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  1. Sidious Mike

    A Goalkeeper and peoples views

    I personally think a good Fish Goalkeeper-ish player wouldn't necessarily have any actual goal keeping abilities, like increasing TN, but if he had something along the lines of "If this model intercepts a pass/loose ball he can immediately make a free pass." Something to incentivise possibly keeping him near the goal or also to try and intercept passes/kicks.
  2. Sidious Mike

    Shark Team - Coming back from missing 2 goals?

    Don't forget with Jac on the pitch you can always go for the 'Ring out' by pushing people off the edges (combine with Siren to lure players that have already activated). Also getting a player all the way up to basing/1" of the goal if possible never hurts, Tap In is great and if you miss there's a chance to recover the ball with the kicker.
  3. Sidious Mike

    Why the Angel hate?

    I've played S3 Angel and am a big fan. She's fast, tough to hit and an amazing kicker. I tend to try to fire off the Salt Rocket first turn for a goal, with Shark and Angel threatening opposite wings. Makes it very hard to keep the ball away from the two of them. I agree that she can't retrieve the ball at distance like siren or greyscales but a momentous tackle on 1 is great for the team. She can recover the ball and shoot with supershot while still being fairly safe from retribution with her high def.
  4. If they're in the new plastics I would happily go for around $60 AUD for a 6 man team with all the trimmings (tokens etc). If its an 8/9 man tournament ready team then bump it up around the $80 mark and I would still be interested. Personally I would be intrigued if each team came with a thematic half a pitch that you could put together with your opponents half. It would make for some crazy looking tables. If they can print the other side to make it a normal grass looking pitch for the people who don't want to go that route that'd be even better.
  5. Sidious Mike

    Why do you play?

    I started with 40k but like most people here have already said, most of the time the game ended up with one player sitting around till they had to roll some armour saves (doubly so with apocalypse games where a turn could take over an hour). Switched to Warmahordes and really enjoyed that as the turns usually went down to the 15-20 minute mark at most. Played a lot of Bloodbowl as well and also loved that but still the same problem with the non-active player usually just waiting to roll a couple of dice and no other input. Tried this post kickstarter (really wish I had gone in on that one) with a couple of other ex-40k/WMH players and we all loved it. At no point do you ever just sit there waiting for your chance to actually do something. Someone charges and you're thinking, counter attack? defensive stance? how does this affect my plans? I feel like this is a great game with good looking models that do not require an enormous investment in time to get a fully painted team that looks good (unlike 40k/WMH), dynamic play, well thought out rules and a team that seems to care about their errata's. Unlike some companies their response to a character that is bending the meta (I don't think we've had anyone who would classify as breaking the game), he/she gets tweaked until he/she is more in line with the others. They don't just remove them from the next rule book and introduce a new model that you now have to buy or nerf them so hard that they are now unplayable. I love the game and I feel the Steamforged team loves the game just as much as their fans which is the way it should be. Plus the amount of free support like rule books and cards really helps, I never feel like I've just been mugged when a new season hits. Please don't think I'm bashing on WMH and 40k/BBowl, I still enjoy those games and I have painted up a large amount of my various armies, but while I like them, this is a game I love.
  6. Sidious Mike

    Fishermen playstyles?

    As Napoleon said, Shark is generally a 3 goals 0 takeouts kind of Captain, which doesn't mean other players can't contribute to get into 2 goal 2 takeout kind of territory though this is uncommon in my experience. Corsair on the other hand can be build around damage and taking players out or tying them up for the goal scorers to act and can usually finish a 2 goal 2 takeout kind of game. I have however managed the exceedingly rare 0 goal 6 takeouts with him (and Jac shoving people off the pitch). Remember that the second any part of a players base is forced off the pitch they're 'Taken out' for the victory points.
  7. Really glad to hear what sounds like a very enjoyable game of Fish doing what Fish do best. Scoring and being hard to pin down. Any dice game is going to involve a little luck but it sounds like you planned ahead well to have players ready to recover the ball after goals and kick in's. I'm a big fan of Greyscales as well, with decoy, unpredictable and where'd they go he is a real pain for the opposition.
  8. Sidious Mike

    Advice on a Corsair line up?

    He can drag anyone within range as an automatic hit. I have used him and Kraken to good effect in the middle of the pitch to knock down a player, hit them to trigger a playbook drag on a high def model, then knock them down. Proceed to kick while down. I had good results with running him with Kraken or Fangtooth (foul odor makes it hard to get out of drag range once you stand up again). I would then have Sakana, Greyscales and Jac running the wings trying to mop up the ball. I played with Salt on the wing with Jac as ball retrieval/goal threat but I have heard other players run Corsair with Tentacles providing gang bonus with his 2" melee in the scrum in the middle. Also keep an eye out for the Plot card that gives character plays a +2" range if you haven't moved yet, can make for an unexpected harpoon on a "safe" model.
  9. Sidious Mike

    Salt in S3 and your take on changes

    Well as I discovered in my recent game, that while it requires a significant time and influence investment for first turn to shoot him across the board, with the new mascot rules you're only risking 1vp to try for a first turn shot. I was wondering more if other guilds have tried this with any success? Dirge comes to mind, a 10" sprint with flying and a bonus time he seems primed for a goal scorer, dodge forward on the receiving to make it an 18" threat. Scum? Fahad? Naja? A lot of those mascots have an 8" sprint which can mean if you get a pass n' move before activating they're a 16" goal threat that only risks 1vp if they fail. Probably not a first turn threat like Salt is but still, often your striker is left standing all alone behind enemy lines and is primed for getting taken out, this way it's not such a burden as you're only 1vp down and you no longer lose an activation for losing a mascot.
  10. 75% chance of success is still pretty good. If it's a game winning shot I would take it. This is why fishermen have a lot of dodges and a lot of 2" melee, so that you can free up engaged players. Also with 'Tap in' if you can get to within 4" its now a 3+ to score which is always worth remembering. A 3 dice shot on goal is 87.5% chance to score, a 2 dice 3+ is 88.9% so running into a melee range to get within 4" of goal actually improves your chances
  11. I feel like with a Shark fishermen team the goal is always to spread out as far as possible. When you're clumped up it's too easy for bashy teams to take out multiple players. If you're going for a full goal kicking team with the lineup you've listed I would aim to deploy Kraken and tentacles to hold the middle of the table with 2" melee and knockdown/drags. I would then aim to keep Shark and one other player on one side with the other two holding the other wing e.g. Shark and Greyscales on one side with Siren and Sakana to the other. That way when one player goes forward to score the other is further back to attempt to retrieve the goal kick. Siren's seduced is also very valuable for getting the ball back from the other team. Tentacles has a 1st column momentous tackle, Shark, Sakana and Greyscales have a non-momentous on 2nd column and Greyscales also has 'Balls Gone' so they are good at retrieving the ball and with 2" melee can take the ball from 1" melee characters with no counter attack. Also make use of your momentous teamwork actions when you pass to make 4" dodges as it can help keep your players out of charge range of other players. Often at the end of a turn my fishermen are ending with only 1 or 2 momentum on the board, if your opponent looks like they're going to win initiative, let them and use what you have to heal and dodge as much as possible. That's the best sort of general advice I can think of, I hope it helps. Oh, also with Sharks Legendary. I usually end up dropping it at the start of the 2nd turn to hamstring as many opposing players as I can and try very hard to pick up at least 1 (preferably 2) goals that turn while the other team is stuck with very low movement. Either way you will usually want to drop it early in a turn so that it has the most effect on the other team. 1) is this good fish team combos? if so Jac/Siren and Jac/Salt are two favorites of mine. Siren to lure players to the wings so Jac can knock them out or using Jac's get over here Salt (7" dodge that isn't directly towards, just towards) which can rocket salt 20" if he uses where'd they go and sprints. 2) As above, always trying to kick with one player while there are a couple of others further back to recover the ball. If you can get within "Tap in" range to get the TN to 3+ all the better. 3) Score as early as possible (end of turn 1 if you can) to start getting goal influence. If Shark is in a position to recover the ball, score and legendary he will get a full 6 from me but otherwise my main strikers tend to get 3-ish, enough to sprint, maybe hit once if they need momentum and then one to shoot. 4) If I am kicking the ball to my opponent I will often use Siren as she can get quite far up and drop the ball as close to her as possible to threaten seduced and force the opponent to pass backwards or I am in position to recover. Same goes for Shark with his low tackle, many dodges and tidal surge enabling him to go very far and recover the ball.
  12. Sidious Mike

    Salt a legitimate goal threat?

    Tried my first Season 3 game today with Fishermen vs Brewers. I took Shark, Salt, Angel, Greyscales, Jac and Sakana. My Opponent took Esters, Scum (Quaff had yet to arrive), Mash, Vet Spigot, Friday and Stoker. I won the roll and elected to receive as I was curious to see if Salt was the legitimate first turn goal threat he seemed to be on paper and boy did he deliver. With a combination of Jac using 'Get over here', Sharks 'Tidal surge' and a 'Where'd they go?' (not needing the pass and move) Salt managed to rocket behind enemy lines to score on my last activation. Talking it over with my opponent afterwards he thought it was a viable strategy, with 2 dice needing a 3+ to score he's quite reliable for that first goal plus if he misses and gets killed I've only given up 1vp. He instead used 'Run the length' to sit himself behind the goal and moderately safe from reprisals (he did get thoroughly walloped the next turn). With the majority of my team around the halfway line at the start of the second turn Shark was in a prime location thanks to an unfortunate kick scatter to recover the ball and score again at the top of turn two, dropping his legendary to slow the other team down. A minor scuffle ensued to try and recover the ball with Vet Spigot making a play on the wings, unfortunately Mash in his eagerness to generate momentum and getting caught up in the joy of yelling "HOWZAT!?!" knocked Jac clear of combat in range to clear the knocked down condition and charge Spigot to tackle the ball and kick to space. Spigot still recovered the ball and sent it to Esters who wound up and kicked a goal for the Brewers. I fed it to Sakana who headed for a relatively empty wing just in time for Salt to give up the ghost at the end of the turn. Now my opponent had the awkward choice as he won initiative. Give me 1 momentum with Sakana in range to smoke, sprint and shoot at goal? or to let me go first when it was possible he could charge Stoker to generate and then still shoot? In the end he elected to go first and Friday just managed a charge and a tackle (countered with a tackle) and then again to recover the ball and kick close enough to Mash for him to snap the ball, my plot card came into effect here forcing a re-roll of the kick scatter to drop it just outside snap to range in between Mash and Spigot. Greyscales attempted to recover from between Mash and Spigots melee zones before 'Where'd they go?'-ing and punching Mash to get himself close enough to Shark to hazard a snapshot for the game. In the end it was a fantastic game with a great opponent which led me to believe that Salt might not be the much maligned mascot he used to be and may now have a legitimate roster slot in a goal focused Fishermen team. I was very happy with the changes to Angel as well being able to Nimble herself for DEF 6 without worrying about Salts positionShe is now a more able striker and tactical advice not tethering her to Shark either I feel she can go wherever she feels the need to, without feeling as though I am missing out. Shark used to be (and still is) a good end of turn 1 goal threat but the downside was you often ended up losing your captain and giving up 2vp, now I feel like Salt is just as viable but with much less risk and if anything, even more range than Shark had. According to some probabilities I found online (so possibly not correct) the odds of a 4+ on 4d6 is 93.75% while the odds of a 3+ on 2d6 is 88.89% which means he is only 5% less likely to score than Shark. I'm interested to hear if anyone else has success or otherwise with Salt under the new Mascot rules. I am cautiously optimistic for the little guy.
  13. Whoops, posted my fishermen bat-rep in here instead of the Fish forum. Basically in first game in S3 and we managed to hit most of the new rules. Tap in, Mascots, winning initiative and making the hard choice over momentum. Salt shone in his new role and I found the changes to Angel made her feel more of an independent character not tethered to Shark or Salt. I'm interested to hear other peoples takes on S3 after a game or two, good or bad. So far I like what I have seen. Reading about the changes on paper and seeing them in action really made a difference.
  14. Sidious Mike

    Painting advice

    I actually use baking paper with a very lightly dampened sponge cloth instead of the paper towel. It's like a large flat square sponge that's only about 3mm thick. Works a treat. I'm in Australia so I don't know if this parchment paper is the same as what we would call baking paper but it seems to be pretty close. Pop the lid on and store it in the fridge and I can normally get at least a couple of days out of my paint, also works well for mixing up your own custom colours.
  15. Sidious Mike

    Double Dodge Episode 9 - The Quickening

    I was running a few eps behind and just now caught up on the last few casts. Great listening as always, keep up the good work as it is very much appreciated.