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  1. Tre

    Season 4 Union Primer

    Hey, I finished up my overview of the union guild in season 4. Check it out at: https://saskball.blogspot.com/2018/11/union-primer.html
  2. A local mate of mine wrote a breakdown of his thoughts on the Hunter Guild so far in Season 4. If you want to give it a read check it out here https://saskball.blogspot.com/2018/11/hunters-primer.html
  3. I brokedown The Blacksmiths guild in season 4 in my latest blog post. Hope you all enjoy! http://saskball.blogspot.com/2018/11/blacksmiths-primer.html?m=1
  4. Hey, Its better late then never but... I finally got around to writing about my games at Canada West Nationals with the union. Check it out on the blog. Hope you all enjoy! https://saskball.blogspot.com/
  5. Hey Guild Ballers, I finally got around to rambling about this great game once again. This latest topic is about The Ball of Guild Ball. Hope you Enjoy! http://saskball.blogspot.com/2018/06/the-ball.html
  6. Tre

    New Guild Ball Blog

    I posted a new article about simple dice math, a topic that i find extremely interesting, and how to use the numbers to our advantage. http://saskball.blogspot.ca/2018/05/understanding-dice.html
  7. Tre

    New Guild Ball Blog

    http://saskball.blogspot.ca/2018/05/threat-assessment.html?m=1 the next article is up, where I discuss evaluating threats and how to mitagate them.
  8. Hey everyone, I decided to start a blog to share my thoughts on the game. I’m hoping to focus more on the strategies as a resource for newer and experienced players to help up their game. Let me know what you think. The first article is up about having a plan when you play. http://saskball.blogspot.ca
  9. Tre

    Vet Honour?

    vet honour seems really meh, it would be a lot more cool if her character play was not once per turn.
  10. Tre

    Sick of blacksmiths

    Blacksmiths rely on there apprentices to earn the majority of blacksmiths points, and they play a strong goal scoring game. Ferrite being the exception, she can score goals all day. Generally against the smiths you want to try to protect the ball, which is extremely difficult if they have cinder. Tater and millstone are good ball holders against cinder in my experience. You also want to try and disrupt the set up of the smiths. For them to get take outs they have to set up the apprentices for it, sledge needs a lot of set up. This gives you time to disrupt him or make him activate at an inopportune time. What six were you running? What six is of the smiths are you having difficulties with?
  11. Tre

    Idea for Thresher Change

    I’d be afraid of doing to much to thresher directly. He is a great captain but its the support around which is pushing him over the top. Adjusting Threshers kick to a 3/6, and movement to 5/7 would be enough for him offensively, and make him 18hp. The slight bump in speed causes more situations where thresher has to charge, which makes him less efficient at scoring take outs. As a kick off model he is way to threatening, the slight adjustment to his sprint helps position turn 1 as the receiving player around Thresher’s shear threat range. He would still be a great beater, just less auto pilot. At 4/0 20 boxes and the amount of healing that Thresher can do, currently he is way to safe and efficient. Millstone is in my opinion the model that frustrates my opponents most accross the pitch. First of all, She brings 4 influence to the team (3 and a harvest)! Take one for the team has won me games because I jogged her to the right spot at the right time to be 6 inches away from thresher to take an incoming condition. The aura should be 4 inches, 6 is such a large amount of the pitch that takes counter play away from opposing teams. Her playbook is Amazing with the amount of 2 inch melee and KDs the farmers bring to play. To change her, make her influence 2/3, take one for the team to be a 4 inch aura, and moving her 2 damage to the third column to fit in with the theme that she should be more of a defensive player. Tater is very strong but i dont think he is overpowered at all, he is in a good spot. He is easy to take out at 4/0 16 health, and has a pretty bad counter attack. If anything reducing the range on fork off to be within 2 inch for counter charge.
  12. Tre

    Newbie help please

    Typically Grange is more of a support captain, who relies on the rest if the team to do a bunch of work. Thresher is more of a do it all captain by contrast, who likes support from his team, to do most of the work himself. As a result from this players like Bushel, Windle, and Fallow will only be brought by Captain Grange. Bushel is a serious goal threat when you use her Im open character play. She passes the ball to someone (usually someone with a 3 die kick stat which gets buffed to a 4 die with grange’s passive trait) then dodges 4 inches, bushel uses im open to get the ball passed back for her to dodge 4 more inches, walk up 6 inches and kick an 8 inch goal for a 22 inch goal threat. Windle is a damage dealer, but can be easy for the opponent to shut down. If you can get him rolling he is a machine. Fallow is absolutely amazing. She can be a deniel piece by using between a rock and a... to jog into melee to help teammates. Generally she activates close to the end of the turn to have a high tac, and go deal a tonne of damage. When allocating to fallow she likes 0,1, or 3 influence depending if she is near harvest markers or not going to be doing anything that turn, but the ability to get influence by removing the harvest markers makes her flexible where if she had zero influence she still can get 4 influence during her activation. Tater, Milstone, Jackstraw, and Harrow are players that work great with both captains. Tater IMO is the guild defining farmer. I take him in every lineup I play. He can deal a lot of damage, he has a great threat range with 2 inch melee and has counter charge next to harvest markers which makes him a nightmare to play against. Tater likes to charge into groups of 1 inch melee models to get scything charge on multiple models, then use mow dow to put out a lot of knockdown conditions. Millstone is very versatile. She can put out decent damage, and has bring a lot of support abilities with her character plays and being able to take conditions for the team. With grange she is a melee monster, with thresher she makes him ludicrously difficult to counter. To top it all of she brings 3 influence for the team and produces a free harvest marker, while not using manh influence on a turn by turn basis, which all the reapers like. Jackstraw is a footballer, that doesn’t look like he is a footballer on paper. The ability to teleport to harvest markers makes him deceptively mobile, with a long kick stat gives him weird angles to score goals. The teleport is also good for getting him out of bad spots to deny the opponent easy VPs, or can be used to get him into an advantageous position, crowding out key models. Crop dusting is the best way to put harvest markers right where you need them, like for Thresher to use don’t fear the... with. Harrow is a good support piece and battery. He sits back and keeps your team healthy, puts out a harvest marker if he is near the captain, and brings tooled up to buff damage. Like most farmers he has 2 inch melee which is my favourite rule in the game for models to have. Ploughman is the best player, that i never have a spot for. He is an incredible solid player and does neat things. Sadly whenever im picking a 6 man lineup he just doesn’t make the cut because there are so many great Farmers players that do what im looking for with that spot in the line up better. People will have better advice on him because i havent gotten him on the pitch too much to tell what role he does best. Mascot choices is mostly personal preference. Buckwheat is all offence, while peck brings a less potent offence for some support abilities. The donkey is a great goal threat with the help of harvest markers, and can contribute some damage and knockdowns. Peck has a heroic, a situational one, but when you use it, it is powerful. Cocky changes some match ups by being able to ignore a condition, which combos well with millstone and players you want to counter attack with. Momentous 1 on one in pecks playbook makes generating momentum if it charges via sic em or because you generated a lot of influence from harvest markers, and be a serious threat if you combine it with things like threshers legendary play, tooled up, honest labour, and all the crowd outs you can get with farmers.
  13. I played in a 14 person tournament today playing the farmers. For my line up i brought Thresh, Grange, both mascots, Tater, millstone, jackstraw, harrow, fallow, grace. My goal was to test out my Grange list, but the field being heavily skewed with 4 brewers, 4 farmers, and 2 Masons... that didn’t end up happening and I played the same 6 models every round. Thresher, Peck, Tater, Millstone, Harrow, and Jack. Round 1 I played against a less experienced masons player. He won the roll and chose to Kick, which made me default into Thresher. Grange doesn’t mind kicking if he chose hammer as his captain. Typically masons choose honour into farmers which was the case here. His line up consisted of Honour, monkey, flint, oHarmony, mist, mallet. Not picking Brick was a weird option, but as the Thresher playing im okay not seeing the double counter charges, but he has never played against thresher before so the match up is a new one. I kicked with thresh, to a spot where mist would have to come forward. The ball gets passed around and ends up on oHarmony. I set up fort thresher ready to strike. With sup strat up harmony walked into threshers threat range by accident. I kill harmony and tackle the ball. Thresher legendaries and i get a 6 point activation taking out honour. Flint scores a snapback goal to not get shut out. I set up to get to kill mist start of next turn, which happens 12-4 for the Farmers. Mistakes were made by the masons early, but i don’t think that the out come would be much different. Round 2 i played into Blacksmiths. Again I lost the roll and was told to kick... So thresher came out. Grange doesn’t like the ‘smiths match up, so im not heartbroken picking Thresher again. My lineup was the same, his was Captain Ferrite, Hearth, Farris, bolt, alloy and Iron. I kick with thresher and skewed out right on deployment because of a large rough terrain on the left and fast ground on the right. The smiths match this deployment. I have the perfect kick scatter so alloy has to overextend to get the ball. I set up fort thresher, he scores a turn one goal with bolt who gets a vengeance token for his trouble. Thresher charges ferrite and sets up for a big turn 2. Next turn thresh goes first, kills ferrite, farris, and has iron set up, then scores a goal 8-4. Alloy goes for a snapback and misses his goal run. Tater took out bolt. Things get messy for the next few turns where i fail a couple kills, and thresher gets ganged up on. Eventually thresher gets taken out, where he comes back on and takes out iron for the game. 12-6 Farmers Round 3 I played against brewers, and one of my main practice opponents. Before the round started we chirped each other about which captain would kill the other first, so I played my Thresh, he brought Tapper, cat, lucky, hooper, spigs, friday. Ironically no one drew man marking in the plot cards. I chose to kick so i could get the side with a wall, symmetrical fast terrains on the wings meant things could get crazy. I start to form fort Thresher, but a tooled up tapper takes a dodge off a pass and charges thresher. Minimum damage was done, and thresher takes out taps for his troubles. Friday scores a goal. Turn two thresher and tater take out lucky and spigot, the ball gets taken from me however and bounced out to friday. Turn three friday scores and i do a whole lot of nothing. Tater kills the cat first thing of the new turn. The game is down to the wire since i let that second goal in. I need 5 points and he needs a goal. Lucky came on and is an inch out of goal threat between raising the stakes, fast ground an picking up the ball for a goal. Tapper and hooper slammed into harrow. I need a goal and a kill and he needs two kills which he has line up. He won roll off and brought spigot to come kill thresher which was a huge mistake. He charges in, i brace for impact and counter attack. Spigot rolls a knockdown, which millstone takes. Thresher knocks down spigot and dodges out of threat range. Jackstraw gets the ball to thresher who dodges out of threat range from anyone to oppose him. Harrow got deleted by hooper. Thresher killed spigot and scored a tap in winner. 12-10, i lost a lot of steam halfway through this game and that second goal the brewers scored kept me on my toes. If he never game me spigot like he did i would have struggled to get those last 5 points a but more. Round 4, i made it to the finals playing the six, so i stuck with my six again, playing against a great masons players. This is a match up we have both practiced a tonne, and i know how his strategy will play out. He brings honour, monkey, brick, mallet, tower, flint. I chose to kick winning the roll off, thresher again got an amazing scatter landing just past the midline with rough terrain between the ball and the nearest mason. I set up fort thresher and take the ball for myself getting a couple momentum. He sets up a mallet missile, triggering taters counter charge, who triggered brick and marbles counter charge. Marbles pushes tater out of engagement with mallet, but out of charge range if brick, who sprints into engagement with thresher since he could not perform a legal charge anymore. Mallet does about half of threshers damage boxes but chose non momentous results. Thresher kd’s brick, throws a a they aint tough on mallet, then takes mallet down to 3 boxes. I won initiative roll and thresher activates, legendaries on everything. Takes out marbles, mallet, sets up they aint tough on honour and brick, then scores a goal. Flint gets sup strat then scores to avoid being shut out. Brick got taken out with the combined efforts of my team. I got first activation again, thresher took out honour, set up tower to die to tater, but with style tater spanked the monkey instead. 12-4 I ended up winning the event 4-0. I played against 4 great people. The spread of guilds made for a Thresher dream. Playing against Thresher for some guild is extremely uphill fight, and the way the the guild spread was today was very favourable for my farmers.
  14. Tre

    Mulligans during play.

    If its a friendly game, id let them take it back. No one learns anything significant or feels good about a casual game being taken to the extreme. Personally i find the game more enjoyable when its harder for me by reminding the other person about potential “gotchas” my team has, and if they want to avoid them. In a tournament play id ask if they could measure the snapping the ball range as they move just for cleaner play. For the counter charge thing, ask them if they are happy with where they left there model, if they reply yes say you are activating counter charge and do it on your clock, if they want to know why you asked just remind them that you have counter charge. Its an open information game, and its there choice to use all the information available. But this is all subjective and everyone has there own opinions and way of handling things. If you don’t feel right about your opponent doing take backs like this without you asking let them know, in a tournament call a TO over to resolve any issues. In the end its a game and everyone is trying to have fun.
  15. My go to Grange line up is Grange Peck Harrow Millstone Tater Fallow It is a highly defensive, prison control, bunker of no fun. Grange is amazing at holding onto the ball because in most situations it takes three knockdowns to knock him down, five on legendary. If they send a striker to tackle they have to play around Tater ruining there run with counter charge, and granges counter attack is enough to stop goals. Against oSiren the ball is sufficiently safe on peck, but dropping it in the middle of the bunker protects it well. Against teams with super solo captains (fillet, hammer, etc) the team is so durable and good at shutting them down with the control elements. Leading with grange and having fallow within range to trigger between a rock and a... is a nightmare for those captains who want to pile everything into one player and take them out quick. Doing this they are a minimum -2 Tac against fallow, assuming tater didn’t get to join in. Against teams that want to set up a scrum and brawl is playing into our favour. The amount of two inch reach allows for us to set up scrums to our advantage easier, Grange’s easy knockdown and passives allow him to control scrums well. This line up packs in two damage buffs allowing us to match the fighting power if not hit harder. Harrows heal keeps the farmers large health pools up higher. This list still suffers from some weakness but the OPD change that makes captains pick after the kick and receive roll shores up the largest weakness in Grange’s game, however he can still play a game if kicking. It forces a much tighter game and if the opponent has knee slider it can be a nightmare. Corsair can pick Grange farmers apart by seperating players from the support one at a time (obulus can to an extent as well but the buddy knockdown system can protect players from being moved in, then peck can stand them up if you have momentum)