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  1. mirparx

    How do I play against Morticians?

    That's clever. I've played against morticians too yesterday ( my second game, we stopped on a result of 5-4 for morticians as it was really late ) and I've suffered a lot the puppet master play to get my ball. having it on the mascot with another member in melee zone make it much less effective. Regarding "Stand players in o/vkats melee zone so they get kd'd by parting blows if obulus puppetmasters them. " you mean if obulus use puppetmaster to make them exiting from the melee zones, right? I've never tried smoke so far, will be my next experiment I think. Anyway also Midas with all his mobility can create issues to morticians. Obviously, in that case, you are more trying to score than to bash...
  2. mirparx

    My first real game yesterday :)

    wow, that's true! that's an interesting option
  3. Hello, I've got my real first game yesterday. I did a demo (3vs 3 ) a couple of years ago ( still season 1 ) then GB disappeared from my area. Now it seems to start reappearing, and I did a demo (3 vs 3 ) last month and finally a real match (6 vs 6 ) yesterday against brewers. I was playing the 6 season1 players ( still have to mount season 2) so Midas, flask, mercury, Vitriol, oKatalyst and Calculus). If I'm not wrong my opponent was fielding Esters, Scum, Mash,Spigot, Stoker, PintPot It was a very nice game. We stopped, as it was too late , when on a 5-5 he failed a snap shot, ball to Midas that with his incredible 20" goal threat scores the 9-5. Thinking to yesterday's game I have some noob questions for you : - does Kicking with Seismic Kick require 2 inf ( 1 for the play, 1 for the kick?) - as lure of gold allow a jog, if the target is engaged will get a free hit if moving out of enemy engagement zone? - Clone will end at end of turn... so it is usually good to have Vitriol activating at the beginning of the turn? - Is gluttonous mass for Esters ignoring every result of an attack, also a T? and in case of an AOE play ( like Fire Blast ) does she ignore everything but the AOE is placed, or not even placed? Sorry for all these questions Mirko
  4. mirparx

    Question about Venin

    On page 28 of the PDF rules : Bonuses and penalties from different named sources are cumulative. Bonuses and penalties from the same named sources are not cumulative. So, you can use melting body for a +1 armour, but if you use it multiple time the bonus does not increment.
  5. mirparx

    New Alchemist here

    Ok, so I understood it correctly... It makes these play really cool!
  6. mirparx

    New Alchemist here

    Yes, that's the one I watched today!! Really impressive how alk the conditions has maked the butcher unable to do anything!! Expecially heavy burden, it is really great! Bit also pushing opponent so to put hin in an aurea and get conditions. Really lot of inspiration. Just one question : are effects of blind and heavy burden considerevole conditions? I mean : can the opponent pay 1 momentum tonremove these effects? Sorry for newbie questions... In the meantime, I'm getting ready!!!
  7. mirparx

    New Alchemist here

    Thanks you all. I've looked to some reports in YouTube and I cannot wait to field my team!
  8. mirparx

    Greetings from Italy

    hey, where are you from? I also live near Florence!!
  9. mirparx

    New Alchemist here

    Hi, I've just bought my first alchemists team. Actually I own Midas, Flask, Calculus, Katalyst, Mercury and Vitriol.... well, just because this was what I've found at LGS I choose Alchemists because I like the models, and I wanted a team that was not 100% fucused on take-out nor on scoring... Now I need to play the game and to better understand Alchemists strategy.... As a new player I would also suggest a sort of sticky, if possible, with a collection of guides/resources about the alchemists in the meantime, you you have any video / guide for me to read ... Thanks a lot Mirparx
  10. Hi, my name is Mirko and I live in Italy. I saw a GB demo a couple of tables far for me, while playing Warmachine at Local Game Store. It captured my attention, so i started getting information about the game adn... I felt in love!!! I've just got my Alchemist team at LGS and now waitign to start playing!