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  1. G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Not sure if mentioned yet but just noticed Lucky's playbook is wrong. It's a copy of Harmony's Nvm I was informed this is a glitch that happens when you look at a player before another one.
  2. G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Goad on Jac is listed in the app as range S
  3. Printmakr for Steamcon creations

    It's probably a really high resolution and mostly for industrial use, and are looking to profit while the library is nonprofit. Unless someone has a major desire for something unique I don't think it's worth considering. It's likely that larger items like an actual mini will be cheaper in comparison since the ball is probably mostly base cost + manual hours of workers making sure the print will work and looks good with a real small print time (at as high of a resolution they run, maybe 1 hour?) + plastic cost.
  4. Tapper & Old Jake's

    It was changed from season 2 to season 3. He can no longer give himself the influence due to the "other" statement.
  5. NEW OPD (15.12.17)

    They pretty much all would have apprentices do the hard labor. That's why you take on an apprentice, you get an employee you can pay less because they're inexperienced and after the program you bring them on full employment and full pay. If the master doesn't have the apprentice be the one to actually do the work they won't learn.
  6. I could see the bankers being with alchemists since the guild is becoming/currently bankrupt after their over investment in the S2 cup that didn't pay off. They could be getting eaten alive by loan sharks and debt to the bankers. Chefs seems obvious to butchers after the gutter UiC ending featured Mr "Pepper"Ed temples McCommandingAura
  7. NEW OPD (15.12.17)

    Basically every guild would have masters and apprentices. Apprenticeships were one of the key purposes of guilds
  8. NEW OPD (15.12.17)

    You could hypothetically take only 1 captain 1 mascot and 4 players. It doesn't reach 10 but there's no requirement that you actually bring a full 10
  9. Game too Swingy?

    Being able to swing the game back around will come with experience. I never got good at WMH but from my experience it was always the player who's down goes for a yolo assassination. This probably is an oversimplified strategy that shows my lack of understanding compared to your group. But I'd wager that's the same feeling with how experienced GB players see the idea that you can't come back. Simple tips to coming back from a VP deficit: 1 Be very cautious with taking a goal shot, more often than not a goal is just accelerating the game towards the end as most teams can immediately score back. If your opponent is at 8 be even more cautious. Slow it down and use the ball for positioning while keeping it from them and scoring takeouts 2 try to fight on your side more. This means that if your characters get taken out, they'll be back in the action quicker. The reverse is true as well obviously. Once you start getting takeouts the opponent would have to reform or trickle in. Reform and try getting you to fight on their terms being the generally correct choice, as that's basically what I'm trying to describe haha. Do you mean negative for the Brewers player? If you want more detailed Fish or Brewers tips feel free to PM me. The big first one with Shark is to just stay 9" away (the general threat of butchers, excepting fillet) as much as possible, bring Siren, and counter attack basically as often as possible cause a << on 2 screws the butchers hard
  10. Not butting in or targeting you. Don't even know who's thinking what but The target audience long term should be all people who may like the game. Offering 2 x 6 player boxes helps the audience who's new or just dabbling in another guild (could also help someone who's a minor guild purist if both dual models are in 1) and really doesn't lose SFG a significant amount for the older players who are buying all 12 anyway since the box cost probably isn't much. You also get product line consistency making it easy to understand what you're buying (see monthly inquiries about what is and isn't plastic) It's pretty much a win win to do 2x6. the only upside for SFG with 12 player box is not having to sculpt and produce 1 more terrain piece and goal per team.
  11. Plastic Fisherman interest registration.

    The button at the end did say submit, not next. But either way it's since been changed.
  12. Are we all plastic now?

    You're supposed to fill it out if you would
  13. Plastic Fisherman interest registration.

    Do 2 six player boxes instead! It's better for new folks, consistency, and being able to tell those with passing interest "here buy a 50 dollar box and you're set"
  14. Who is your favourite ball handler?

    While they're "easily" KD'd that doesn't guarantee the opponent gets a ball, it may even scatter to your team especially if you're in a sentinel aura and considering all the 40mm+ bases you have. Also most ball retrieval pieces don't have a good KD result if they have one at all, so tackle is more important generally. You can typically protect from a knockdown just by increasing the distance from the opponent. But for sake of the point let's say Tapper is looking to scatter the ball. As long as he has momentum to stand up he can go into Hearth and make 2 attacks each at 93.8% reaching the knockdown. If he goes into Sledge the KD only has a 65.6% chance of hitting per attack, 34.4% if sentinel. Odds are roughly similar for Furnace regularly and under legendary respectively. And if Cinder is decoyed the first attack is 32% or 10% with sentinel. I think there is a time hearth is who you want to kill a ball but it's a very specific niche. Remember that fish have ranged plays to force you to pass or give them the ball and 2 def is asking for it there.
  15. Who is your favourite ball handler?

    Largely depends on the opponents team. If they don't have a 2" model that can get there Cinder with decoy up. Possibly "use this" so she has Greyscales level of UM. Consider sentinel. Sledge, he always has 2" with a counter attack Tackle on 1, pile-driver on 2 (in case they're close control or fail the tackle) and knock back. Consider sentinel Furnace isn't bad for most scenarios considering the decent defenses and 2", around sledge levels of ball stall. Great while under his legendary vs most strikers. Iron if they are 1", or he has "use this" and outside of a spot the enemy gets base to base. The first tackle blows close control, then you push them away.