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  1. Correct, it's only once per turn. You also can't benefit from condition removal via come on mate if you've already been healed (or vice versa). If you want a reference it's in the electronic rulebook on page 45
  2. Megaladon


    Momentum is not used for passing. You can pass if you have influence left.
  3. Oh, sorry, too much Christmas cheer, I misread the question :-) You can't take a breather after an attack but before the counter, no. The counter happens "after resolving the attack" (rulebook pg 43) so you're unable to declare other actions before he makes his counter.
  4. No, charge is one action (sprint + attack), and you can't take a breather in the middle of it. The fact you take damage from minefield makes no difference here.
  5. A game against New-Dan from the club, it was only his 2nd game so more of a training game. Brewers - Kick-off 6 Union - Blackheart, Strongbox, Gutter, Decimate, Mist, Benny Tapper kicks off, decimate retrieves and gets smashed for her trouble. Score 2-0 to brewers Mist scores, Blackheart kills Friday then moves up to beat on Spigot, only for both of them to get barrel lobbed by Stave, score 6-2 to Union: Tapper moves into the centre to try and hold, only to be Scything Blow'd 4 times by Gutter, Blackheart then moves back up to finish him off. Later this turn Mist gets KO'd by a tooled up Hooper (needing 5's on the charge due to def stance, Hooper manages to wrap and get a total of 9 damage - ouch!). Score 8-4 to the Union: Brewers kick off see the ball sat on the cat at the side of the pitch, Mist comes back on hoping to retrieve and score but fluffs his tackle so can only hoof it back into the middle of the pitch towards Benny, who snaps it. Friday, Hooper, Cat, and Spigot pile into Mist, leaving him knocked down, crowded out, and on one health at the end of turn 3. Benny goes first turn 4, sprints up with the ball, smacks Stave around a bit, then pops it in the net for the win with a 3 dice tap-in (sorry no pics, we were running low on time). Final score 12-4 to Union. Scum was not happy with the loss:
  6. Megaladon

    Rage's Revenge vs the Fish

    A game vs Alex at the Heroic Play event in Nuneaton last weekend. Union lineup: vRage, Strongbox, Benediction, Gutter, Mist, Minx Fish lineup: Shark, The Idiot Weasel, Greyscales, Sakana, Siren, Angel Beginning of turn two: the battle lines are drawn (Angel died to Rage T1) - following this Shark charges into rage and gets slapped down, Siren, seeing this, retreats back to her goal line. Gutter and Sakana face off in the battle of Anatomical Precision, before he escapes Gutter wears down Sakana enough that he can be taken out easily later. With Siren hiding in the backfield, the fish are unable to break through Benediction's triple line of defense (braced, cover, poised) in time, and lose to 6 takeouts. Final score - 12-0 to union.
  7. Megaladon

    New and need advice for an up coming event.

    Hey, welcome to the game! I think you posted in the wrong forum, this is to do with the ongoing "Union in Chains" event so you're unlikely to get much advice - suggest you try reposting in the Brewers team subforum here: http://forums.steamforged.com/forum/19-brewers-guild/ I suck with brewers so no particular advice, but good luck at the tournament :-)
  8. Vet Rage Union vs Farmers with Jay from the club. Union lineup: vRage, Strongbox, Benediction, Mist, Minx, and Gutter Farmers lineup: Grange, Peck, Bushel, Tater, Jack Straw, and Harrow Mist kicks off, and Peck retrieves, hoofing the ball way behind his own goal line with a missed pass and 6" scatter: The scrum develops in the middle, unfortunately Strongbox forgets about Counter charge and gets his whole team knocked down! Farmers win the scrub ;-) Mist gets the ball, ready to score next turn, but loses initiative and gets taken out by a returning Tater. Final score: 12-4 to Farmers.
  9. If Bushel uses cabbage point, then bonus times a kick which fails, does she get the extra bonus time dice for the reroll "for free" essentially (as she's already bonus timed it), or must she bonus time it again if she wants the extra dice? I think it's the latter, but an official confirmation either way would be useful :-) Cheers. Edit: actually I'm not so sure it has to be bonus timed again, wording for bonus time is "When resolving a TN test, a model may spend [1] MP to add a single die to the dice-pool before rolling. This may only be done once per TN test after all other modifiers to the dice-pool have been factored in." - presumably if you're rerolling the kick, the dice-pool has already been generated with the extra bonus time dice, and it's not regenerated for the second attempt (since its a reroll and not a different shot).
  10. Megaladon

    Obstructions and Movement

    If you're touching it you can sprint (charge) away from it, as per the collected clarifications thread. "A model in base contact with but not on top of an obstacle may move away from the terrain piece without counting as moving over it." You cannot move your opponents models onto/over an obstruction (main rulebook page 48). You could push them in such a way that there are no valid charge lanes around the obstacle and negate a charge that way, but presumably that's not what you meant.
  11. Megaladon

    jackstraw end of activation timing

    Yes, basically you have to declare it as an action, which you can't do after your activation, so can't be done after you've scored as that immediately ends your activation. The Lieutenant gives a decent explanation over a couple of posts in the Honour/Harmony thread I linked earlier. Although I agree with Fearlord and it definitely feels like it should be on the second list. The wording of TLS and Linked are different however "At the end of its activation" rather than "When this models activation ends," so maybe this difference is intentional? Looking through the list just now, I've just noticed that the wording of The Last Straw is identical to that used in Back to the Shadows, so presumably this would also need moving if TLS is.
  12. Megaladon

    jackstraw end of activation timing

    I don't think it's possible to use the teleport. The Last Straw is currently ruled as an "active trait that a player may choose to use during a model's activation" (see here) and since your activation ends immediately upon scoring a goal (s3 rulebook pg 27) you're unable to declare/use it. This is similar to the discussion around Linked last season (here), which led Linked to be changed into a passive trait so that it would work (it's been again in s3 to an "active trait a player may choose to use when the defined requirement are satisfied" so it still works - presumably this would be an easy fix for The Last Straw if it was intended he could jump after a goal). As it stands it's not possible to use however.
  13. Megaladon

    Well that kinda hurt - July 2017 errata

    I was at an event this weekend, took 2nd. I used Corsair in all my match-ups so won't comment on Shark. Skip to the end for the TL:DR G1 vs Hammer Masons: Took Corsair, Tentacool, oSiren, Sakana, Hag, A&G - 12-5 to me (2 goals, 2 takeouts) oSiren didn't do much this game, she wandered off up the flank into cover, where my opponent surrounded her with all of his returning players. She didn't escape, but I didn't make any effort to do so, since she was delaying half his team. A&G were amazing, working in conjunction with Corsair their increased damage output let me take out Hammer, Brick & Tower with relative ease. I usually find Tough Hide a pain to deal with for Corsair, but the dynamic duo cut through it with ease. G2 vs Smoke Alchemists: Took Corsair, Tentacool, vSiren, Hag, Sakana, Greyscales - 8-2 to me @ dice down (1 goal, 2 takeouts) vSiren was fine here, she charged up the middle, sitting in cover, and being a pain before threatening a goal to finish it off (which never happened due to round time). She took 2 inf each turn and turned it into 2 mom and a Dread Gaze. Definitely no longer a damage dealer, but she's still wrapping on the charge with good target choice. G3 vs Pinvice Engineers: Took Corsair, Tentacool, Hag, Sakana, Greyscales, A&G - 4-12 to my opponent (2 takeouts) So I basically made a couple of stupid mistakes early on, allowing my opponent to get his 2nd goal by 1st activation turn 2. I could have gotten more points, but took some risks to try and claw it back. My first game without either Siren in months, so that was interesting! A&G were a beast again, tag-teaming with the big C to flatten Velocity and Pinvice in a turn and were left licking their lips at KD'd Colossus at the start of turn 3 before I had to give up and actually go after the ball. G4 vs Pinvice Engineers: Took Corsair, Tentacool, Hag, Sakana, Greyscales, A&G - 12-11 to me (2 goals, 2 takeouts) I was 8-2 up here, with 2 of my opponents players on not much health (with reanimate up) when he took out Greede. Boy does Avarice's damage output plummet once the little man's off the table. He feels much worse than before when by himself because he can't even pop up singled out or a KD, leaving him stuck doing 1-2 damage a hit. Summary: A&G - Amazing damage output, great knockdowns, however an extremely short & linear threat range. You *need* to keep Greede alive which can be difficult, as you typically need 1 inf on him to move him (either pick up or sprint), and 1 to singled out. You can only really have him attached between rounds if you're already in position before you activate, which is tricky due to their move stats. They're also insanely inf hungry if you want to get the best from them so you likely won't be scoring much on turns you go for the beat down (if you load up both them and Corsair, you're left with 2 for the rest of the team). Before I used them mostly as a set-up piece for Corsair, popping out some SO and KD, so activation order was occasionally tricky. There's far less of a problem with this now that they can do so much by themselves. oSiren - Hard to say as I didn't use her much; I never liked to play her into female captains anyway, so the fact I didn't take her doesn't reflect on any of the changes. I missed having 4 inf the one turn I had any on her; it makes charging in to trigger Seduced just that little bit more risky without the safety-margin of a spare attack to dodge out. More testing needed but I don't see myself dropping her from the list in match-ups where I'd have taken her previously :-) vSiren - She's definitely lost damage, and I'll forever mourn her 4x wraps when properly set up, but she's still got a lot of tools in Dread Gaze, speed, ability to disengage, escaping fate, and easy momentum generation. Previously I'd have taken her into Engineers (probably instead of Sakana), but with the extra output from A&G I don't think she's needed. She's still in my list against more beaty teams. Overall I think the changes either help or at least are neutral for Corsair, at least until people learn to deal with A&G anyway :-)
  14. Megaladon

    Noob asking for your help!

    The great thing about fish is they're all pretty good (maybe with the exception of angel although some people like her). Your list will work fine. Corsair will struggle to output much damage against some of the high armour models the masons have, so make sure to use Sakana's weak point to reduce armour, and use your 2" melee to get lots of crowdouts as lk-tornado says. Tough hide models are also difficult to deal with, you are probably best off just ignoring them rather than trying to kill them (or just use them for momentum). Ideally you want to target the weaker players if going for takeouts (chisel, harmony, etc) but sometimes this can't happen so you have to grind them out. Be careful of siren around honour, as she'll eat her for breakfast, and watch out for counter charge on brick/marbles which can be game ending if you're not expecting it. It can be a good idea to engage those two, just to stop that happening. Corsair and siren can both get around the close control on Flint, and Corsair and greyscales are good places to hide it and stop your opponent getting it back. You'll likely struggle to outfight masons until you get a bit more experience with how the list works, so you want to be aiming for 2 goals. Think about how to get these goals all the time, trying to fight instead of scoring is the biggest mistake I see new players do. Or you could try shark for a totally different, fast paced, 3 goal game :-)
  15. Megaladon

    Snapping to kickoff team in formation

    Sorry to belabour the point, but i think it's important to be entirely clear and I'm not sure what you mean by satisfying the requirements of the kick off. According to page 10 of the rulebook, if the ball ends within the kickers side of the pitch, then it can be given to any player on the receiver's side. It being completely within the receiver's side is irrelevant to this rule. As per your above ruling (and others, i.e. on returning to the pitch) a receiving model on the half way line who snaps the ball is within the kickers side of the pitch, and therefore the ball can be given to any player on the receiver's team. Is this correct?