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  1. In this latest Guild Ball article from Midwestwargaming we discuss one newbies dream of beating Thresher with some janky Brewers tech and one Master's cautious words of wisdom. http://midwestwargaming.com/explosive-brew-getting-vanvalue-list/ — Pat "VanValue" Van Valzah
  2. Winter Painting Contest

    Any ETA on when winners will be announced?
  3. http://midwestwargaming.com/podcast/pitch-ep-9/ Dan and Lance had a slow news week so we instead decided to do another list. This time Lance ranks the top 10 ball fondlers in the game and then they both answer listener questions. Also, there is currently a Tee Spring campaign going on for Midwestwargaming t-shirts so buy one. https://teespring.com/new-midwestwargaming#pid=46&cid=2753&sid=front
  4. Building a bigger base

    super happy you posted this. thank you very much
  5. Complete list of all GB podcasts

    The rookie has been added and I left a review. thanks
  6. Public service announcement. I've seen a couple podcast related posts in the last 24 hours with people either having difficulty finding a particular GB podcast or people asking if non-active GB podcasts were any good. Both of these issues stem from iTunes' search feature hiding acting GB podcasts and featuring non-active GB podcasts. Here are the iTunes links to every active Guild Ball podcast. In order for them to be featured when people search "Guild Ball" they need reviews from you. Please click the links and review each of these podcasts. It will take 5 minutes of your time but it will indefinitely help new people see how active our community is by featuring active podcasts. Anatomical Precision https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/anatomical-precision/id1303239276?mt=2 Double Dodge https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/double-dodge-guild-ball-podcast/id1140110129?mt=2 Guild Ball Tonight https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/guild-ball-tonight/id954086278?mt=2 Rage Quit Wire https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/rage-quit-wire/id1308704760?mt=2 Roll Better Podcast https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/roll-better-podcast/id1297378881?mt=2 Singled Out https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/singled-out-radio-a-guild-ball-podcast/id1098009438?mt=2 Strictly the Worst https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/strictly-the-worst-guild-ball-podcast/id1156900304?mt=2 The Heroic Play https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-heroic-play/id1145316423?mt=2 The Pitch https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-pitch/id1132859010?mt=2 The Rookie https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-rookie/id1313156331?mt=2
  7. Hello, my name is dan, I like to podcast and blog. That was my icebreaker. And this is my other icebreaker.
  8. For our first episode of 2018 Lance and Dan break from thier normal news-reporting habits and get into the nitty gritty of Blacksmiths. Lance has been known to dabble in these waters and Dan has lost to his brother's Blacksmiths before so they are both experts. Come listen to thier expert opinons and they'll tell you why the midwest is right and why the UK is wrong. Oh, and if you like this podcast please take a moment to leave a review on iTunes, it really helps a lot with visibility. http://midwestwargaming.com/podcast/pitch-ep-8/
  9. As per usual, Dan and Lance start off by going over some latest SFG news items (resin reboxing, painting contest, ATC cancelled, new regional tournament struction). Then to switch it up a bit Lance and Dan do some shout-outs. Lance has been loving Guild Ball Scrum app and Dan really appreciates Tectonic Craft Studios. Next, Lance talks about his recent tournament experience at Geek City in North Liberty, IA and finally Dan & Lance talk more about some goals for 2018. http://midwestwargaming.com/podcast/pitch-ep-7/
  10. New PVC Teams

    There seems to be this rumor spreading that if these PVC teams go intro production it will delay or disrupt the release schedule of the minor guilds. I think people are making "educated guesses" that juggling two things is harder than focusing on one but until I hear SFG confirm this it's hard for me to believe. Anyone with more insights care to comment?
  11. Guild Ball Tournament. Swiss with a cut if enough people show up. Each round is 90mins with each player getting a 45min of that 90 to do there turns using Chess Clocks. Doors open at 10am. We start soccer slaughtering oppenents at 11am. Dave the local Pundit will be running the event. Cost is $10..... Prizes based on attendance. Some of the money paid in will be going towards chess clocks. Minimum of $50 in store credit has been guaranteed to split between 1st, 2nd and 3rd Lance Becker from Muse on Minis and cohost of The Pitch will be there. * heads up on allowed models this weekend. The only thing not allowed are Models that are not released to the general public or released at the local store. The only exception to this would be Tater for Farmers Guild. So NO new Thresher's box, no Skulk and no new Blacksmiths box because no everyone has access to them* Address to Geek City Games here: https://www.mapquest.com/search/results?slug=%2Fus%2Fiowa%2Fgeek-city-357722437&query=Geek City&page=0 Also, if you travel out of state I will have a custom art print of Grey Scales to give you
  12. Des Moines Iowa, Dec 10 Sunday tournament

    probably 8-10 Iowa is a small meta but if you travel a few hours to play I'll be sure to give you a cool art print of grey scales that my wife drew
  13. 4-2 SteamCon US recap

    At SteamCon US there was an awesome cosplayer who captured the image of Esters. My brother didn't cosplay but anyone who played against this loud drunk will definitely say that he captured the spirit of the Brewers. Now that he's sobered up Mike has written his recap. http://midwestwargaming.com/steamcon-usa-lcq-recap-brewers/
  14. Guild Ball TournamentMayhem Comics in Des Moines, IowaSunday, December 10th$10 Entry FeeRegister before 11:00amThree Round EventRegional Cup Format
  15. Playing Butchers at LCQ

    Glad to see others had success. I went 2-4 with Ox at the LCQ. A couple close games but I did get 0-12'd by Vet Rage Still a long way for me to go.