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  1. I know there's a Missouri guild ball facebook group - I think they're mostly on the other side of the state but you can join from anywhere and if you're up for a drive they've started playing tournaments and the like. https://www.facebook.com/groups/moball/
  2. My default answer would be that the new cards are always right but I can't find when that errata would've happened so I'm unsure as well - Is there a place where each errata update is stored? I only see the newest one but that one does say, " Please refer to the updated cards at steamforged.com/resources for the most up-to-date cards." I'm just not sure if that change is an error...
  3. Last night we had a game where Obulus charged into Gutter but strayed close enough to the goal so that Tenderizer's Rush Keeper triggered. Tenderizer charged - Obulus triggered unpredictable movement and managed to dodge out of Tenderizer's melee but stay within Gutter's melee. Two questions: 1) Can Obulus trigger unpredictable movement on a "Rush Keeper" Charge? 2) Does Obulus lose its charge on Gutter after this whole mess?
  4. First time minature player from Kansas - A few friends and I picked up starter sets. Really enjoying painting these things.