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  1. Working with "Green Stuff"

    When using green stuff I like to use the first "sticky part" to attach it to the model and shape it roughly. Once that is done I like to leave it for 10-15 mins to cure a bit, this should allow you to work on details or smooth the area out without having to use water or oil to aid you. If you feel more comfortable using water or oil then that isn't a bad thing, I've just found it easier to do without. As @Mako said you've got to mess about with it a bit, watch a few videos and don't be afraid to try stuff.
  2. Starting Painter

    @Mako has pretty much hit the nail on the head there. The only thing I could add to that is paint over what you feel most comfortable with, if you can why not have a test model to experiment with before you go onto your beloved team. I personally work from a flat grey base coat when painting most of the teams unless it's a particularly dark scheme, in which case I use a black base.
  3. Blacksmiths (:

    This team is coming together nicely mate. I may have to steal the base idea at one point, consider yourself warned
  4. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    @Pending Forum Suspension I've not worked with the tape before but I may give it a go on larger models, for Bushel it was freehand and more breath holding than I care for . The Farmers are all done now, they've been a nice challenge and I've learned a few things along the way.
  5. Farmer's : The Honest Land painted

    These look great, loving the bases.
  6. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Just about finished with the Farmers now, just the big brute that is Windle to go now .
  7. @Doc Some superb basing options there, I imagine you've made a few Farmer players day.
  8. Dark Souls Painting Blog

    I really like what you've done here Leolian, they look super dark and gritty. Love your non metallic work by the way, especially on the knight.
  9. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    @Zerachial It would also appear that Steve's dice rolls were back to his terrible best . @Doc The handles are a tad annoying, right? I guess the easiest solution is to trim the bottom one to match the others. I think more so than most models it's all about the prep work for the farmers. I've tried to lessen the eye cavity by dropping in some paint and allowing it to dry, in hindsight I should have done something like this before spraying with PVA glue or something similar. Still enjoying the team though and I've been painting pretty boy Tater, just the metallics and base to finish off now I think.
  10. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    @Pending Forum Suspension, @Mako I'd like to think it is just a case of a poor run. I've spoken to 3 others who have the farmers team and it would seem they also have no eyes on their models but it'd be good to get an idea just how common or uncommon the issue is for this team. Still enjoying the challenge though, here's Peck and the goal all done.
  11. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    @Rinzen I've honestly not had the best experience working with the plastics if I'm honest. I think that is mainly down to a poor cast, some of the team had two sets of mold lines on them and it can be quite tricky removing them unless you use a sharp knife. From what I hear the casting process on a whole produces less mold lines so I'll mark this down as a rarity, I'll be interested to see how much better the Blacksmiths have turned out. Once all that clean up is done though I can honestly say I've enjoyed painting the Farmers, they do lack the crispness of the other models but I take it as another opportunity to push myself a little. I'm still perplexed by the lack of eyes though, this for me is something that should not be accepted as something a miniature can do without. Overall I do find it more difficult to work with but I'm sure in time we and Steamforged will learn to work with the new plastics. That being said I would've liked to have another metal or resin option even if it came at a cost (purely from a painters perspective). Plastic problems aside this week has been quite a productive one, a mate of mine asked me to do a quick job on a couple of Hunters for a tournament so here are Skatha and Snow. Thank you all for your very kind words regarding the Farmers, I hope to have some more pictures very soon.
  12. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    I've been trusted to work on a Farmers team of late, after quite a long time cleaning them up and a rebase I was ready to start throwing paint about this week. Here's Grange and Jackstraw all done and dusted.
  13. Throwing paint at models to see what sticks

    Damn you @Mako for bringing another good painter into the fold, I'll be writing a strongly worded letter in the morning . @Zerachial your Hunters look very nice indeed, Fahad in particular looks incredibly well done. I fear the flash from your phone has undone some of the subtler work on all of the other areas (not that it looks bad in anyway) just a little washed out. I'm sure there was a lovely little article on getting some nice pictures around on the forum somewhere that could certainly allow us to see your work for what it is. Love what I can see though and please keep sharing.
  14. Zirenius' WIP Guild Ball Teams

    Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing. Your painting looks really good if I'm honest and I'm reluctant to say too much whilst you are still working, as it stands I can't say I'd have too much to offer constructively, solid work , looking forward to seeing him all done.
  15. My Farmers (:

    The team looks brilliant mate, I have to insist on behalf of myself and others that you slow down now .