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  1. Correctly answered. Dodges and Pushes count as movement, but a 0" Dodge or Push is not movement and will not trigger a trap.
  2. Had to hop into the time machine for this one.... Cheers
  3. You are correct on both counts. Cheers
  4. TimW

    Drag vs burning spirit

    This is correct. Sorry, missing1leg's answer must have been still in limbo when I replied; only your reply was visible at the time.
  5. TimW

    Drag vs burning spirit

    Correctly answered.
  6. TimW

    Defensive Stance with <2 def

    The ruling linked above is correct You calculate all modifiers before determining the dice pool. So in the quoted situation, the [-1] DEF from Screeching Banshee is cancelled out by the [+1] DEF from Defensive Stance, so no additional die.
  7. Not sure if I understand what you are asking here. As per the wording of Molotov, models hit by the [TN] test roll when the character play is made gain the Burning condition. Additionally, models that enter the AOE (i.e. move into contact with the AOE template having begun outside of the template) gain the Burning condition. Finally, a model that ends its activation within the AOE template gains the Burning condition. So if Minx was outside of the AOE and made a Back to the Shadows dodge that contacted the AOE at any point, she would gain the Burning condition. However, if Minx was already within the AOE (for example, Harry the Hat caught her in the Molotov AOE but failed to hit the [TN] test) and was able to Dodge completely out of the AOE she would not gain Burning. This is because she neither entered the AOE (she was already in it), nor ended her activation within (she had dodged out). Does this cover your question? Cheers
  8. TimW

    Bonus time and AOE's

    Correctly answered. Bonus TIme applies to only one roll at a time. Cheers
  9. TimW

    Charge through melee zone

    Yes that's fine. You cannot initiate a charge if you are engaged by an enemy model (or charge an enemy model that you are already engaging), but you can cross through an enemy model's engagement zone to charge another enemy model. As you say, you will will be subject to a Parting Blow as you leave the first model's engagement zone. Cheers
  10. Correctly answered. The wording on Counter Charge is "...if this model is not engaged it may immediately..." Cheers
  11. Yes this is correct. A model can use Run the Length after scoring a goal, and if it has Second Wind can then make a Jog. This is covered in the collected clarifications thread, under 'Second Wind'. Cheers
  12. Yep spot on. The MOV penalty from burning only applies if you are suffering the condition when you start an Advance, or gain it during an Advance. Clearing it before advancing means no movement penalty. Cheers
  13. In Scenario 1, if the target is not within the charging model's melee range after the advance (e.g. after Unpredictable Movement), the charge attack is lost. If the model can get back within melee range (e.g. Where'd They Go), it may make further Attacks but must spend Influence to do so. In Scenario 2, the target of a Charge cannot be changed once declared, so if the charge target has left the melee zone, the charge attack is lost. Further attacks can be made against models within melee range, but they are new attacks and Influence must be spent. Cheers
  14. TimW


    Correct. Cheers