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  1. You're still churning out top quality work I see. Your Union are breathtaking my good man!
  2. Anphiarus

    New to Alchemists

    Loving the classic paint scheme on these, very nicely done.
  3. Anphiarus

    Speedfreek's Mixed Models

    She looks awesome, lovely work!
  4. Anphiarus

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    You are very kind indeed. I'd love to officially work with Steamforged but I think they are in the very capable hands of Mr Giraldez 😊. I've finally managed to log back into my Imgur account so I have a back log of work to share, please forgive the spam of pictures. First up are 2 lovely sculpts for the farmers, alt Millstone and the lovely Vet Honour. After those I had the pleasure of painting for Ritch from Beard minis, he was after a Vet Cinder to complete the Blacksmiths I did for him a while back. I took a close up of her face as I was pretty happy the way it turned out. Next up was some more Union and coin bases 🤪, I tried a few new things on Pride and whilst I'm happy with the way he turned out I would maybe tackle them differently the next time around. Finally we have what I am working on right now, the last of the Brewers I started a while back. These two chaps have been quite the challenge for conversion but I am very happy the way they've worked out. Once again, my apologies for the spam (especially if you've seen this stuff on Facebook already). I hope to have some pics of the last 2 Brewers painted very soon.
  5. Anphiarus

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Not had much time of late to work on some Guild ball stuff, personal projects, lovely weather and the World Cup run tend a have an effect on productivity. I have however been tinkering away on some of the Brewers so I thought I'd share a few pictures with yourselves. I have to say these have been one of the most testing projects I've had for quite some time but now I'm nearing completion it is very rewarding indeed. First off let me apologise for the very late reply, it wasn't my intent to be quite as ignorant as I have been. The skin was a nice simple mix of (|Citadel paints as per usual) Tallarn flesh plus Shadow grey, roughly a 50/50 mix. Once you've applied that give it a was of Agrax Earthshade, once dry another wash of Leviathan purple is added to the deeper recesses of the muscles. from that point you can reapply your base coat to highlight the skin and add white into the mix for added contrast. I hope that helps you out and sorry once again for the late reply.
  6. Anphiarus

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    The pictures I've shown you may make it look easy, but I assure you there is many an expletive when I paint the tartan. Looking though my pictures I realised i hadn't shown you a couple, I think it was mainly because the owner got a model a little early and Harriet I've not long completed. Harriet is the second model I've painted from the Exiles box set, for me it's one of the best boxes Steamforged have done. I've painted both of the Ratcatchers to match the pumpkin head themed Morticians I previously worked on. As I've mentioned before my favourite model in the Guild ball range can change, this month and for the foreseeable future it's this Skulk version.
  7. Anphiarus

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Hello again, it's been a little while since I've updated things on here but life has a funny way of getting in the way of our hobby at times. I've still been pottering way on some of the Brewers and I thought I'd share my process for doing the tartan. Now this little guide is what worked for me and I'm sure you may find a few guides that may be better suited (and worded for that matter ) but I think it may be of help to some. The colours I've used can pretty much be swapped out for any others that you may fancy for your team. Firstly I undercoated the tartan with Vile Green (citadel colour) once I got a good coat it was time to lay down the first lines of the pattern. This I did freehand but you can use a soft leaded pencil to help map it out. As I'm sure you're aware there are many folds on most models clothes so with that in mind I chose to put the first lines (scaly Green, old citadel colour) going in the same direction as those folds. This not only helps with making it easy for the painting but it also helps giving the cloth that depth you need as the further you go along with the pattern the flatter it can look, this is purely down to the fact that you can't highlight as you normally would. With the first set of lines done I would normally move onto the second set, creating that square pattern. For this though I wanted to show how I go about adding in some shadows to give it a 3 dimensional look, not a flat area with a pattern on it. First thing I do when tackling this is to paint the model upside down (models feet pointing up, not me painting whilst doing a headstand ). With the model upside down I can add shadows as if I was highlighting, targeting the upper edges with a glaze of a warm brown, it's important the glaze is kept nice and thin and built up over a few layers. As I mentioned before, this step I would normally do once the whole pattern was completed but I feared it would show up as much it does now. The next step was to do the intersecting lines to create the square pattern, the most important part of this for me is to keep the line the same width apart as the first set otherwise you will have different sized squares across the model, again you can use a soft leaded pencil to aid you at this point. At this stage it's still easy enough to tidy up any uneven lines with your basecoat colour. This next step is to paint a small square where each of the lines cross each other, I did this by mixing a small amount of black into Scaly green. You want mores lines to paint you say? Well here you go . This step is to paint a small (Scaly green again) line either side of the main lines, you'll see that I do one set all around the model before I tackle the other, this is just to break up the process and make it a little easier as you go (not that painting lots of little lines is easy). You can of course use the pencil as a guide for your lines. The final stage of the pattern is to mix your base colour (Vile Green) and some white to give you an off white colour of your choice. This colour will be used to paint a thin line in the middle of your main lines creating another set of squares across the model, as yo can see in the above picture I have marked out the first area for this line as a marker. With both sets of the off white lines you should have something a bit like this. This is the stage I would add a few more glazes (Agrax Earthshade watered down) to help emphasise the folds of the cloth using the same process as described before. I know this isn't the easiest of things to do at all but with a little help from a pencil and keeping your colour palette pretty limited you can give yourself a better chance of success. Please feel free to ask any questions if I've not explained things well enough and I can amend this post accordingly. Here's a pic or two of the rest of the ones I've finished
  8. Anphiarus

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    I can confirm the second box does indeed have fully sculpted eyes on them so its most certainly an easier set to work with. Just a quick update. I've not been painting much guild ball of late but I am still tinkering away on a few projects, here's a little group shot of some Brewers I've been messing with.
  9. Anphiarus

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Apologies for the picture spam but I've had a lot to catch up on of late, this time around I was asked to complete the Farmers team for a Mr David Cameron. Given David's namesake he decided on a little conversion for the Pig goal, other than that the models are as stock barring the rebase.
  10. Anphiarus

    Erahf's WIP Teams

    I absolutely love the conversion and paint job on Smoke. Your attention to detail is superb, I really like the lace on the bodice , incredibly well done. The paint work is subtle and very well done, if you can't tell already I'm very impressed .
  11. Anphiarus

    My Butchers :)

    Love the switch to the purple mate, it really does work well on Butchers.
  12. Anphiarus

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Had a little time away from painting of late due to catching what felt like the plague. Now that I'm past the worst of coughing up my lungs I've got back to throwing so paint about. More Pirates you say? well here you go! 5 more of the Union all done and until the pictures of the Pride model I thought the last, Yay! I get to do another coin base . Here's a couple of pics of the green stuff work. Rage was a challenge this time around, the head I had to work with was a slightly larger scale so I had to bulk him out quite a bit and sculpt on some different arms but I'm pretty happy with the way he turned out. My apologies for the delay of my reply. For Anvil's beard I did a basecoat of Dheneb Stone (GW foundation paint).I gave it a light wash 50/50 water and Agrax Earthshade, once that dried I used neat Agrax Earthshade in the deepest recesses. After that I highlighted the beard using Dheneb Stone and adding white in for further highlights. I hope that helps you out a bit if you've not already worked something out, The colours I've used are out of production but I'm sure you can find similar colours from GW or other ranges.
  13. Anphiarus

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Thank you all so very much for the kind words regarding the Blacksmiths. @TanE Please do copy the Farris pose, I can send you some additional pictures if you'd like to see her from different angles. @Chapuzas Thank you! I may have some more pictures of the team stored somewhere which I'd be happy to send to you. I wasn't asked to do Kat or Vet Kat (Vet Kat wasn't out at that time) but if I'm ever asked to complete the team i'll be sure to share some pictures.
  14. Anphiarus

    The first miniature I’ve ever painted

    For a first miniature you have done very well indeed. The mistakes you've made on the others will only make you a better painter in the long run as that's how you learn. Keep painting and posting, I look forward to seeing you get better and better.
  15. I'll stick with what I said before, best team on this forum, the backdrop is gorgeous! (Skeletor in the crowd gave me a good laugh). Really looking forward to seeing what you can do with the Blacksmiths, the subtle changes to Cinder look excellent!