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  1. Ratty

    So what's the kick off strategy?

    Similar to me Fangtooth quite often ends up kicking.
  3. Ratty

    Preliminary Season 3 Power Rankings

    Even in the worse case I could put together it's not too bad... With the old 3" It would be really hard (if nigh on impossible) to get any in to that central area. So overall I think in quite a few situations the new placement rules will make things better.
  4. Ratty

    Preliminary Season 3 Power Rankings

    yep, realised there were some issues, there are also 7 pieces, which is no longer correct. But if you ignore that one piece (as there is 1 too many anyway), the point still stands. (in fact there are more places you can place it)
  5. Ratty

    Preliminary Season 3 Power Rankings

    OK yep, I guess that is true. But overall would you say you gain more from the change than you lose?
  6. Ratty

    Preliminary Season 3 Power Rankings

    You are right.. oops...
  7. Ratty

    Preliminary Season 3 Power Rankings

    Do you often win the Momentum race with Hunters, and get Initiative?
  8. Ratty

    Preliminary Season 3 Power Rankings

    I mean even a single piece of rough-ground creates an area 14 odd inches across which you can place your forest in, and most boards will have at least one of them. (hmm just noticed Season 3 is now 4-6 terrain pieces, I'm pretty sure last season was max 7 pieces. Will have to rejig #5 an #6 next time I update Vassal.)
  9. Ratty

    Preliminary Season 3 Power Rankings

    I really don't see the issue, I've literally went though all 6 maps on Vassal, which are set up following the tournament rules. and The only one which feels even slightly restrictive with the 2" exclusion is #6 which doesn't have any rough ground near the center and has 3 obstacles clumped up towards the center. And even then look at all the possible places you can put the forest.
  10. Ratty

    Preliminary Season 3 Power Rankings

    You playing with this ruling in mind?
  11. Ratty

    Preliminary Season 3 Power Rankings

    The thing with Hunters is they got a few fairly major buffs that people are not talking about. Hearnes now has an extra 2" on his kick, this is surprisingly useful I was already using him as a semi-striker with his wood jump giving him effectively a 18" threat range on goal. This change along with the forest being easier to place has made using him for an essential goal much easier. Seenah has got quite a bit better, with a shorter playbook and an extra trait. But the really big buff I think is the MP for going second. This makes their pseudo Influence a lot easier to use. You can get a Blessing of the Sun Father off first activation without doing anything. For a team that sometimes has issues generating momentum this is huge. (you could also argue that the Mascot change and the Tap In change both help out Hunters a bit more than other teams) Minx's buff is awesome. ---- Saying all that they currently suffer from only having 1 Captain, no captain is great in all match ups, I know Fishers suffered a bit in season 1 as Shark (who I don't think anyone would argue was bad) was very focused. We already know their Roster is going to be bulked up.
  12. Ratty

    New to Guild Ball & Alchemists. HELP! :)

    But yeah if you don't like self damage, Vet Katalyst may not be for you either. Vitriol may be a good choice for your final 2 then, gives you a second striker, that is also not bad at damage (not as good as S2, but still no slouch). Gives you a second another smoke field for Smoke to jump to. Then you probably need some sort of damage dealer.. Decimate may be the way to go for you.
  13. Ratty

    New to Guild Ball & Alchemists. HELP! :)

    The thing to remember with Venin is what he's there for is to boost up your teams damage, Smoke and Calculus lay down lots of poisons. And either the opponent has to dump a whole lot of MPs clearing that poison or Venin walks in at the end of the turn Pulses and dumps Bleed on them too ... for 3 extra damage on everyone of them in the end phase. You may also want to walk him into a striker or non-combat enemy model so when they activate again in the next turn they regain poison and take parting blows. As a lot of the time you want to be activating him late in the turn you will rarely be using his self damage. What you will be using him for is his 2 Influence to act as a battery for the rest of the team, as his bleeding pulse is heroic he doesn't need to be allocated Influence to use it. However he's also a fairly good scorer, so sometimes you may want to activate him earlier in the turn and in this case you may want to use his self harm to boost his resilience to retaliatory attacks. But I may use it only one game in two. But he's not for everyone, it took me a little while to work him out.
  14. Ratty

    New to Guild Ball & Alchemists. HELP! :)

    Yeah this was Extrapolating into a 9 man tournament crew.... If you went with Smoke, Flask, Mercury, Vet Katalyst, Venin, Calculus as your 6 man.
  15. Ratty

    Preliminary Season 3 Power Rankings

    I think the thing to note is they kind of together counter out your ability to counterplay the Counter Charge. If you run up to Brick to stop yourself getting charged by him Marbles runs in and and possibly pushes you away from Brick, and the same is true in reverse. Either way the Masons can shut down an important activation.