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  1. Seasoned Brisket was back on the Butchers payroll for this epic encounter against Singled Out Andrew and his Honour led Masons team. Id not used SBrisket since Vengeance so would be a challenge as always against Andrew. My line up was: SBrisket, Strongbox, Decimate, A&G, Gutter and Mist. Id not used A&G since the errata so was looking forward to seeing what they could do as the main beaters of the team. Andrew used: Honour, Marbles, Brick, Flint, Harmony and Tower I kicked off with Mist to ensure i was threatening the ball and got a favorable scatter.. The turn panned out with Andrew kicking for Momentum generation and myself moving around to set up a first turn tackle if possible. Andrew had Flint with the ball, with a full stack and Superior Strategy, but forgot about Brisket and her legendary. She popped her Legendary to be able to walk into Flint with 5 inf and got through close control and a tackle back to free up the pass to Mist and some extra momentum. Mist went onto score, then early turn two was taken out. Score was 4-2... A crafty Marbles Goad on fully stacked Gutter caused me to scratch my head for a while but i was just able to reach him and pull Honour with chain grab to upset Andrews plans for a brief moment. Playing around Brick and counter charge is always a challenge but i had a nice wall doing me a favour most of the game helping with charge angles. A bad pass by Andrew lead to a Greede pass to Gutter for a snapshot! 8-2 I now had control of the pitch... Early next turn SBrisket was taken out by Honour/Harmony linked play with a couple crowding and a useful dodge into melee (to prevent Unpredictable Movement) 8-4 But i had a murder squad ready to roll.. A Gutter and A&G Dice fest made short work of Flint, 10-4 then Decimate brought Tower to half health ready to win the game first activation next turn.. Decimate gleefully removed Towers spleen for the Union to win 12-4.. Brisket Victorious!
  2. So not a Butchers match, but Agent Ferrite was on call to try and get the victory against Hammer's Masons. Another game at War and Peace in Nottingham against Mr Singled Out - Andrew Jones! The Lines ups were... I used the Smiths 6 of course and Andrew used Hammer, Marbles, Brick, Mallet, Tower and Flint. Having chosen to receive the ball, Iron collected the ball and passed to Ferrite in preparation for a turn one goal.. With some Anvil dodges and some other positioning, Ferrite legenaried and shot up the pitch for a engaged 3 dice shot and goal!! she then used Knee slider to get out of danger.. Hammer then proceeded to cause havoc almost getting a 6 point activation..... taking out Sledge and positioning for a three dice tap in.... BUUUUTTTTT.... dice. Cinder was then able to Kill the ball and 'goal kick' it out towards Ferrite for her to score her second goal.. Then came the grind... Hammer slowly working his way through more and more players to take out to get himself to 10 points on the board! Having managed to get the ball over to Ferrite, she had to bide her time to get around a double countercharge situation, bit a bonus timed hit on Marbles and a move, then Acrobatic to negate Brick, she was able to kick the winning goal! This one is for the Butchers! Gutter is ours!
  3. Last nights game was against another WTC veteran Jay Clare. It was my first game against Jay even though we have been at the same club for a while and a bloody fun game it was too. I'd not faced the Farmers before either so was truly a learning experience (on the clock too). Line ups were and Lots of action. I overextended FIllet AGAIN and she got bogged down against Bushel and Harrow and multiple crowding outs. Fillet got an early take out, VetOx got my only goal. But then Jay just surgically took out players using WIndle and Snack Break to get the bonus VP's three times. ANd had Jack Straw on hand to get the goal if needed. TO players on the side line Fillet getting finished off Lost 12-6.
  4. During this epic cage ball match vs Jon Leigh (of WTC fame) we had a real ding dong of a battle. Having never beaten him (even as a regular opponent) I didn't hold out much hope for Fillet coming out on top. Line ups were Fillet, Boar, OG Brisket and Princess vet Rage, Benny, Mist and Strongbox We went the full distance with the Butchers coming out on top 10 - 6. All take outs with Fillet doing all the work (surprise). Brisket was great for dirty knives and the efficiency of Boar was brilliant. Epic battle with plenty of bloodshed. I must say I enjoyed cage ball immensely!!
  5. WaPMart

    The Who Cares Who Wins Rusty Cup 2017

    Also have to drop I'm afraid. I dropped you a PM on Weds Steve but not heard back. Anyone on the reserve want the ticket?
  6. WaPMart

    Season 3 Boar!

    love it!
  7. WaPMart

    The Who Cares Who Wins Rusty Cup 2017

    Yeah should be fine matey. Going to have to bail on the British Champs though. If I get a pass for sat eve it will be big boozes!!
  8. WaPMart

    The Who Cares Who Wins Rusty Cup 2017

    Paid - Martin Thirlwell Cheers!
  9. WaPMart

    Hunter's Guild Goals

    Cut up sOme plastic and bent it to make the teeth. Wood sticks for the frame. Bent some wire into loops for the chain ?
  10. WaPMart

    Hunters Guild Tokens

    Blotz have a set for sale.
  11. WaPMart

    Hunter's Guild Goals

    i made them from pins and some tiny bits of cut blister plastic the annoying bit was trying to glue them on!
  12. WaPMart

    Alternate colour schemes

    You could do Seenah as a polar bear?
  13. WaPMart

    Hunter's Guild Goals

    IT'S A (bear) TRAP! Thought id share my Hunters goal.
  14. WaPMart

    Leeds Spring Ball - 23rd April (30/32)

    Paid matey - Martin Thirlwell
  15. WaPMart

    Hunter's Guild Goals

    Ive not done my goal yet, but ive done my Hunters ball