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  1. 3 major points. This has some crossover with other arguments for changing the play back. 1. If you aren't interested in competitive, then why are you so concerned with power level? I understand you are new, and I welcome you to the game, but please play around some more. Your 3-0 goal is best served with Shark. That hasn't changed. 2. Yes, eratta is meant to make things more balanced. They are also meant to correct mistakes. If something is warping the game to a direction the designers don't want it to go, then eratta is one of the ways to handle it. All of us barring a couple factions have felt the sting of a piece get modified downwards on power level. 3. My "jagged hook" name was more of a commentary on what truly bugs me the most about the theming concerns. It's insincere. The real problem is the power level going down, and that's what is hurting people the most. Own that this is what you are trying to change, and then justify why you should be at the power level. Don't give me this "theming" excuse because the previous "theming" was driving other folks away! Addendum: When I say competitive players will just play Corsair... That does not mean that you should switch to Corsair to solve your issues. It's meant to show that competitive players have no faction loyalty when it comes to captains and teams. The top 10% will always bring what they think is the best to tournaments and higher level play. If your favorite guild gets an adjustment down, more often than not people just abandon the faction. It's all the negatives of the bandwagon effect with none of the positives. A big ole game of whack a mole. If you truly love Shark, you can still win with them. I encourage you to keep playing them. You will still have fun doing so.
  2. I get it Tehlon. No matter what logic will get thrown at you, you seem to react the same way. Might as well have said "Like Reacts Only" at the beginning of the post instead of actually welcoming challenges. Shark will come back... eventually. The only thing I can agree with you is that Steamforged hasn't seem to nail down what is an acceptable power level for a captain. It's obviously more than a regular player, but obviously less than double the output of one player.
  3. "When you don't have the balance, argue the theme. When you can't argue the theme, argue the balance." -Some Guy I am not sure what can be said. If you want viable 3-0 strategies you are still best served by Shark. You will just have to try a bit more and actually play against an opponent able to respond. The common perception was that Footballing was too good ... leading to fairly non-intuitive interactions on the pitch. The competitive Folk have can just play Corsair. They were doing it anyway. As for your theme? Just call it "Jagged Hook!!" and keep it -1 Def. There. Theme discussion over, It's a fishing term.
  4. You are joking right? When they say they had x-ray vision, it was followed with a joke about humans being meat popsicles. I didn't take it seriously and it seemed that was the intention. I am surprised people play the game this long and don't see it becoming even a little bit stale. I've been playing for 2 years. I got into this game when PP malaise was at an all-time high for me due to lack of changes and stagnation. GB had just released erratta to fix models. Actual balance eratta. I was over the moon with this game! PP changed its tune, but by then Guild Ball had already stolen the show. Now I was afraid , even petrified, that Guild Ball (was) trending towards that side of the stagnation fence. I never thought that Steamforged could ever do the game wrong... But the game is strong. It's not invulnerable, just needs some tending to get along now and then. And the game is not unique. It's special in that it's a great game, but it's not so special that it won't fall prey to the same pitfalls other games trudge and fall through. Mainly stagnation and the lack of addressing problems that (what you call minority) players have with the game.
  5. Good Episode, Good Chemistry. Still improving with every episode.
  6. The CC pair is a mixed bag, maybe it's because I play Masons but I hardly have that hard of a time stopping it in some form. Aye. That's right. I forgot about the double activations. I stand corrected.
  7. Slower teams lose a lot when they don't receive the ball. Faster teams can afford to kick without putting themselves at much disadvantage, since the trend has generally been faster teams tend to have better kick stats meaning they can guide the ball better and have the speed to capitalize on that placement. Brewers,Hunters and Mason's I feel like it's uphill unless I get the ball. Alchemists and Fish I don't care because they trivially get the ball back.
  8. I like the removal of the VP system, as all of my second/third place finishes have never felt fully deserved, even if I did make the attempt to win every game, and every non-podium finish after losing to the top player during the top-table stung mighty fierce. I don't think we are full list-chicken yet. We are still drafting from a team of 10, and if enough models get released for factions that can change or better react to the current team composition then it may be a non-issue in the long run. As for the Captain-Select-First, it does feel like a targeted slap in the face to the Fish. I do think this is as targeted a change as Steamforged will allow as to not invalidate any purchases of the Season 3 Card Packs. I'd say overall a good change.
  9. Trygle

    Season 3 is not for Brewers

    Keep on persevering. Brewers are still a keg full of fun!
  10. Trygle

    Season 3 is not for Brewers

    I am having a great time if you take all of my Teams and average them out. If you only look at my Brewers then you can say I've been doing rather There is no room for error on a Brewer's lineup as there is with footballing teams... and much of what you say is happening (dodges everywhere, movement shenanigans aside from dodges, non-ball dependent movement) are what Brewers don't have. The end result is just watching people flip across the field and hoping that they get close enough to counterattack a KD effect on them forcing them to spend another MOM. so they can stand-up and do their thing anyway. Here's hoping we get Lucky with something to stop that.
  11. Trygle

    What do you love about the Hunters?

    At this point in the game: The Models and their theme. Everything else falls flat for me.
  12. Trygle

    Season 4 wishlist

    I would wager they will be optional modules for the future. It's lot of testing, since a lot of models had those designations before hand. Though Steamforged has shown that they are not afraid to swap those words around on a card. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ My only wishlist is to either take all that free flowing dodginess that teams have access to and spread it to the other teams a bit better. -or- Make it so there is more an element of risk when you dodge out. Whether it be a set percentage of chance to fail the dodge or set percentage chance of having it not generate MOM , etc, etc. Right now you can charge in at someone, dodge out pretty reliably and not have to avoid any sort of counterplay from the opponent. It's a tremendously fun power trip if you have that going for you, it's a great challenge if the team you are playing against can do it as well...and it's a miserable experience if the opposing team can't do anything about it.
  13. Trygle

    Preliminary Season 3 Power Rankings

    Simple. Always on smashed shins
  14. Trygle

    Preliminary Season 3 Power Rankings

    I think my Ale/stone tinted glasses is warping my perspective a bit...But I agree as well.
  15. Trygle

    What's your S3 NPE?

    So after playing other Teams on Vassal and off Vassal.(Except for Morts because EWWWWW) My feels are as follows: The kicking game is currently too easy for teams that are tuned for it. (This does NOT mean that a kicking-centric game is bad, but that the parity is bad) Models that are hyper-mobile and have tremendous amounts of reach, tend to also be difficult to pin down and deal with when they do screw up. They also have the ability to dictate when the flow of the game gets started, without losing much control to begin with. There are no point costs, so very little penalty in always choosing said models (not that there should be a penalty) There needs to be more interaction or alternative means of holding onto the ball OR a method of limiting dodges. One of the two. All teams need to be up the field to do their thing, but oft times that just gives the active player more of a springboard than an obstacle. The game is just slightly over-tuned to kicking right now, and while it's not as bad as S2 was over-tuned to killing.... it's left some teams in the 'no-fun sandbag' corner.