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  1. Edit: So seems that they are coming in resin sometime in the near-ish future. With the order coming later as they were recently released in metal. So is the order basically going to be a minor team then? With 8 players being the faithful of solethicus and fangtooth/spigot making their 8 players? In that case, wll the exiles or faithful sets ever come out in resin? Ok, so Im just getting back into Guild Ball since season 1, now that minis are coming out in plastic/resin (I dropped 12 commision painted metal minis (butchers and union) down stairs and they exploded and I kind of just died on the inside). However, upon catching up on the lore, it seems that basically everyone on the team is either dead, playing for someone else, or part of the church. My question, though it might not be answerable currently, is will the union be available as resin as well? Will models like blackheart, snakeskin etc be coming to resin or are they written out basically? I like the union player alot, but hate dealing with metal. But if thats the only way of getting them, i guess i gotta you know? Ad would rather not wait too long to find out and then find out theyre out of print or something. Cheers Taylor
  2. cowbell


    Anyone watch the video ALL the way to the end? to get the last spoiler?
  3. cowbell


    I also live in Canada, and recieved my package 6 business days after ordering (ordered on a Friday, got it the Monday). Do not live in Toronto though, I'm in Calgary.
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    laughed at the veteran scum
  5. cowbell

    Canadian Championship

    Just making sure I read that right, November 2017? That seems quite the long way off haha. I'm hoping to attend... but right now all my pieces are somewhere in the UK getting painted so I have no idea if Ill have an army in time or not.
  6. cowbell

    Sask GB Tourney Kick Off

    I'm in Calgary currently, but visit Saskatoon regularly, I might have so swing by if I can make it work with work, so I'd love some details!
  7. Hi all, new player looking to get into the game in Calgary. Few questions though. Would you recommend getting the templates and stuff for each guild, or just start off with getting 6 minis and eventually working your way up? Ive been hearing/reading about season 1/2 and wondering if their is differences? Are the season one things going to be stopped manufactured so should I get them now? Or is everything likely to remain available for the foreseeable future? Finally, for someone looking to get enough stuff for 2 people to get started, what would you recommend me picking up for the first few sessions? Just two starter packs for two different guilds? Thanks in advance! Taylor Kowbel (cowbell)