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  1. Redmaw

    Saving Amber

    There's no stats, just fluff... #saveamber #bringamberhome
  2. That's a good question.. I assume they are hoping that each rookie receives at least one vote per guild..
  3. As far as I understand, this is the case.. So as point #2 was expressing, the guild should register as many games as possible to make sure they get the first draft and then accept the majority vote for the most requested rookie... . . . . . . . . . ...alternately play as Union and vote the player you don't want into another guild first....
  4. Well, it matters in terms of which Rookie they end up with at the end of the draft, but if they win the first draft slot by even one game registered they would get the first draft pick.. This is regardless of whether they split their votes between all ten rookies and the team with the second most games registered all vote for the same rookie...
  5. The guild with the most games played get the first draft, this goes down through the results until every guild has drafted a new rookie. When it is a specific guilds turn to draft, they will obtain the rookie with the most votes / games registered unless this rookie has already been selected, at which point they will work through the team preferences list until they are able to select an unclaimed rookie...
  6. Redmaw

    Free Cities Draft

    He's classed as a striker on the card though, one of the reasons I think bidding on rookies based on their position is a bit pointless.. We have three "Strikers" and they all play completely differently on the table, we'd be much better served making our choice based on fluff or potential rule spoilers hinted at in their blurb.. Also, regarding "Lame", the Butchers seem to be going hard on him to replace Brisket and they will probably get first draft pick... #saveamber / #bringamberhome
  7. Redmaw

    Free Cities Draft

    VSpigs, almost everything on his card says he wants to play out wide with the ball and pull opposing players out of position.. Mash generally needs to waddle down the center of the pitch and Friday can basically play wherever she wants...
  8. Redmaw

    Free Cities Draft

    She's probably third out the five, but there are other guilds I would rather see her in... We have the most Strikers out of any other guild though, even though one is technically a winger, and another is really slow... (awaiting s4 updates)
  9. Redmaw

    The Free Cities Draft

    There are ten rookies in the draft and only seven or eight positions so some would need to be duplicate.
  10. Redmaw

    Free Cities Draft

    Out of the four other "not Amber" rookies revealed, Kami is the only one I'd be mildly interested in.. I do however think she is going to be the most contested draft pick based on the reaction over on Gu.B.S... We still have another group to come next week although I'm expecting them to be mostly defensive, and above all else, none of them are Amber.. #saveamber #bringamberhome
  11. Redmaw

    Free Cities Draft

    Goalkeepers aren't there to completely prevent scoring as that would lead to a negative play experience, they just make it cost more resources whether that be influence, activation or time spent thinking about it on the clock.. Tenderiser, Compound and Pride all have "Rush Keeper" which means you either need to plan your movement to engage them and make the shot more difficult or find an angle the can't be charged at from. vVelocity makes shots more difficult and more directly punishes failed attempts and Skulk is just obnoxious unless you just ignore him and accept the penalties on your shot. You need to remember they aren't designed to prevent super strikers doing what they do, they are designed to reduce the ability of the average player sneaking a goal by being in the right place at the right time. With that in mind, I feel "Cutlass" has thematically been designed with the intention of fitting alongside Corsair, vSakana, Jac and whoever else you fancy to enable the time for a 2/2 or 1/4, it's just upto you to decide whether you want her and can get her before the other guilds do.
  12. Redmaw

    Free Cities Draft

    That may not be a horrible option although I would prefer if they just gave Esters "Moments Inspiration".. Also, you forgot Friday from the gun-line options...
  13. Redmaw

    Free Cities Draft

    First of all, from a fluff perspective she is 100% what the guild needs, I know this has no real impact on the competitive scene but I feel that we are more likely to get a player that can grow into a superstar if she has a story line to follow.. While there is nothing to say the other rookies wouldn't have a "destiny", it's easy to imagine Amber working her way back into the guild, been given some serious life choices to develop her character and ending up leading the guild a few years down the line.. From a rules perspective, I think a more football focused player is more "needed" than another brawler, she is also Female which is still an advantage at the end of s3.. Hardest / most interesting part of this event is that the first three weeks we will be bidding on players without knowing the full impact of changes coming in s4, however as one of the more popular guilds I feel we have slight advantage when it comes to "choosing" our rookie.. Looking at this event from a mechanical perspective, I feel our closest competitors (butchers / fish) for the first draft slot will also be after a brawler player so putting all our eggs in that basket may not be the best idea, and I just don't think we "need" a goalkeeper...
  14. Redmaw

    [spoilers] Season 3 Brewers Fluff

    I hope everyone knows what we need to do... #saveamber #bringamberhome
  15. Redmaw

    Looking to get into Union, but questions

    Regarding resin Solthecians, the first miniature they showed when announcing the "return of resin" was Benny so I'd expect SFG to do something with him sooner rather than later.. I'm curious as to if we will see a four player box containing Grace, Benny, Mist and Harry then another four player box with sBrisket and the remaining "new" Solthecians at a later date..