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  1. Ranthoron

    Adepticon Events?

    Sean Dooley should, but he's so bad at organizing events that I don't think he does. He's getting better with promoting events, but the organizing part just isn't there.
  2. Ranthoron

    Steam Con US: What's the News?

    So as far as the "Who?" on who gets impersonated, they gave us a choice to design Blackheart, Shark, Obulous, Ox, Midas, or Ballista. So, I'm assuming the list of squadies will be 4 of those (again, maybe one is the mascot). And those two you mention would be the most thematic (I would think) for the crossover models. Maybe Friday as a knife thrower. Also, it was Kid Blackharrrrt, emphasis on the Arrr.
  3. Ranthoron

    Rookie Player

    Don't forget to put your Harvest Markers down. And make sure they'll be usable by the players that need them. But mostly just don't forget.
  4. Ranthoron

    Steam Con US: What's the News?

    The LE cards were printed correctly, so if you really want to get correct cards at Steamcon UK, look for those cards. But it looks like everyone who bought them will get corrected packs. For the Entertainers Guild, all of the squadies (maybe the mascot too?) will be impersonating captains from Season 1. As someone who was in the session, I apologize for not steering us away from going full Spirit Bear. 'Murica. <shakes head>
  5. Ranthoron

    S4 Spoiler for Smoke and Vitriol

    It is the character play infused, except it auto hits and can target more then one enemy. In Magical Christmas Land, she can hop into the middle of a scrum using her smoke bomb and cloud jumper, hit herself twice with Chemical Breeze hitting all 6 opposing models with both conditions, legendary, reap 6 momentum, then all opposing models take 3 from fire and poison. Three influence. Of course, for that to happen, Smoke has to go last for turn, and you will pay for it if you don't go first next turn, but you did just get 6 momentum. So, go first, smoke bomb/cloud jump out, infuse twice, and jog or sprint away. Or don't run and get some momentum. Smoke damage is only diceless on her legendary. And Vitriol, with one momentum, 3 influence, and not engaged but with an enemy in 4 inches: Heroic. Take fire off of Enemy, free charge ball carrier. If you wrap, momentous tackle and momentous 2 inch dodge. Clone, Shoot ball. Again, Magical Christmas Land, but not unbelievable. And if you need to bounce off of someone to get to the ball carrier, >< on 2, and clone on 3 (if they counter), both momentous. The big thing is, she can charge for either one momentum or free with not a difficult setup for alchemists to create.
  6. Ranthoron

    Falconers Guild changes for S4

    They do say in the article that Ikaros was the only Falconer to change. Now, since Egret is a Hunter, not a Falconer, it is still possible that she changes, but Mataagi and Minerva are staying as they are.
  7. Ranthoron

    Been away for too long, what have I missed?

    I'm pretty sure it's now an actor, and that the Hat wouldn't have abandoned him until he was actually dead. Although I think the actor is miffed that he has to pretend he rose from the dead.
  8. Ranthoron

    Canadian National (Western) Championship

    That is a motivating Factor.
  9. Ranthoron

    Veteran Fangtooth

    It's only for 3 attacks at most. It's not that bad. If Broken Ties wasn't there, yeah, new Thresher Farmers.
  10. Ranthoron

    Falconers Delayed until 3rd Aug

    The crew decided to go straight to GenCon, which, not being near a large body of water with ocean access, has made things . . . complicated.
  11. Ranthoron

    Ratcatchers Launch Event With Butchers

    Beloved creature does not trigger on an advance. So, I would take that parting blow all day every day. Best way to get damage on the dog.
  12. Ranthoron

    Faithful of Solthesius in May

    I would prefer if this character play were called something else, just so it could be used by other big bruisers. Simulates a good clonk on the head stunning someone, and you could put it on there higher up the playbook with some damage to be a great clonk on the head.
  13. 2/0 furious, with 0 cost character plays. Calling it now. This is, of course, sarcasm. Unless I'm right.
  14. Ranthoron

    New Player takes to the Field

    We Chicagoan's and Chicago Suburbanites will be at SteamCon in numbers, but, if you don't find us, we mostly arrange things in our Facebook Group. The following link or searching for "Chicagoland Guild Ball" will get you where you need to go. https://www.facebook.com/groups/145805579110170/ We usually meet on Mondays at the Oak Park Gaming Goat, or Grognard Games on Tuesdays. There was a group in the Northern Suburbs, but I'm not sure how much Guild Ball is being played up there anymore.
  15. Ranthoron

    SteamCon US. Let's hang out.

    You will not be alone.