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  1. Not_that_one

    Stamina and conditions

    Sweet, thanks
  2. Apologies if this has been asked but I can’t find it Can Bolt clear conditions (specifically knockdown, burning or snared) before using Stamina for his free jog?
  3. Not_that_one

    The Puppet Master / balance equation

    1776 will commence again if you try to take our Puppet Master
  4. Not_that_one

    An open letter to Obulus

    Ferryman, take heed. There have been rumblings. Dark words whispered in underground vaults regarding our precious Guild and your command over it. It is no secret that the Solthecians seek to ‘purify’ our sport by tearing up age-old contracts sealed in blood between the Union and other Guilds. Regardless of the impact this has on our opponents this puts us in grave jeopardy as we face the loss of a shining star of the game. I of course speak of the one known as Mist. We are not savages. We do not hack and slash like Fillet’s brutes or squabble in the muck with the drunkards. Ours is a more elegant, graceful game. The loss of our contract with the Solthecian will cost us gravely. And may cost you most of all. If your control over the Guild’s dealings are not strong enough to retain the services of one measly player then I fear your grasp on power is not as complete as you might hope. One tiny chink of weakness may be all it takes for your enemies to plot all the more. The sharks will begin to circle. I offer you an alternative. If our Guild fields energising star players, the crowds are happy. If the crowds are happy then the sponsors are happy. If the sponsors are happy then your power remains unchallenged. I urge you, for your own sake, to consider retraining our protegé, the ex-monk Bonesaw. The boy has talent but could be much, much more if allowed to come out from Mist’s shadow. Simply put, needs to be better. His future performance on the field could be all that prevents the masses abandoning the Guild. - a friend
  5. I lined up vs Ballista, Mother, Rachet, Collosus, Velocity and Locus. I had no idea how to play against Locus, what does he do again? It turns out he pushes Obulus all over the pitch, and very nearly managed to get him killed! Yikes. Its not a good idea to get into a scrum vs Engineers, theyre way too tough! Luckily I managed to pick on Rachet for a Casket-time!
  6. Facing off against Ox, Meathook, Princess and Boiler meant I knew it'd be tough to survive for long! The only option was to go for goals! It didnt help when Mist immediately missed a shot Luckily he picked up the ball and scored from here! Ghast died, Graves died and Casket was very close to death beofre I managed to score the winner!
  7. Not_that_one

    Morticians off the hook

    Lightning fast, the Fishermen darted onto the pitch, almost faster than the eye could see. Even their mascot seemed to dart back and forth with unnatural agility. Just like that he was gone. Where did he go? The ball flew back and forth, a goal apiece. Not to worry, Obulus planned to reel in the Fisherman captain so his minions could tear him apart at their leisure. Disaster! Puppetmaster missed! Alas, the Fishermen scored again before Shark and Siren could be surrounded and taken down. Luckily Mist retrieved the ball and scored a winner for 12-8 to the Morticians!
  8. Not_that_one

    The Hunters become the Hunted

    With a roar, the Hunters strode out over the dusty clay field. The Morticians were waiting for them, eager to prove they were superior and more deserving of the attentions of Hemlocke. Theron was also confident. Too confident. He charged forward and was caught in the headlights of the Ferryman, who dragged him even further forward to his doom, swamped by the Morticians team. The rest of the Hunters caught up eventually, but it was too late. Whilst the bloodthirsty bear and winter wizard fought against grim graves and pathetic puppet, Mist was busy scoring enough goals to win the game for the Morticians.
  9. Obulus waited patiently as the shambles that was the Brewers team stumbled onto the pitch. Even from the opposite side of the pitch he could smell their hangovers. If he had suffered emotions at all anymore he may have felt pity for them. But no, there was job to be done. The least hungover creature facing them was probably the mangy thing resembling a cat, that they called "Scum". Fitting name. Almost immediately after the kickoff it launched itself at them as if on some sort of suicide mission, a screeching ball of fur and claws. The hireling Mist proved worth every penny as he deftly danced with the degenerates. They didnt seem to understand the importance of the ball in their stuporous state and before they knew it the mercenary has slotted away two goals. Eventually, however, even the drunkest brewer finds his feet and the beatings commenced. Ghast and Casket did well acting a human punching bags but eventually even their bulky forms were too battered and bruised. Resident psychotic doctor Graves went down quickly thereafter. The Brewers then seemed to remember the "ball" part of Guild Ball, passing the old pigskin to a collosal giant who appeared to be carrying an equally giant bat. He volleyed the shot towards the Mortician's goal but in a rare showing of agility, a freshly patched up Ghast intercepted the shot! Wanting to end this farce before it got embarassing for both sides, Obulus scooped up the ball and disappeared like shadow itself, dropping it to Mist for a final, game winning, goal. Final Score: 12-8 to the Morticians!
  10. Personally I love Obulus, Dirge, Ghast, Graves1 and Mist. Then Brainpan/Memory if I'm trying to deal damage or goal threat for 2/2 or Casket if I'm aiming to tarpit in the middle whilst scoring 3. Casket can also quickly swing to 2 goals/1 takeout if the scrum starts going my way.
  11. I'm going to think outside of the box and say that I don't think it's a choice between them. It's usually a choice between Casket and another player like Brainpan&Memory. im pretty sure that I've never played a game without Ghast. And I can't overly imagone doing. Fear and Rising Anger are such superb passive abilities that he's a mainstay of my team. Casket on the other hand is a damage sponge. Yes he's easy to hit but with Tough Hide and Reanimate he's going to make the opposing team work hard for the takeout. I love Brainpan and Memory but they aren't overly viable in matchups such as Brewers/Butchers as Brainpan will be a liability and Memory may spend most of his time knocked down and not doing much but siphoning momentum from you. In those situations I have been trialling using both Casket AND Ghast, and I can't say I'm disappointed, even with a lowish INF pool. TL:DR - I might not be as simple as Ghast OR Casket
  12. Not_that_one

    Bear hug and extra VP clarification

    Thanks for such a speedy reply!
  13. I'm looking for clarification on how Seenah's "Bear Hug" character play works. The character play inflicts 4 DMG and the bleed condition. It also states that if a player is taken out "due to this character play" then the friendly team scores extra VP. If the enemy player survives the attack but is subsequently taken out by the bleed condition, does that count as being 'due' to the Bear Hug? Cheers!
  14. Not_that_one

    how much do you allocate to obulus?

    I give Obulus a minimum of 4. Less than that and my opponents knows that puppet master is off the table for the turn and can massively change how they play. If it isn't needed then he can easily crank out 4 momentous dodges. In Seasons 1-2 I was too guilty of giving him 7-8 INF and expecting too much from him. He can be impressive, but commonly at the expense of other team members. I'm actually glad that his maximum allocation has come down as it's a trigger to allocate him less, and gain more from the rest of the team. TL:DR - Between 4-6 INF, most commonly 5.
  15. Not_that_one

    Brainpan and Memory

    Personally I love them. I love anything that gives you options in this game, rather than being pinned down to 100% striker or beater. I would suggest practising with them plenty before taking them to a tournament though, as the clock is unforgiving when you have too many options!