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  1. Jaecar v Minx

  2. Wellrounded Tapper 6 for a beginner

    Mash was my default 6th player since he was released but has been replaced by Pintpot in my "standard" line up.. Stoker comes in against Alchemists / Hunters and people I feel will be using a lot of conditions.. Mash still has his place against heavy 2" melee teams where he is paired with Harry for free snapshots..
  3. Rat Catchers Guild

    with the way everyone is going on about Blacksmiths not having a mascot, I wouldn't be surprised if they did a "design a mascot" seminar.. possibly a "design a captain" seminar too, then the would just need to fluff out a few more players for a starter box in season 4-5..
  4. I assumed that would be the case, just wanting to check really.. Btw.... If you truly want to blow your mind... vSpigot, Mash and Harry.. You get to do this for free...
  5. So, unless I've missed something in the rules, it's possible to proc Balls Gone off a counter attack and use the resulting pass to take a snapshot on goal. While I know this requires a lot of set up and a fair bit of luck, I'm wondering what happens next.? Does your opponent kick out the ball and continue his activation as normal or does it end the active players activation as a goal was scored.?
  6. State of the game?

    My biggest problem is that most my local game stores have either closed down or have an obnoxious community that only want to play MTG and / or Games Workshop products and push away players who want to play anything else. Regarding the Xwing vs Guild Ball comparison, I feel they are totally different beasts so it's hard to compare the two.. However when I buy something for Xwing it's because I need to to get specific cards where as when I buy something for Guild Ball it's usually because it's something I just want. I think a better comparison would be Malifaux which while only having seven factions, each faction has access to eight "masters", six of which are cross faction with one of the other factions in game. While I know Malifaux has been around for almost three times as long, I do think this sort of approach would further open up roster flexibility for tournament meta and promote cross faction purchasing. Another option to promote cross faction purchases would be to allow people to pick rosters from either guild or nation lists, although with the way the be team boxes are being packaged, I'm not sure how easy or cost effective it is to put together "Homelands Cup" teams.. Either way, I'm really not worried about the future of the game, especially when you see images of the lines at GenCon to get a Blacksmiths box or take demo games..
  7. So why aren't we performing better?

    If the British Championship is any sign of the changing meta, it looks like "beater" teams are back on the rise and with a stack of 2" melee and Tough Hide I think things will be looking up for Brewers soon..
  8. Season Four Solthecian Player

    Bit late to the party with this one but looking at "Union" box 1 and 2 the players not already in a box are: sBrisket Grace Benny Mist Harry With that in mind I do think there is a high chance we will see a 3rd Union mascot sooner rather than later although as Compound is in two boxes there is nothing to say the box won't have either of the previous mascots. Discussing this in the pub we decided that keeping in theme with the other Union mascots it will possibly have some monetary connection and being of religious theme we were anticipating some sort of collection plate either attached to the mascot or on it's base (perch) Keeping to the bird theme I like the theory of of an owl visually, but as the Solthecian faith uses the sun as an icon and owls are largely nocturnal I don't know if it fits thematically. I can see potentially a smaller bird, either a dove or a hawk (Suntail Hawk for anyone who plays MTG or knows how to google) Other than that, there is always the chance of the first "veteran" mascot, Princess would be entertaining although I feel she is closer to Boiler and Ox after the S3 Brisket changes to remove "Attack Support"... or, there's always vSalt to give them the best mascot striker in the game..
  9. New look for Friday

    definitely had a hair cut..
  10. Iron and Ferrite discussion

    well, that too..
  11. Iron and Ferrite discussion

    well, tbh they just said after Gencon, so I assumed monday.. seems to be a good day for them to do things...
  12. Iron and Ferrite discussion

    Monday apparently
  13. Iron and Ferrite discussion

    I agree, the whole six seem good on paper, but I feel the threat of a huge Iron goal run is something to threaten your opponent in late turns..
  14. New Brewer's Player Starting Ten

    I think everyone has already sang his praises enough, but I'd swap oSpigot for the dog.. I like our (not so) little puppy but the cat is always a threat and I find it hard to leave him on the bench.. Biggest problem now is who to swap out for Lucky..
  15. Iron and Ferrite discussion

    In a vacuum, if Ferrite is captain Iron gets 18" of move under her legendary, 6" of which is a dodge and can score on 2's from within 2" of goal.. It's a two activation play but looks like a viable threat if they can grind their way to 8 points before their opponent..