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  1. Mystery box!

    Two mystery boxes came today: Hunters x 8 x 2 Brewers x 6 Masons x 6 Dice: Hunters, Union, Engineers, Masons Limited: Young Theron x 2 Pins: Chibi Obulus and GB symbol Big League Campaign Deck x 2 Season 3 Plot Cards x 2 Chibi cards for Hunters, Masons, and Brewers My only mild disappointment was with the double Young Theron, but overall I am very happy.
  2. Mystery box!

    Something tells me you're almost guaranteed to get 50% of what you want! :-P
  3. Mystery box!

    I can confirm that two people on Facebook reported getting hunters and farmers and attached pictures. I can't verify their claims, but I don't have any reason to think that they are lying.
  4. Mystery box!

    Mine was shipped using Parcelforce
  5. Mystery box!

    What did you get with your Brewers? Hunters?
  6. Mystery box!

    According to his Facebook page, he is from Texas. I wonder how much of what you get has to do with shipping location. I also assumed all of these were coming from the UK and am surprised that someone from Texas has their's already.
  7. Mystery box!

    Well if that's true for everyone, it's going to make Mallet and Jaecar annoying to find...
  8. Mystery box!

    Also would anyone mind confirming the exact models that they received? From the pictures I can tell that most received: Masons: Hammer, Wrecker, Brick, Flint? (from card) Hunters: Theron, Fahad, oHearne, Egret, Zarola, Chaska? (from card)
  9. Mystery box!

    I wonder if there is a difference between the initial stock boxes and the restock boxes. I'm also surprised that nobody has reported getting Brewers yet. My assumption was that these boxes would contain Hunters, Masons, and Brewers. I have two boxes coming and will be very happy if I get Easter Fangtooth and LE Mist, though . . .
  10. Mystery box!

    They are back in stock and Paypal credit is an option. Just a heads-up!
  11. New Hunters info in SFG blog

    Completely agree. He's an animal that carries knives . . . but is only interested in kicking a soccer ball?
  12. Just wanted to say that I absolutely love these videos and this format! Fast-forwarded gameplay video with edited commentary is so much better than 1.5 hour full-game videos with no commentary. I also really like that you are willing to mention your own mistakes and what you think you should have done differently. Keep up the good work!
  13. Lead, Dice and Beers blog

    Great work and thanks so much for these posts! They are especially great for work where I can read them quickly without bringing too much attention to my nerd reading!
  14. Second wave - mascot +

    As someone who is terrified of Cosset or Mist breaking in various ways if I look at them wrong, these sculpts are very exciting to me. Also, they look like a bunch of stoic/laid back farmers! Can't say I've ever met a farmer in real life that was striking an "action pose."
  15. GBKeeper 1.3

    I feel bad for my Android friends that can't use it. It's the best!