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  1. Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    Also my Shark/Greyscales scenarios were assuming you have 1MP so you can make the goal shot afterwards. Slippery can let you get that momentum in case you don't have it at the same threat distance as without though. I've also come around on pay to win as well. Don't think about how momentum hungry it is, think of the momentum it saves you. You can now choose to not bonus time every shot, but instead choose to add dice after you find out if you need it.
  2. Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    When playing shark the game is decided by if you can reach the ball for the third time. An extra 2" on demand each turn is an amazing threat. Right now Shark can have one shot at a tackle within 15" by spending 3 to surge and 1 to run, with slippery you gain efficiency which will net you a momentous dodge and a second chance in case you fail the tackle. Alternatively he can get one chance within 17" now. Same exact story with Greyscales except change the numbers to 13" and 15". Sakana gets a real counter attack and the whole guild becomes incredibly able to shut down a stack of INF if the opponent can't buy a dodge or get a KD immediately, which is way more valuable than a heal imo. Siren and Sakana both have difficulty disengaging on a single attack but not with this GIC. My using Salt with the ball engaged by boar at the top of a turn now doesn't need 2 successes on an attack to get the goal (I've had this exact scenario multiple times). The fact that you have it in your pocket at all times can be huge too. Yes it's more of the same, but that's the guild identity and it's main deal is being more efficient than the tools we currently have. Changing it to an always on 1" at the start would be a boring reduction to offensive threat to me and removes defensive uses entirely.
  3. Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    Much much worse imo. Reduces versatility in one category for versatility in our less picked results. Would make Angel, and the the Corsair boat a bit better, but I think the Corsair boat has plenty of options.
  4. Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    I really like slippery besides the fact I can't super sumo with it. Between offering the best counter attacks in game and the amount of added ball retrieval I think it has huge potential for Shark teams. Makes me want to play him again which is what I hope for any GIC outcome
  5. Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    Slippery fishes makes Sakana's free counter attack good for once as now on 1 hit he can disengage. Most models, where before he needed 4 hits to disengage maybe half.
  6. GIC General Theory Thread 

    I wish slippery fishes didn't say "guild" this would be a much bigger boon to the shark ring out game if so. I mean it's not bad though. I'll miss the shenanigans of deflection. Pay to win is curious. I'm much more pleased with the Butcher and union cards. Edit: also rip my interest in Windle. The new Farmers card I'll have to think about if I like it or not. Depends on if it will let me cut out a planter.
  7. Which templates are worth having?

    That's a lot of templates. Honestly I think the best combo to own is a 6"/4"/2"/1" widget, a 5"/3"/2"/1" and a set of the official templates which come with the scatters and a 3"/2"/1" widget. Spray paint the back of your official widgets to make the clear material easy to read (and hard to lose at events!) And pack a couple proxy bases. That should be plenty to play with. In my kit I also have a set of 30mm wide 4"-10" measuring sticks by broken egg for more speedy straight line measurements. Steppers just sound slow and unnecessary so I've yet to even try them.
  8. GIC General Theory Thread 

    If I play a game for more than 1 hour it's rarely because there's a memorable back and forth. I can actually only think of 3 games in S3 where this was the case for me, 2 as Brewers 1 as Corsair. Typically it's just another 20 minutes of snowballing. You have said "wouldn't you want it to take as long as possible?" My answer is no. I want it to be around 1 hour plus or minus maybe 10 minutes, because the 30-45 minutes saved can go towards another rousing game of GB. Basically "If you enjoy GB wouldn't you want to play more games?" Also in regards to the quick models all getting nerfed. Yeah I think that is super unfortunate as I love rush styles where you burn out all your resources quick and hope to hang on long enough to close it out. Now I feel I only have Honour, Blacksmiths, and Thresher left who all have a more stable late game which doesn't give me that glorious anxiety of closing the game out. The last section I quoted (except the removed parts) I agree with, but don't see it as an issue but instead a play style.
  9. Hearth Preview

    Goodnight sweet Furnace or Anvil depending on matchups. Cinder with the near auto ranged tackle sounds dirty, especially when she passes it back to someone and both dodge. Iron and Ferrite with 2" is crazy.
  10. Who should kick off?

    Ferrite captain kick off. 5 on Ferrite, 2 on Anvil, 4 on Iron, 1 on Furnace or Cinder. Jog sledge and your other 0 INF character, if furnace got INF give tooled up to iron, anvil does iron is hot on everyone. If cinder has INF and someone is in range of cinder hot shot use her. Ferrite legendary> get over here>go score. Then Iron beats down someone and wins momentum.
  11. Somewhat, but if it was a gotcha mistake or not will be revealed with their reaction when you declare your opportunity for unpredictable movement.
  12. Fluff And gameplay (where's shark now)

    I dunno I'm not the creator I was thinking of throwing up a mock up i'd like better
  13. Fluff And gameplay (where's shark now)

    Being separate will increase tough hides effectiveness though
  14. Tater is overrated

    Probably! I have always run pure guild so I never have INF woes, but I think he's always a great player to load up. Good luck on the next time you use him!
  15. Breaking down the Morticians - Captains

    I got a friend who's relatively new, started with Morts, and is looking to play competitive. Shared it with him as I think the puppet master sections and weaknesses are worth pointing out, and hope you keep it coming!