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  1. m.jäger

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    damn. scalpel really looks good. i really love the concept of her now.
  2. m.jäger

    Daughter of Falcons - First Impressions

    The quality of the falcon set is the same as the kick off. Very dull. Not sharp and crisp at all. I got the rats too and they look much better. But then i have Lucky. He is super clean imo. Like the Rats. But now the real issue: finecast aka crapcast 2.0 in the Navigator pre order models ( and i fear that the set will have that bad quality too) the bases are different. Why? But the models are super flawed. Angel is a complete mess. Holes, not full legs, part at the clothes are missing. And much much more. This is the same bad product games workshop stuggled with and needed to put out of their programm. This and the falcon quality is the reason why i dont want to spend 70€ on the morticians. Both sets. This finecast resin stuff is bs. The plastic minis lacks constant quality. So i dont pre order anymore or but something out of the store. First i need to see the real figures and not renderings.
  3. m.jäger

    Minor guild speculation

    So in the key nodes they said that after the cooks there will be a darker red color team for the minor guild. So it must be the engis. So after a few minor's now what do you think or even hope for the theme to be? I am thinking of a tesla/electro kinda vibe. Or maybe physicians? Something like cygnar in warmachines. Electroshock condition? Forfeit your movement to remove the condition. What do u have in mind?
  4. So i have a question about the Dodge. First i looked at this link http://forums.steamforged.com/topic/35921-collected-clarifications-thread-check-here-before-posting-new-questions-updated-230318/ Under Movement i found: Movement (pg 22-24)There are two types of movement - Advances and Repositions. Placement is not a Movement. Repositions:- Dodges and Pushes are Repositions. So this means, that a Dodge is a Movement. Correct? Then later in the Link there is: All Doge results from a single attack are combined into a single Dodge that does not have to be in a straight line.A model may choose to Dodge 0”. This does not count as movement and doesn’t trigger any effects that trigger from movement (e.g. traps). Does this only refer to the Dodge via the Playbook result? Is this for ALL Dodges? Even something like "Shadow Like"? I got a Pundit answer here in the Forum about traps: "Jaecar's Pitfall Trap triggers whenever an enemy model moves in any way. This can be from the enemy model activating and jogging/sprinting, from dodges (either playbook dodges or from traits e.g. Shadow Like) or even from Jaecar pushing the enemy model through his playbook results." So there is no clarification about Dodge as a Movement and if it triggers traps or not. Imo Dodge is a movement nd dies trigger traps but does not be in a straight line. But Push has to?
  5. I wanted to show you my Seasoned Brisket in my purple/pink Union colors. I am mostly proud of the face. I painted her with Vallejo Model Colors. The snow on the base is the one from GW. I always keep my colorrange small: one maincolor, one color for the base and one spotcolor.
  6. m.jäger

    Ratcatchers Launch Event Kit

    yes i did and he ordered one. cool stuff. thanks.
  7. m.jäger

    Ratcatchers Launch Event Kit

    our pundid didnt get the kit. is there any chance to get it later? or is this event only? would be a shame really. i wanted to go all out on the rats.
  8. m.jäger

    A Cut Above the Rest: A New Union Captain Arrives!

    so i can only play her in S3? wtf?!
  9. m.jäger

    Share your paint jobs

    i gave all my hunters a corpsepaint after watching metalhead.
  10. m.jäger

    New Union Captain

    ok so whatever this is brisket, egrets rich sister, honor, pipi langstrumpf or whosoever. steamforged knows how to make gingers sexy af.
  11. m.jäger

    Veteran Harmony

    i like the eyes. i know how hard it is to paint eyes. they look kinda comic-ish but also real. the face looking good.
  12. u ever tried to mix tamiya clear red with a black wash/ink for the blood?
  13. m.jäger

    Union in S3 for a beginner

    what is up with hemlocke? she sounds like a good "ball taker" to me
  14. m.jäger

    Season 3 line up

    i vote chaska too, cuz he got a beard
  15. m.jäger

    Season 3 card - Graves1

    ohhhhh shit really? i am playing it all wrong the whole time lol. but thanks for helping.