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  1. Feuerkelch

    Customer Serivce Response

    I'm trying to get through by phone since my Mails usually never receive answers. Why I say never? Because I wrote 2 Mails last year regarding my large order containing Resin Hunters. I've asked for a partial delivery of the other stuff. I even contacted SFG by phone in december and I was told the partial delivery will be arranged. Last week I received a Mail saying my 2 ordered limited Minervas are out of stock and are refunded. The rest of my order was dispatched. My order was placed in July! When the model was released! There where several sales in between but since I've already paid for them I didn't bother. Now this. My resin hunters finally arrived. The rest of my order is still missing. And then there is this sentence in my mails... "we thank you for your patience"........ I've waited half a year. I was polite and understanding in all my previous efforts to contact SFG. Just to be told that I won't receive limited models I've already paid for, because they sold them again without tracking stock. After over a week of trying to get in touch by phone and mail my disappointment is just growing further. Is this the way to treat customers? Customers who are just lacking one guild for full completion? Just as a reminder: This is not a BlackFriday order. It's way older than that, but I haven't received any reaction. Neither now, nor before BlackFriday.
  2. Feuerkelch


    It's pointless to complain about a decided thing Engineers won and so be it. I just hope alchemists get a model, too, even if it's later on. Not having the Hat at all after the Minor Guilds arrive would have maybe been more inspiration to the guild to post games, but it was kept a secret. So we have to deal with it. But I think SFG will do a good job balancing things out.
  3. Feuerkelch


    Union won't be squashed. As I understood it, they will become a "normal" guild like the others. They just don't share their players anymore. I'm sad about Harry, too, but overall I like the change of Union. In S1 you couldn't play competitive without at least 2 Union models in your roster. S2 eased up a little, but Morts dominated with 3 Union models plus Obby, Dirge and Silence if I remember correctly. Now It went down to only 1 Model, but for me it still doesn't feel right. When I play alchemists, then I pick alchemists. If a key component in my Team comes from another guild, I lose the feeling of playing my own guild after all. It would have been nice to bring Harry "home", but the model was shown too late, rendering us unable to react to the sudden activity on the engineers side. PS: I'm sad so many posts for the engineers came from one guy, who only wrote one line and added 3 pictures. That's not a match report, that's spamming -.-
  4. Feuerkelch

    Reaping through Masons

    We made a friendly match with the blacksmith event rules. Flint kicked the Ball and Harrow was a good boy and got it for Bushel. Tater was elected as captain for this match, so he was charged up to go for Chisel, while Jackstraw positioned himself and some handy harvest mar... err... gravestones to threaten the goal. Chisel was first to fall and Bushel scored right next to Brick and dodging back to the center. Masons looked for vengeance. Flint scored and Mallet - who was elected as captain for the masons - tried to take on Tater. He couldn't even stopped Taters everlasting grin. Right in front of Mallet Tater got rid of Tower and after a huge scrum in the centre of the pitch Jackstraw brought the Ball to Bushel, who scored for the win. Right next to Brick again. 12-4 points and two souls where claimed for the Reaper.
  5. Smoke led a more physical roster against the blacksmith guild. Katalyst was chosen for Kickoff and a nice little breeze brought the ball to the far left side of the pitch. After some slow positioning Furnace charged Katalyst for eraly momentum, but he did not consider the backswing of old Kat. Avarisse and Greede teamed up with Kat and crushed poor Furnace. While Ferrit was slowly approaching the goal from the flank, the other blacksmiths struggled to withstand the pressure from the alchemists. Sledge was sperated from his Master and got beaten up real quick. Anvil could do nothing about it and was bullied himself by A&G. When Ferrit was finally able to score a goal, the game seemed dire already. Smoke made a quick return goal and the blacksmith conceded to the dominant alchemists.
  6. Feuerkelch

    Smoke takes the Engineers to town

    Use an uploading site like imgur and link the pictures here.
  7. There's a trainings match coming up against the Morticians Guild, but Smoke is too busy. Since she became captain of the team her responsibility increased and so did her understanding for the scheming and plotting. Her team could use some matches to warm up for the next cup, but Smoke can't miss this chance to acquire a new talent for the Alchemists. Well she could let Midas lead the team... but on the other side she doesn't want to give him any chance to regain his old position as the captain. So she used her new learned skills and rearranged the match. The newest guild in the big league was eager to play against the competition, so they agreed without any further demands to her suggestion. And with that she had time for... recruitment. I hope that explains the contribution for the alchemist guild in this event Now to the game: I played the new Blacksmith Guild against Obulus, Vileswarm, vGraves, Bonesaw, Mist, Brainpan&Memory. Blacksmith received the ball and set up Cinder and Ferrit to either sides. The other players went for the center of the pitch with Irons pushes and Anvils character play. First VPs where scored by Sledge. He got rid of the vermin, leaving Furnace and Anvil poisoned, but standing tall to protect him. Behind their backs Obulus manipulated Cinder to pass the ball, but he failed to score afterwards... The game continued and Sledge really enjoyed himself. After killing Vileswarm he went for Graves, 2-hitting him. Ferrit scored for a 7-0 lead, but Mist immediately scored too, bringing the Morticians slowly into the game. Sledge continues his rampage and struck down Bonesaw. With only two blows again... Obulus stopped Furnace from his chance to score the winning goal, but beeing a teamplayer Furnace brought the ball to Anvil, who then scored for a 13-4 final result. It was our first impression of the Blacksmith guild and they did a good job against the Morticians. But the main objective was to get some time for Smoke, to go for the Hat...
  8. Feuerkelch

    Alchemist GIC Theory Thread

    To make it simple: With AC I would have won my last game. Having one more hit on each attack against those pesky armor-bearers gives us more options on momentous results, which start on the second column most of the time. Midas will be stronger, yes, but Smoke is better right now and AC won't change it, apparently. In the blog post they said this GIC should bring Midas back on Pitch, but why so? He already has a TAC of 6 and Momentous results with one success. Granted, against a 4+/1 model he now reaches his 3rd column for more options. But more models have 3+/1 and there's not a huge change for him. Smoke on the other hand is now at least able to reach a against 4+/1 which was almost impossible before. So a giant boost for her. Not even speaking about her usual roster... I see the most potential in Compound and Crucible, who had problems reaching their important results. I overall like the decision to get away vom +VP and make more interesting variants. But to return Midas I suggest movement related buffs. He lost Light Footed and Super Shot and his +1 Arm. That's ok, since he was too strong. But with only 3 Dice kick and less tricks than Smoke he struggles to compete. I like all 3 GICs for the alchemists, but they are not the right tool to bring back Midas. I think a GIC can't help Midas, without making Smoke even better right now.
  9. Feuerkelch

    Swapping bushel for grace

    Bushel was my choice to drop out for Grace, too. Did not regret it. Windle gets so much from Quick Foot. And Grace herself can threaten the Goal enough to be kept an eye on. On the other side we have Jackstraw and in the Honest Land Box I tend to play 1 goal and 4 TOs, so Jacks goal at the end is sufficient
  10. Feuerkelch

    Alchemist GIC Theory Thread

    I just played a game with this rule against Morticians. I played Smoke, Flask, Calc, Cruc, vKat, Comp into Scalpel, Dirge, Brain&Memo, Graves, Ghast, Cosset The dmg-buff was huge in this game. I used my Legendary turn 1 and got Poision on everyone except Memo, who died to my Legendary itself. Turn 3 was the big turn where all the damage took its toll and I jumped from 0 VP to 7 VP leaving Brain on 1hp and controling the ball. Finished with Cruc dealing last dmg to Brain, passing to Smoke who was untouchable for my opponent (with only Scalpel and Memo in range, but UM) and scoring in my next activation. vKat was kind of a downside. He played very well around him and I thought healing him early wasn't good enough now with only 3hp I get back. It was not entirely the correct call. I did win the initiative by that, but he got taken out on point later on. Overall I think vKat is still worth it (in the end it's only 1hp less per turn), but my opponent played well enough to deny him. Crucible was crucial in this game! My opponent was troubled by her aura and on a side note: She is a nice counter to Graves with his bleed We both agreed, that GICs are a cool thing and we want to have all 3 for each guild to have a better picture of the overall impact on the game and balance.
  11. Feuerkelch

    Odd Man Out

    Bushel used I'm Open on Harrow who was inside Granges aura gaining an additional die on his Kick, so he could make the pass with more safety. I might have put it in the wrong words. What I meant was Grange supported that play beeing safer with the additional die. (god I missed so many passes with 2 dice in the past...)
  12. Feuerkelch

    Odd Man Out

    With the new OP Rules Captains and Mascots have to be picked before rolling for Kick-Off. So from now on you can't choose the captain based on kicking or receiving anymore. Since the roster is increased we can take all 10 Farmers with ease, but what if is actually true that Farmers can field Benny and Grace? Making a choice for the fielded 6 we have to look against which guild we are playing. I personally like Thresher a bit more over Grange, since he brings speed, counters unpredictable Movement and take a player out with only a tooled up from Harrow. Better suited for kicking he can get work done while receiveing, too. Millstone pushing forward increases his threat and a nice Pass'n'Move makes it possible to Score in turn 1. So Thresher would be my choice against faster and weaker Teams. Against Teams who like to create a big scrum like Brewers it's obvious that Grange would excell. So both earned their spot in the roster. Further auto-includes are Harrow, Tater, Millstone and Buckwheat for sure. Jackstraw is awesome with 3/3 INF and planting near the opponent for Threshers big swing! He gets into the rooster and with Thresher on the field all the time. Remaining are Windle, Bushel and Peck. Windle can really punch people, but he needs some work to set him up. On the other side he excells with Grange in those scurms. Not much Movement is done and he can make 6 attacks per turn, creating a huge threat whilst denying MP for the opponent if he wants to take Windle out. I only played Bushel and Peck once yet, but Bushel really showed her strength to me. Played her against Hunters and she was positioned in cover, 4" away from Harrow and in reach for a sprint and goal kick. Harrow kept the ball within countercharge range of Tater. The team was led by Grange enabling Bushel to use I'm Open and scoring in the same activation, when necessary. This might sound like a complex setup, but it's quite easy to achieve and sustain with Farmers I think. Last one is Peck. I think he is a nice counter to KD-Control. Brewers might not like him and maybe Masons and Engineers, too. But we can mitigate KD with Millstone and Buckwheat is too strong to ignore. So my choice of dropping a model from the rooster would be Peck, if Farmers get their hands on Union in exchange.
  13. So in a test game with Farmers I charged Seenah with Tater and made 6 Net-Hits. I selected Mow Down and for the wrap the . Can I trigger Sweeping Charge or does her Tough Hide negate the damage and as such the Sweeping Charge?
  14. Feuerkelch

    How To Play the Condition Game?

    I had some great success with Venin in a condition based lineup: Smoke, Naja, Calc, VetKat, Venin, Vitriol. Usually at the end of turn 1 5 of 6 enemy players are poisoned. Depending on the situation of the field you can put some bleed out with Venin in turn 1, too. VetKat deals tons of damage and your main targets are enemies without Tough Hide. I usually keep my Legendary back for some time until my opponent forgets to keep his players above 5 HP, when a late Smoke Activation can kill them with Legendary + Poison damage. Even now in S3 Vitriol deals a nice amount of damage with her charge. She's just not OP anymore. The point in Naja is to team up with Venin. If you get lucky with the Plot Cards she can charge for free in one turn and I try to set up combos at the end and start of each turn. So Venin activates late to apply bleed. Next turn Naja charges the target next to him for a nice chunk of damage (usually 5 dmg with 4 net hits). Combining it with the 5 damage from conditions (Poison + Bleed) it is a total of 10 damage which are not easy to avoid. It is not easy to play kill-conidtions, but with patience and well calculated strikes you can get some TOs. The biggest change to this strategy is the reduce of VP for killed mascots. Not getting 2 VP for almost free anymore makes it harder to find targets, but as the others above already said: Smoke is a nice goal threat, too. So overall you will not win with kills only, but with a mixture of goals and kills