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  1. Season 4 momentous abilities replaced the old teamwork actions and with that there's no indication on pass & move that you must be targeting a friendly model with the pass. Pass & move now says 'After a successful pass, either the passing model or the receiving model may spend 1 MP to make a 4" dodge.' Can we successfully pass to space and spend 1 MP to make a dodge?
  2. OK look guys Layne has to go morticians. You guys lost your meme potential when Bonesaw got good. Do it for the memes. Legalize Layne.
  3. Ik-tornado

    vSakana Rules Revealed

    Being more than 4" won't save them either. In the most extreme case sakana can be 2" from the low Def model directly between them and the ball carrier, and 4" from ball carrier so they'd have to be more than 7" from their friend to be mostly safe (there's wraps to increase but that's magical Christmas). Realistically 5-6" from friends is going to be threatened with the safest spots being the low Def model being directly between the ball carrier and sakana, forcing him to go around to reach.
  4. Ik-tornado

    vSakana Rules Revealed

    That's engineers flavor it seems. Fish have answers to it in extreme speed and dodges, as well as lure.
  5. Ik-tornado

    Keeping the ball safe

    Distance, Piper is good since he can support from a distance while still threatening a goal with reverie. Skulk in the corner is the best traditionally, decent defense, a good counter attack, hard to get away from, and if activating early can pay an influence to add a tax to kicks.
  6. Ik-tornado

    The Navigator's Guild

    Well he'll have the rerolls on the back as well. Likely someone will have to be dropped for oSiren
  7. Ik-tornado

    Squeak - I'm so confused how to use him

    After 10 tournament games now, more than anything Squeak is the disappointing link in the rats. Every time I see a possible play it's 1 inf short or just plain out of range. Of those ten games and my practice games Squeak has only done something useful twice. Once piper used his tag along to get an extra die. Not really necessary but it maximized the odds. The other time he finally got a dreadful shriek on Rage. This would have been followed up by a Piper ring out but I used up all the luck. Right now I'd trade Squeak for basically any 6/8 MOV mascot. It's just so damn slow! I really like the concept of its ideal plays just the opportunity is so rare when so much of his movement relies on tag along.
  8. Ik-tornado

    S4 arrives october 12th

    I wish steamcons were separated by 6 months as a way to curb the us vs. them mentality, but then I'm sure there'd still be something that would result in fear of missing out complaints. Anyway s4 is hype, I'm excited for it. I'm out!
  9. Ik-tornado

    S4 arrives october 12th

    Remember when SCUS got plenty of news as well last year? I don't think they'll have run out of announcements. Plus you'll get all 3 days to play season 4!
  10. Ik-tornado

    Any tips for speeding up your play?

    If you're of legal age drink a few beers, then play on clock. Much like texting an ex, the beer will help stop you from deciding something is a bad idea. But really though just play on clock (when first starting maybe run a longer clock) and play frequently enough. Eventually you'll just know what you want to do in various scenarios.
  11. Ik-tornado


    Besides just pose 50mm helps him intercept missed dervish passes.
  12. Ik-tornado

    Gencon - Welcome to the Pitch

    I'm not running the event, but based on the cost to the company being the same regardless of team chosen I imagine it is any team they have in metal. You'll have everything that's needed with a single metal team if you're crafty and familiar with miniatures. A pitch not included means you'll either make your own, measure out the table for each game set up, or buy one (on or off brand). Also not included would be dice, measuring tools, tokens, glue, or paints. Maybe I can use my pundit privilege and tag @Zach Stein who may be able to give an official answer
  13. Ik-tornado


    The only instance I would include Bonesaw is if I had already accepted defeat. In this case he's a desperation pick hoping that everything comes up lucky for me. Unlike the good TAC 4 strikers his ball threat tops off at 9" (without assistance of buffs Flint can threaten a ball 13", Velocity 11", Friday 11", Mist 12-16") not helping is 9" is the maximum threat on ball within the rats besides a couple of plays by Piper. Then he doesn't do much of anything without the ball. So him, Angel, and to a lesser extent Bushel and Egret (though at least they can do damage) just paddle the sad striker boat until season 4 potentially saves them
  14. Ik-tornado

    Being accused of cheating

    I've never had an experience like that, usually there's just reactions when peoples own dice are perceived to roll poorly. People start getting irrational when they are perceiving dice one way or the other, which can be seen with the 6s comment. In reality the 6 doesn't even make it a better roll if you need 4s. Anyway if he complains about yours being too good, I'd just offer to let him roll with them. When he still complains then it will be obvious it's all in his head. Dice games aren't for everyone
  15. Ik-tornado

    [Bonesaw] Football Dervish

    On a successful pass, the receiving model may not make a teamwork action but instead pass back. This doesn't stop Bonesaw, the kicking model, from making a teamwork action though. On a successful pass back either may make a teamwork action. The rule is old, but the rule is for the current set of rules so it is still in effect.