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  1. How soon was your first tournament

    My first tournament game was my third or fourth game. I had played Warmachine for awhile, so I felt comfortable in a tournament setting, and I also wasn't concerned about my results. In fact, I assumed I was going to get stomped all day. Went 1-3, and learned quite a bit. Which, for your first outing, is all you should worry about.
  2. Chicago to Austin is just under $250. I know, because I booked yesterday. At least, if you leave out of O'hare. Which for me, living less then a mile away from O'hare, is really the only choice. Most relevant bit for @RedSam though is, there is a Chicago based room you could split.
  3. 'Summer's Harvest' - Bloomington, IL July 29th

    <drops to knees> Nooooooooooooooo!!!
  4. Flask could be a part of this too, but he's not as bad as those two.
  5. Not any more.
  6. Sacrificing enjoyment of the game for a statistic?

    Except @VanV. He has no idea what you're talking about.
  7. Sacrificing enjoyment of the game for a statistic?

    I'm going to go ahead and point out that the previous comment was a Chicago guy saying it was cool to just sit back and be social. But yeah, most of us in Chicago are ruthless tournament demons. But if you catch us outside of the game, we're usually pretty cool people to socialize with.
  8. While the Iron is hot!

    I'm sure a concentrated assault will bring Anvil down, but it'd probably be easier to find a way to hit the apprentices like Sledge then try to remove this guy.
  9. Minx vs Decimate

    Going to have to agree with Akaleth for the most part, with a few caveats. It does depend on what captain you're running. Brisk3t and Blackheart are both looking for the better ball handling (On My Mark or I'm Open), while vRage would prefer the furious charge and battery. Decimate can do quite a bit of damage under Bloody Coin or My Gang, as long as you have the influence. When I've used Decimate with vRage, she's stayed just out of the action until the round after Harry or Gutter go down, then get's their influence to keep the pain train a runnin'. Of course, the same can be done with Minx. I've also had some problems with Minx being controlled by a 2 in melee model engaging her. So, they fill slightly different roles IMO, but, you can cut one to keep the other, you just have to decide what priority you want to have.
  10. Steamcon USA

    Yeah, I'm not sure any input at this point would really matter, but I think I support Nashville now just to annoy #BanSammons.
  11. Strictly the Worst: Episode 11!

    Many have said this. Few have succeeded.
  12. Katalyst

    Which would you prefer? Because you get to choose. You also don't have to push them anywhere. So you can do one attack on a model and pule before pushing 0 inches, then do a second attack on the same model, and push 4 inches and then pulse, hopefully catching new models.
  13. Crucible

    If you're playing oKat and Harry with Midas, you have two sources of Fire, so if she does something to enhance that damage or a play like Intensify (or just Intensify) She should work just fine for Midas.
  14. Season 3 - What do you think?

    I'd pay $2 to get a seat in the stadium.
  15. Strictly the Worst: Episode 5!

    Just when he travels with Jordan. Same for Pat.