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  1. Redmaw


    While I don't think it is / was, there is still a chance that it was Spigot working with Piper on request if the "Crimson Order".. It could explain why Tapper was annoyed that Stokers actions gave him a clean escape from the guild house before shit went sideways.. The church appear to have agents in a lot of places currently so I'm curious as to their plants in other guilds..
  2. Redmaw


    It's not even that silly, people regularly burn down their own homes by ignoring candles, never mind throwing a lit one into a dry wooden (potentially straw covered) floor that has absorbed a load of flammable liquids over the years.. I'd say it's almost guaranteed that she started the fire although I'm wondering if they had laced Mash's kutte with something to cause Esters to pass out or if it was just alcohol and rage...
  3. Redmaw

    Godtear - Who is it for?

    I've unfortunately not had as much time to play as I would have liked when throwing my lot into the early access, as such I don't know how accurate or valid my personal opinion is.. I do however agree with the comments provided about how having a low varience in dice rolls can make any game feel a little stagnant.. While having an almost sure plan for success fail on a roll of the dice can be crippling, having the options to bet it all on on a lucky spike and turn around a game gives you those "wow" moments you talk about on the ride home and potentially for months to come. I do also agree that the "playbook" system is one of the best dice / combat systems in tabletop gaming currently and while I understand they didn't just want to port this over, I do feel it helps to control what a character is capable of while allowing for that occasional spark of heroic brilliance.. Either way, I'm throughout looking forward to getting my hands on my Kickstarter bundle and seeing how they tie the core rules into casual / competitive and campaign play..
  4. Redmaw

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    I think one thing we can all agree on, is if that "trap" was as planned as we have been led to believe, it was truly well played by the Hunters and certainly ignited the results reveal...
  5. Redmaw

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    I understand that, but after the first few weeks it just seemed pointless voting for Brewers or even participating in the event at all.. Same thing happened last year with the Masons in the most one sided guild vs guild pairing in the whole UiC event.. What I'm suggesting is if there was a way to incentivise people to vote with you or just prevent everyone "ganging up" on one guild at the start then it would improve the overall participation regardless of which guild people play..
  6. Redmaw

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    There needs to be some incentive to get other players to vote the way you want them to (other than "it'll be funny to screw this guild).. Looking at this year's event, people decided to shaft Brewers, Brewers got shafted and basically gave up (or started registering votes for other guilds).. While I know it would be a lot more logistical work they could have given a code when registering games. You could then give this code to a player in another guild and when redeemed, both players get double points for their chosen guild / rookie.. Likewise, rather than Union just getting the new Greed, they could have said that Union players needed to redeem "X" amount of these codes within the time limit, first to unlock the mini going into production, then to unlock the artwork / sculpt / rules / etc...
  7. Redmaw

    When Do We Get an Order Forum?

    Since this has been "bumped" I will say that Benny is a great and durable battery who also allows out kitteh to buff players without leaving "rush keeper" range..
  8. About 2/3rds of a bottle of whiskey in...
  9. I came to the same conclusion initially but am now thinking one of them may be Crucible based on her appearance.. I always picture the Lamplighters having a steampunk "London Underworld" feel and she certainly fits into that.. You could easily imagine her replacing her censer for an oil lamp in the crossover sculpt..
  10. Redmaw

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    Rather than adding another player to the major guild rosters, why not "vote" to see which Minor gets a promotion to the big leagues... Or, as I know after the UiC event, people prefer knowing every guild gets a thing, do a mascot draft.. 30 animals (that are not already in use) go into an "inspiration pool" and each guild (major and minor) needs to bid for the one they want...
  11. Redmaw


    Doubt it's the Butchers behind the fire, Shank just happened to be shitfaced and in the wrong area (although it would be interesting if he saw the actual culprit).. My list of suspects are : a) The Ratcatchers : although that's way too obvious. b) Esters : in an attempt to remove Tappers seat of power. c) Tapper : to cover up murdering Esters. Either way I don't think our doggo will perish although it would be interesting to write in a section where Flea saves him from the burning pub as foreshadowing to being the Brewers draft..
  12. Redmaw

    Explain Ebb to me

    Ebb wonder if he likes dags..
  13. Redmaw

    Brewers in Season 4

    I mean, I regularly win 2/2 or 3/0 with Tapper, but I do agree that in most cases he has better options than Decimate after her nerf.. I do thing she gets her spot against Alchs, Butchers, Fish, Morts and any future releases with Unpredictable Movement...
  14. Redmaw

    In Need of Season 4 Advice

    Tapper, Mascot, Hooper, Friday , a Spigot, last spot depending on opposing guild and previous drafts. > Stoker against condition heavy teams and when I think the armour will help > Mash against "football" teams, or teams where aditional 2" melee is required > Pisspot if I want to do a lot of burst face damage Mascot position is currently up for debate and may depend on whether I am kicking or receiving, but it's currently more likely to be the dog for the +Tac
  15. Redmaw

    S4 And the Joy of Brewers

    I'm still largely sour about the whole situation.. For the most part the guild was improved, but it was not very exciting (which is probably why there isn't much discussion).. While I've mentioned this before and know most people here will disagree, my main issues are as follows.. Esters : While I know a lot of people were upset with her losing her ranged plays, that is not my main concern.. First of all I still have no idea why they couldn't have placed "Empowered Voice" on the front of her card with an influence cost.. I know as it stands now she can use both abilities in the same activation bi tit just seems a little dull.. Secondly, I really don't like the playstyle she brings.. I know you can do some fun stuff with multiple strikers, but for the most part I've seen most players running lists with three (four) resilience models that stand within 4" of each other and prevent access to the ball.. I understand "control" and "denial" is a feature of games, it's just a bit shit and feel it's going to lead to a nerf to Mash and Pisspot down the line.. Decimate : Yes, she was strong, she probably needed to be balanced, but honestly I think this was a step to far... The speed reduction makes sense to fit in with the rest of the guild and toning down her playbook was probably required, how ever I think making her tac 5 with a five long book has killed her.. For the most part she can still shove players around and generate momentum, but I can't see a reason to play her now over most of the other 2" melee options.. It just seems like they gave us a new toy which caused the community to hate us, then took it away for a laugh.. As stated, I think on average the guild has been improved (although to a lesser extent of most the other guilds), I just can't see me putting them on the table till the next errata pass and I certainly don't want to play against "fat camp"...