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  1. Biff'd

    Limited Edition Model List

    Updated in time for Black Friday 2018 sales. Might be missing some balls.
  2. Biff'd

    Osl Ratcatchers

    Nice spray booth! I have the same one!
  3. Biff'd

    Mold lines - the silent (hobby) killer

    Welcome! My main tip is to have some kind of toothbrush handy. I find that PVC tends to leave extra little soft bits or "pills" that can be a pain to clean out of gaps. When you're done cleaning, give the model a light scrub with the toothbrush. You have to be careful because the soft PVC bits (like staves or weapon tips) can bend or even tear if you scrub too hard. Overall, PVC is a pain to clean compared to HIPS, but you do get used to it eventually.
  4. Biff'd

    SF Email: Announcing the End of Metals

    Wow these sculpts look great! Hopefully the price point is right, and hopefully they offer the much-requested two-player minor guild pack. If this is what we get instead of PVC guilds, color me excited!
  5. Biff'd

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    That's easily the best tartan guide I've ever seen, and maybe the best tartan I've ever seen. well done!
  6. Biff'd

    Ratcatchers Starting Six Thoughts

    I highly recommend dusting them with white or some other color after priming ("zenithal priming" if you want the fancy term). Mine had a significant amount of mold lines that I only saw after doing this. Overall, though, the mold lines are very manageable, and only having six models to clean makes that more bearable.
  7. Biff'd

    Model distribution needs to change

    Good thoughts - I think getting these concerns posted for SFG to see in writing is important. I don't want to sound like I'm making excuses for SFG, as I think this policy is decidedly anti-consumer, but I understand why they would do it this way in an effort to support FLGS's and ultimately the game. Any normal FLGS can only realistically support so many product lines, and reducing multiple individual blisters to one box makes ordering and inventory management much easier for the FLGS. It also ensures that they don't have "dead product" sitting on the shelves, i.e. blisters that nobody wants to buy. As any retail store pays up-front for product in their store, anything on a shelf that isn't selling is costing the FLGS money. Run into this problem with one game enough, and you'll simply stop carrying it altogether. There is also the added bonus to SFG and the game that if you're forced to buy models for guilds you don't want right now, you may ultimately end up picking up the guild because you already have that one model you want to try out. At the end of day, SFG will probably only stop doing it this way if people stop buying these boxes.
  8. As Selfy noted, you get 12 of the top token, so one would assume they meant it for disease. If this is all an elaborate ruse to get me to buy the Muse on Minis tokens, it's working...
  9. Does anyone else think that the new condition tokens that come in the Ratcatcher box are confusing? I have attached a photo with the official guild ball condition tokens next to the new Ratcatcher tokens. From top-to-bottom they are: Disease tokens - Ratcatcher box Poison - official condition token Poison - Ratcatcher box Bleed - official condition token Bleed - Ratcatcher box The symbols for poison and disease are the same, and new poison and bleed are the same. I don't understand why they would recycle the poison symbol and turn it into the disease symbol as this is just going to lead to confusion. And if I were red-green colorblind, I could imagine it being a real problem to distinguish new poison/old bleed.
  10. Biff'd

    Guild Ball miniatures catalogue

    There is no defined amount of time that LE figs are available through the webstore. "A couple of weeks" is a good barometer, but no guarantee. And if they are really popular, they might sell out (but none of the "holiday themed" sculpts have ever sold out). SFG then sometimes makes them available again through sales through the website or at conventions, like SteamCon or GenCon. Availability is never guaranteed, though, and changes over the years. Earlier exclusives, like the Kickstarter sculpts, haven't been made available for sale by SFG since Black Friday 2016 (I think). Online retailers could order the LE models for themselves, but I don't think they are available through distributors, so therefore they wouldn't be making an immediate profit. They would only make a profit if they marked up the MSRP. For example, when he was hard to find, there was a LE Tater available at my FLGS for $30 (retailed for $12 I believe). Therefore, I have never seen an online retailer carry LE models, but they show up as second hand from other players via the normal sites. All other sculpts for all figures should be available by SFG in new 6 man boxes, but you pointed out that SBrisket is the exception to that rule (and only exception iirc). As Redtiger7 mentioned, popular belief is that she is going to be available in the Solthecian Minor guild box.
  11. Biff'd

    Guild Ball miniatures catalogue

    I created a limited edition model list a while ago, and it should be up-to-date: It doesn't contain pictures, but should make googling easier. Anything not on the list will be the models available in the SFG webstore.
  12. Biff'd

    PVC Fishers and Butchers

    This is my problem as well. They are putting all of the risk and burden on their existing player base, and not offering enough incentive to back the projects. They should have only launched one guild and offered at least one exclusive model, even if they charged full retail price for the team. Exclusive model > discount, especially when the "discount" is only to down to the price point we are already used to paying for. It also doesn't help that neither Fish or Butchers have announced minor guilds yet, so existing players don't have an obvious reason to buy them. Oh, well. At least we'll get all new releases in PVC going forward.
  13. Edit: didn't realize this was talking about the closing ceremony and not the keynote
  14. Biff'd

    Limited Edition Model List

    Good catch! I'll add the balls in. I thought about adding them originally but wasn't sure if anybody cared (and didn't realize there were so many). Trying to figure out what I wanted from the current sale is why I wanted to come up with the list in the first place haha. Getting the Kickstarter sculpts back on the market seems like a pipe-dream, but I think that's what I'm hoping for.
  15. Biff'd

    Limited Edition Model List

    Good distinctions! Have we had confirmation that the metal con Skulk is the same as the retail release Skulk? My assumption with all minor guilds is that they are going to be 6-man plastic boxes.