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  1. S4 arrives october 12th

    Why not release them arbitrarily to LGS in tournament packs gradually over the next three years between season 4 and 5.?
  2. Season 4

    While I don't think oSpigot requires a nerf, I would probably accept that exchange.. Maybe throw Tooled Up onto Pisspot though as Hooper generally needs all the influence he can carry..
  3. S4 arrives october 12th

    It was asked during the key note Q&A but they wouldn't give any specific details.. There was a vague mention of "simplification" to the wording used on the cards which makes me assume there will be a full card pack update as per s3..
  4. S4 arrives october 12th

    Yes, although I did go down to v3 and paint him before the event.. My LE one is still probably in transit..
  5. #saveamber

    Potential leaked spoiler which may or may not have something to do with the Steamcon event.. #saveamber
  6. S4 arrives october 12th

    yeah, I am well aware that it's a sensible business decision and am largely exited that there are less than 5 months till whatever changes are coming.. It doesn't change the fact I still feel I'm going to miss out on the "new shiny" hype.. I'm sure I'll get over it though (especially since I get my lion tomorrow)...
  7. S4 arrives october 12th

    Okay, let me attempt to explain this another way.. The Season 2 book release at Salute, I pre ordered it, made sure I was near the front of the line and then rushed to pick up my order so I could read through the rules with a coffee before venturing around the rest of the event.. The Season 3 card updates at the first Steamcon was great as everyone got to open their new boxes of cards and gathered in huddles discussing all the new player changes and potential combos.. The S3 book release was "spoiled" a little as most of the Farmers had already been seen at that point and a couple of people got their books delivered the day before and posted stuff all over Facebook.. Last years Steamcon didn't have many "big reveals" other than a couple of Blacksmiths cards and although the Rookie League was fun and all the panels were great, it didn't seem as hype as previous events.. Now with a whole season worth of updated cards and potential new players being revealed in one book I'm not going to be in the correct country for it, I can't even fly over to experience it first hand due to work related things I can't mention because I'm heavily under NDA (if you like pc/console gaming, watch E3) I know the guys at SFG will work their arse off to make the UK Steamcon a blast, I am well aware that I am acting a little selfish regarding my opinion of this but I can't help but feel like a child who has woken up on Christmas day to find his parents already build his Lego castles and set it our for him under the tree.. Yes, it can be rebuilt after the fact and the experience should be just as good, however it just won't be the same..
  8. S4 arrives october 12th

    There is no point discussing or arguing this as you guys are getting "the thing" so you are obviously happy about the result, at the same time I can't help but feel like the players in Europe (and elsewhere) are getting overlooked.. I know there would be people missing out on the live reveal regardless of which country this is in, you just need to think of the poor Auzzies, they live in the future and won't even get these reveals till a day late.. It should be available to everyone regardless of their location of the Steamcon location, like even the players in the US should be able to pre order the book for delivery on the day of the reveal as I'm assuming ever US player can't attend the US Steamcon..
  9. S4 arrives october 12th

    It's not about an "us vs them mentality", It's the fact most if not all of us have been waiting for the s4 book for well over a year now and to be told we are getting the hype 2nd hand over the internet seems like a bit of a kick in the balls... End of the day I'll get over it and as I've stated, it does mean we get to look at new things a month or so early, I'm just hoping they do a pre order which allows people to get the book in hand on the weekend of US:SC to join in the fun rather than a few weeks down the line..
  10. S4 arrives october 12th

    I'm sure the guys at SFG have something planned for the UK even if it's primarily just Godtear stuff.. Hopefully SC:US will be all the updated / reworked players and SC:UK will be the upcoming releases for early 2k19 I'd just like to be able to get the book and cards on or around the day it's released or the US:SC weekend is going to be a lot of sitting squinting at tiny print on facebook pictures..
  11. S4 arrives october 12th

    As its incredibly unlikely I will be participating in the world finals, I'm basically paying to go to an event where most of the "big" announcments will already have been made.. While I am still looking forward to the panels to hear about design decisions and teases for future fluff, it just kinda takes the shine off things.. I guess I was expecting US to get the major teases and then UK to get the big release party and while it technically means as a global community we get things a month earlier than expected, I am hoping we at least get to pre order the books, card sets, etc to be received that weekend..
  12. S4 arrives october 12th

    As someone who is due to be attending SC:UK, I'm a little disgruntled that a UK based company will be rolling out probably the biggest and most anticipated update to the game overseas.. Other than that, while I find the meta shift pre "world finals" to be an interest choice, it won't directly affect me and it is a good way to boost interest to the casual market with a massive stream event in celebration..
  13. In my day...!

    ..and they had their own record label, although that came after the WFB / Dark Millennium phase..
  14. In my day...!

    ..back in my day, painting miniatures was part of the hobby... now apparently it's elitist and exclusionary....
  15. The Faithful - New Beginnings

    I understand it would be largely impossible to balance a competitive game which directly follows the fluff in terms of which players are chronologically able to play against who.. I was meaning more the fact you are theoretically entering a tournament with a team that's led by "captain x" with the exception of that couple of matchups when you don't trust the abilities of your main captain and shuffle in "captain y".. I don't know, that just seems weird to me..