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  1. FishmongerMacSteam

    GuildBall Belgium united

    Hehehe now i do XD but i started playing wifffff fishermen praise the gods of the deep . Im still a big believer in the way of the fisherman :-D
  2. FishmongerMacSteam

    Butchers Goal Post

    What kinda mold and resin did you use to cast the pigs head ? Maybee show us a picture and detailed list of your mold casting set up ? The goal looks awesome . I think it wil turn some head at tournaments
  3. FishmongerMacSteam

    GuildBall Belgium united

    Nice . Sorry for the late reply . But yeah sure guildball belgium on facebook or guildball oberon if you want a demo or playing a game at the local game store in hasselt .
  4. FishmongerMacSteam

    GuildBall Belgium united

    you know thats allmost rigth XD i'm planning on playing hunters as my second guild but no the way of the fisher was and still is my first love and probably my last :-)
  5. FishmongerMacSteam

    GuildBall Belgium united

    thanks i have put much care in my nickname gues what team i'm playing ? i dare you
  6. FishmongerMacSteam

    GuildBall Belgium united

    thanks bob
  7. FishmongerMacSteam

    GuildBall Belgium united

    Hi all, i'm joris a fiserman player from belgium , hasselt . and i have made a facebook page for all belgium players to announce event , have random discusions , invite players from other communities for a fun evening of guildball in your local gamestore/club,.... so if you like playing guildball and your from belgium join our page and maybee soon you will be playing agains my fishmongers https://www.facebook.com/groups/1693280747624106/ greetz FishmongerMacSteam