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  1. Ebonstar

    Kami vs Nomad

    I'm also all in for Kami, IMO, Alchs are looking pretty good (except for legitimate reasons to take Midas over Smoke), and I'd love to run a full female in-guild 6, lol. Honestly, if I knew any of these rookies has the ability to gain Fire/Poison on themselves, I'd be all in for that rookie. Venin needs a break!
  2. Ebonstar

    So... Vitriol...

    On the Midas squad, Vitriol is one of my most productive players, averaging a goal per game along with Crucible. Typically she's either scoring or just reliably generating 3 or 4 MOM per activation along with that pesky clone, and some clutch re-positioning. On those rare occasions I win initiative, kicking is way better than receiving, so you can opt for her as one of the best turn 1 goal threat kickers in the game, or Crucible if you are faced with Close Control or UM (like opponent Naja, Obulus, or Greyscales).
  3. Ebonstar

    S4 Line ups

    I was a Midas fanboy in S3, and so I've been focusing on figuring him out in S4. He's uhh...yeah. If you are looking for a real advantage of why to take him over Smoke, go ahead and skip the rest of this post. There are like 2 corner cases and matchup or two where you might need his subpar Lure outside of the first turn, which appears to be the only reason to drop Midas in. The Midas teams which I've had success with are 3-0 teams, and like I've been hinting at, the team next needs to nothing from Midas himself to win. When doe does contribute, it has been towards a game that Crucible, Vitriol, Venin etc. has won, and Midas is just piling on trying to end the game quicker. My most successful lineups have been: Midas, Flask, Vitriol, Crucible, VCalc, and Venin - which is just pure scoring using Venin as the setup piece, and Midas, Flask, Vitriol, Crucible, OKat, and Venin - a team which threatens a 2-2 but is still honestly a 3-0 team.
  4. Esters overextends her voice and Midas makes her pay the price!
  5. Down 2 momentum and staring at 8-11, Honour makes a CLUTCH initiative roll and kicks in the final goal!
  6. Pre-registration begins this Friday for Strategicon Gamex: http://strategicon.net/ Join the Play it Painted crew in association with SoCal Guild ball for a 16 man tournament on Saturday from 10am-6pm. Also come meet up with David Blood for game demos and casual play on Friday night from 6pm-midnight. See you there! https://www.facebook.com/events/558722617623936/
  7. Ebonstar

    New Player - Question...

    1. Came for the aesthetic, stayed for the gameplay. I love the idea that I can decide what to be good at in a game, and most importantly, when. And I can do that within guild, within the same 6 man roster if I choose to. 2. Gonna go against the grain here and say stone. No it's not realistic, but it's still kinda cool. I imagine my team are wearing some weird, lightweight quartz that only they know how to mine.
  8. Play it Painted and Steamforged games invites you to the South Coast Invitiational Exhibition Tournament!This mini-tournament consists of a series of scheduled exhibition matches that will be streamed on Twitch TV and/or Youtube, and we're looking for players willing to have their games streamed live. Entrance to this event is free, but slots of the exhibition matches is limited to only EIGHT players max. Each player must have a fully painted team and a solid grasp of the rules. Once you are registered, you will receive a schedule of set matches you must attend, and count on playing 3 games over the weekend.This event is officially sponsored by Steamforged Games! This means winners can expect some really nice goodies for their efforts!More details to follow, but for now, keep your calendars open and get painting! For more updates, see the facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/481577572033219/
  9. For more info on the event, check out the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/940953105942337/
  10. Get hype SoCal! I'm really excited for this one.