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  1. Second wave - mascot +

    Man this talk about me not getting another guild, currently own the lot except alch and engineers. But now with all these goodies and their playstyle seem to really talk to me it's getting hard to resist. But damn, the tater model that I have just isn't as good looking as the new one. :/ God damn
  2. Help with New Ox

    I found that he is more of a battery as stated earlier, the front if his card isn't really that great in comparison to a lot of other models that is available to us as butcher players. And you can't really rush him first into scrums either. But where he shines is picking of targets that you left low the turn earlier, then he becomes a real monster for the opponent to deal with, because nobody but the butcher player want to see a Fillet that can benefit from the owner, I've played him in this lineup, more to try him out than to really play with him, (had to play a game in a tournament i was running because one guy dropped and byes are boring) Fillet, Truffles, vOx, Meathook, vBrisket, Boar. I really don't think that he replaces Boar in butchers, Boar is to good to not have in there imo. I would have gone with harry instead of Meathook but that's only because i haven't received my model yet. So in conclussion, he is not an auto include, but he fits into my tournament 9 going forward, just don't rush him into scrums and don't play him against everything most likely Fish and Alch (for the 2") is his best match ups in my opinion but there is still much to test going forward. But that's what works for me alteast, have a good one!
  3. I feel like you folks will be interested in this...

    @Misery In what way was he versatile? I mean he didn't really generate the momentum that was needed to move the ball and his team around effectively which he does now. The beater aspect of Blackheart hinself was really good at best with no damage and momentum until later in the playbook, so if the dice didn't go your way he just didn't do anything other than dodging around or putting some really weak damage out even with commanding aura. The real and reliable damage, as with Ox teams comes/came from the other players who have their bigger damage lower in the playbook and could/can utilize the influence better like gutter, decimate etc. As stated earlier in the thread he really does come into his own with these changes. Sure butchery can be seen as a bad play and yes I agree there, I've actually never used it with Ox but it feels easier to activate with it being easier to reach in the playbook on Blackheart. But it has also been stated earlier thst Union needs one more striker/winger to really put Blackheart into his own and I feel the same.
  4. I feel like you folks will be interested in this...

    @Banjulhu Well I can see your point but I can't see how you see it as a nerf, he gets a really strong character play in exchange for another really strong character play, but this one fits the character more and isolating targets will be a breeze for him. Sure the ball will be what makes or break a blackheart team but as stated in the blogpost the idea was to differentiate him from vetRage which they have successfully done in my opinion. And he feels like a proper pirate captain now instead of a buffer for the beaters in the crew.
  5. Season 3 - Release the Kraken

    Don't give SF any ideas now, I like my brisket as is.
  6. Season 3 - Release the Kraken

    But the dude with def 2 has really good ranged play to keep all the baddies away, when stave starts to fight in melee you know he ended up in the wrong place. And yes of course the def 2 is bad but at least he doesn't have to get into melee with anything to be effective. Really nice changes to kraken but as stated above I don't see him in a shark lineup, but his place in corsair is even more rock solid!
  7. The box does indeed only come with 4 sets of common cards and only 1 set of each rare. For my league that I'm taking the longshanks role for I just bought 2 sets of the campaign cards and I'm going to be printing out if there is a need for more. The 2 sets gave enough guild specific cards to accommodate the spread of guilds and the players seem satisfied with the idea. The players only need to bring there own season 1/2 plot deck. Trying to explain why you need one for regular play has been the hardest part about getting guild ball going for me somehow.
  8. Season 3

    Oh my the idea of a blacksmiths guild has me all hot and bothered. Well I guess I'll splurge on another guild in season 3, guild ADHD let's go! If of course the case is that blacksmiths are the next guild in line.