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  1. Grimbald

    V-Katalyst in Season 4 ?

    I have the odd feeling that vKat is intended to take out a modell in a single turn, farming two momentum (for the cost of 1 momentum), win the initiativ next round and run away... Dont know.. To be fair, Alchmist can deal a lot of damage in S4 (Smoke can do insane ammount of damage and Venin hits harder then ever) but vKat dosent fit in. I did a few games with him now and he never ever did something useful, except for my opponnent that could farm some momentum on him. So at least I am not the only one, struggeling with him.
  2. Grimbald

    V-Katalyst in Season 4 ?

    Hi all, after a few games with my Alchimist Season 4 I have to admit that the Alchimists are dealing out more dammage than I thought. Taking out 3 enemy models in turn number three only with smoke is amazing. But I didnt get V-Katalyst in Season 4 is there any reason to take him instead of O-Katalyst ? I find him significant weaker than O-Katalyst, allowing my opponing to farm Momentum. Have I missed something out on V-Katalyst ?
  3. Hi all, coming from a Warmachine enviroment I am a Little bit uncertain of how many attacks a model can get during its activation. i. e. I gave 4 influence to a model. The model pays 2 influence for a charge. Is it possible for this model to buy two other attacks with the remaining influence doing three attacks in total during its activation ? Thanks for reading !
  4. Hi all, when using 2 MP for a snapshot must I also spend 1 influence, because it is a kick action ? Thanks !!
  5. Hello from Hamburg.... I play Hordes/Eden and now Guildball (Alchimists). Great Game and I hope that there will be more players soon !
  6. Hi all, another question from my side. Midas puts up clone and got charge. Does clone stack with unpredictable movement ? Meaning Midas dodges 2 inch because of unpredictable movement and another 2 inches because auf clone, meaning he dodges 4 inch in toal ? Thanks for answering my question !
  7. Hi all, i need an clarification regarding the Clone abillity. Clone reads that it is triggered by an enemy attack or charakter play. My question is the following: Midas puts clone up and got charged. a .The charge count as an attack, so my opponnent charges Midas and Midas makes a dodge move so my opponnents charge is wasted (if Midas moves out of the melee zone) or b. my opponnent throws all of his TAC dices (including bonus dice) and Midas ingores one dice that has hit, makes his dodge move and suffers the remaning hits ? Hope I could make it clear, my assumption would be a. is correct, but I want to be sure... Thanks !
  8. Grimbald

    First game and 4 questions

    Okay ! Thanks !!!
  9. Hi all, today I had my first game against the Brewers and got beaten up realy bad... What a fun ;-) During the first game a few questiosn came up that we couldnt answer rigtht awy by skimming through the rulebook. 1. When throwing around templates (e.g. Mercurys Fire Blast) do I need to target a enemy model or can I just place the template on the playing field without targeting an enemy model ? 2. Can the stats of a model reduced to 0 (e.g. throwing Heavy Burden and Blind on an enemy reducing his movement to 0 for one turn) ? 3.Can I charge a model that is ín a smoke cloud or is it not possible to draw a LOS to such a model ? 4. What does a smoke cloud do exactly ? Thanks for tjhe answers !
  10. Now I got it !! Just to be sure.. what happend when I score 8 hits and use the playbook from the example above ? Coloum 8 is greyed out. Will the last hit be ignored or do I start from the first coloum again ? Thanks !!!
  11. Hello, first of all I would like to apologize if my question sounds a little bit stupid. I ve been through the rulebook and I must admit that I didnt get it how to allocate dammage from an attack and how to use the playbook. Maybe it is because of some language issues from my side, because English is not my native language. So, how do I use the playbook, after a successfull attack ? Thanks !