Examples. if they have UM and I dont have a way to get in on them. Or if they put the ball into a corner with a model that has clone etc.
  3. Kicking is a negative if you dont know how to put on pressure and mitigate negative play. I like kicking as the guilds I play need the board position and this enables their game.
  4. Double Dodge Episode 16 - Anti-Antivaxxer

    sorry about that, our jokes are as poor as our content will try harder!
  5. Organised Play Document Update 9/5/17

    hilarious!!! i would not venture there if my life depended on it
  6. Mo-Ball podcast episode 2

    great episode guys, thanks for the shout out. Also love the idea of people being more positive on the forums. Also Hunters are OP, people just dont know it yet.
  7. Decimate

    I like this play, its a good one to setup the goal. It would also work against siren, and something similar i have used for Fillet as she likes to put pressure on in turn 1. Another one i like to use is to simply get the ball and pass dodge Midas up towards Obulus first action turn 1. You then have 1 momentum, he is covered by compound, and you put them in a position to either get the ball and lose Obulus, or give up a goal. Always make sure your at 10.1 inches off obulus, so he has to move to get in range for puppet master. he can pass dodge back and take the ball, but then at that point you can use your other models to drag Obby back into your lines and kill him. Push dodges on Midas and Vitriol are great for this and harry as well.
  8. MO-Ball Podcast ep 1

    Sorry, I disagree, Im sick of people hiding behind the Organised Play document or tiebreak and saying because a ruling exists then blame that not my decision to exploit it. Exploiting a system does not make it right, you might win but there is a moral question. If you want to turn up to events and try and qualify again, then thats your choice. You have to make the decision as to how this effects other people.
  9. MO-Ball Podcast ep 1

    Great work, Listening now. I think Singled Out will have to change their intro to the 10th best GB podcast now :).... sorry Andrew
  10. Double Dodge Episode 14 - Altered Beaston

    Engies will be front and centre come Worlds... i can feel it. Lots of passive abilities they dont get credit for.
  11. Organized Play Tiebreakers - The Problem(s)

    I thought in the US, you just finish top 8 out of 17 and you get a trophy..... am i missing something here? Maybe we need more weight classes and divide people and positions by eye and hair colour. Then if they come 7th by losing the final by 12-8 to Jordan Nach, I can poke them in their left eye with a hot stick, and tell them it does not matter the colour of your eyes, you still suck and wont be 1st unless you win all your games!!
  12. How To Play the Condition Game?

    I was about to write on this, but your comments are exactly what I would have said. Alchys are about speed and tempo. Conditions are a balancing mechanism to drop the opponents health or Momentum down to manageable levels. You wont kill people straight up with conditions but can control them and enable your fast scoring game. As above, Vet Kat is the enabler for a fast finish, but dont do it early if the opponent is on 6.... you could put them on 8 and then are in a position that a goal loses it for you. My favourite play is to get conditions on a couple of models in my half of the field, scrum it up but dont kill them, then witness me last activation..... if you have measured distances, Vet Kat can potentially come back on and witness me again start of the next turn..... its super fun
  13. Double Dodge Episode 12 - Close Control

    If they have 2 inch melee, you wont get the counter. If they are already engaged, they have cleared conditions and want to generate momentum, he hits them back for poison. They cant then clear again with that model. Sorry I was not clear. Also the aura is great wit harry for pushing people into it
  14. Double Dodge Episode 12 - Close Control

    No probs, so my 9 player list is Midas, Smoke, Flask, Vitro, Kat, Vet Kat, Venin, Calculus, Harry Venin I had been tossing up for a while, He replaced Compound in my list for 2 reasons. 1 My game is generally around goals, If I stop the opponent from scoring, while good, I actually want the ball coming back out, so compound is redundant. 2. he can be the 2 inf battery if you need it, just like compound. I think there are other ways to stop scoring and low tackle results is one of them Venin, can play 2 roles. He is a great soak, hence why I took him into Brewers. With Arm 2 and Sac puppet he can be hard to remove. Then with the 8 inch kick, he is a surprising goal threat to pass for the snapshot. He did exactly what I needed game 1 and got the charge, Tackle dodge and shot.... which is situational, but brilliant and handy. Other than that he is a great counter attacker.... people sometimes go up and attack him for momentum, and if they dont have a low KD, he will counter and get up poison, which is another option to setup Vet Kat later in a turn. You can also just combine him with Harry and push people into his aura for poison.... its great, imagine a push poison result on harry. Flask was my last minute choice. Season 3 people just dont go for the mascots, so Naja and unpredictable is redundant. Naja is a great crowd out but from a defensive point of view, flask can be behind your model and give minus 1 tac with his cover, or minus 2 if he crowds. Also with Midas Touch, you can enable him to get those extra results for a triple wrap on a charge (intensify). Also Dont forget that KD is a condition. So with Venin, Midas Legendary, and Harry with KD and molotov, there are quite a few conditions around. KD can be removed easier but if you go last with Vet Kat, free charge, get a KD and some damage, then push and setup the next turn for the takeout (knowing you can win the momentum race) then its hard to stop...... or harry just molotovs next to someone, and then pushes them into the fire. Im not saying its the right way to play but Sic Em makes me like flask more than Naja.... if i had a 10 man list i would take both. Hope that helps, I did not play smoke as I look to see if I can play her into a squshy team and if I can then ill drop here with Harry, Calc, Vit, one of the Kats depending. Who was that Will guy? sorry, we are forgetful, so thats not to imply that people are forgettable. I will play masons as well to see the other side. Yes we did beat them, but Jakob is just learning them and newish to guildball, but he is a very fast learner. So the result was not the point of the exercise, more to see the power level. Jakob is a great player and has demanded a rematch tonight so we will see!!
  15. Attritoneers

    I Like it, all models fit in a solid 9 , and you can audible to it during selection