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  1. S4 arrives october 12th

    I wish steamcons were separated by 6 months as a way to curb the us vs. them mentality, but then I'm sure there'd still be something that would result in fear of missing out complaints. Anyway s4 is hype, I'm excited for it. I'm out!
  2. S4 arrives october 12th

    Remember when SCUS got plenty of news as well last year? I don't think they'll have run out of announcements. Plus you'll get all 3 days to play season 4!
  3. Any tips for speeding up your play?

    If you're of legal age drink a few beers, then play on clock. Much like texting an ex, the beer will help stop you from deciding something is a bad idea. But really though just play on clock (when first starting maybe run a longer clock) and play frequently enough. Eventually you'll just know what you want to do in various scenarios.
  4. Bonesaw

    Besides just pose 50mm helps him intercept missed dervish passes.
  5. Gencon - Welcome to the Pitch

    I'm not running the event, but based on the cost to the company being the same regardless of team chosen I imagine it is any team they have in metal. You'll have everything that's needed with a single metal team if you're crafty and familiar with miniatures. A pitch not included means you'll either make your own, measure out the table for each game set up, or buy one (on or off brand). Also not included would be dice, measuring tools, tokens, glue, or paints. Maybe I can use my pundit privilege and tag @Zach Stein who may be able to give an official answer
  6. Bonesaw

    The only instance I would include Bonesaw is if I had already accepted defeat. In this case he's a desperation pick hoping that everything comes up lucky for me. Unlike the good TAC 4 strikers his ball threat tops off at 9" (without assistance of buffs Flint can threaten a ball 13", Velocity 11", Friday 11", Mist 12-16") not helping is 9" is the maximum threat on ball within the rats besides a couple of plays by Piper. Then he doesn't do much of anything without the ball. So him, Angel, and to a lesser extent Bushel and Egret (though at least they can do damage) just paddle the sad striker boat until season 4 potentially saves them
  7. Being accused of cheating

    I've never had an experience like that, usually there's just reactions when peoples own dice are perceived to roll poorly. People start getting irrational when they are perceiving dice one way or the other, which can be seen with the 6s comment. In reality the 6 doesn't even make it a better roll if you need 4s. Anyway if he complains about yours being too good, I'd just offer to let him roll with them. When he still complains then it will be obvious it's all in his head. Dice games aren't for everyone
  8. [Bonesaw] Football Dervish

    On a successful pass, the receiving model may not make a teamwork action but instead pass back. This doesn't stop Bonesaw, the kicking model, from making a teamwork action though. On a successful pass back either may make a teamwork action. The rule is old, but the rule is for the current set of rules so it is still in effect.
  9. Season 4: Expectations, Hopes and Wishlisting

    It's unlikely you'd actually want either of those traits unless your opponent is at 8 points. If they make a goal that means you are very likely to get a goal immediately afterwards. Rush keeper would be less of an issue in that regard at least, but if we're looking to offset his influence then they can just increase his efficiency reduced/alternative cost drag or something like that.
  10. Fisherman Player Summaries

    Hey sorry I'm late I havent been paying much attention to the guild threads until @Mako caught me liking Kraken. Kraken brings redundancy when combined with Corsair, which can be a powerful tool in games like this. This is because while your opponent may be able to solve KD or drag once, it's going to be difficult to solve twice or from two slightly different angles. When Kraken has the opportunity to drag or KD the target you're looking to takeout that means Corsair doesn't have to, meaning more influence left for Corsair to apply damage with. Kraken trades the momentum on the damage from Corsair's playbook for earlier KD, drag, and double reposition. Also I think synergies should be added to these entries to maximize value. Kraken makes almost 100% of my Corsair teams where I'm looking to get 2 honest kills but basically none of my Sharks cause they're so influence hungry and played into heavy damage teams. Kraken Draws the line of engagement through use of drag and KD, setting up the damage oriented fish. Can apply reasonable support damage with early and being fairly common results on knocked down and ganged up models. Synergizes with: Corsair, Hag Good into: Teams you can get takeouts on. (Morticians, Ratcatchers, Blacksmiths) Bad into: teams that aren't bothered by tough hide. (Butchers, Brewers, vRage Union)
  11. Season 4: Expectations, Hopes and Wishlisting

    Only fish models I don't use are vSiren and Angel. Angel I've already beaten to death in a fish guild thread somewhere. vSiren she's very close. I personally don't use her because I don't like spending resources on defense, but I've seen great players who do use her and situations where she's super helpful. Mild tweak to he offensive output maybe. Kraken I'm also fine with. The only thing I could see changing to buff him for the non-believers without losing what makes him great is raw stat numbers, mostly influence. Jac is it a weird spot as well like the 2 above. People complain about his playbook all the time, but besides changing where the damage and >> is (it could be lower) I don't know how I'd change it without removing why I like him. Ringout and T on 1 is just really good. Yes he has problems generating 4 momentum over 4 attacks but that should make you evaluate why generating more than 1 momentum with him was part of your plan. I think shark is in a healthy spot power wise, but I always loved him as a control captain. I'd totally trade his legendary to have gut and string back. If so that would let me play him as repeated control again instead of just one turn of better control. Not really a prediction so much as a wish. But really though it's impossible to really speculate what needs what when we have 3 new toys coming
  12. Yeah sorry. I was just making a case for how any paint requirement is going to be subjective and so should be dropped entirely or quantified. I basically agree with the OP.
  13. It never said that to be an acceptable variety that variety must be >1. The word variety doesn't even imply that there must be >1. I have a single variety of color on my model, I have a single variety of apples, I won't buy another car of the German variety. All paint rules unless quantified are immediately trash because of how art and things like above work. There will always be a loophole because of how subjective painting is. I know what the topic is about. I'm just taking it all the way. All painting rules don't belong in a tight ruleset.
  14. As an infrequent TO the rule in question says "acceptable" there is no quantified amount of painting or shading. I could allow team that had paint sprayed with plastidip vaguely in it's direction if I find that acceptable. I could also bar anything less than a golden demon or whatever that crap is because it's simply unacceptable to me. The only requirements are that there is visible paint on the base and model, and the TO thinks it's enough Personally I align with the plastidip side but the OPD is down to the whims of the individual TO currently, for better or worse.
  15. So last week I went to the Spring Fling. As I said before on the Anatomical Precision podcast I planned on getting the ratcatchers the morning of the event, since Cincinnati lacks reliable LGS to get products. I ended up going 5-1 and you can hear more about that whenever Mike releases the cast. The point of this post however is to review the new OPD approach of allowing unpainted plastics, and that "Christmas day test" SFG is fond of. And spoiler alert: it's excellent. I've been excited for rats since their rules started rolling out, had planned on getting them at adepticon early release and painting them up by spring fling, but as we all know things happened and the prerelease fell through. Bummer! Fortunately I knew Huzzah Hobbies in Virginia, where the event was being held, was a reputable store and could get things in a timely manner so I placed a pre-order through them from my home 8 hours away. Friday after work I pack my bags for the weekend. I borrow a Bonesaw (for some reason) and vGraves from my friend who I painted them for earlier in the year, and the only nerd stuff I bring along is my laptop full of half finished final reports, dice, and measuring widgets. Saturday morning of the event I bought the Ratcatchers just as planned, start opening the box and filling out my roster. I take some time to admire the improved plastic quality and then the first games are announced and it's to the table we go. We get to the table and set up per normal. The plastic toy holder of the box served as a nice tournament tray, but without room for vGraves and that weird 50mm ball and chain I opted to use my little dice tray per usual. Had I used the box though the space under the toy holder conveniently has enough space to fit all the widgets, dry erase markers, and cards I used. Having exactly enough influence in the cardboard tokens was nice. Meant that I could just proof count after popping them out. Influence was a bit smaller than I like, and I'll probably upgrade tokens when I'm somewhere that I can purchase them. That said the cardboard was more convenient than a package of premium tokens unless you also own a tackle box to separate the tokens into types/players. At the end of every game I would pop all of the tokens back into the carboard sheet for maximum convenience (no rifling through the box during set up). I could see the lack of measuring widgets being less than convenient for a 100% new player Christmas day test, but I knew they wouldnt have them included going into it and prefer hard acrylics anyway. With each game the cardboard became looser, which never became an issue over 6 games, but long term I could see popping them back in would stop working. I also opted out of using cardboard dials since I own a dry erase markers and 6 sleeves and I think cards provide MUCH cleaner play than apps and dials. The dials were a much tighter fit this time compared to kick off. The tighter fit is a good thing since I could accidentally move the kick off dials when picking them up, while these I would have to intentionally turn. No idea how long they'd stay tight. The lack of painting requirements is a god send for my busy college+full time employment life. The plastic quality is better than it's ever been and the consistent improvement sounds good for future releases. I'll still paint them once summer rolls around in a few weeks, but for now and for the purposes of playing a tournament straight from the box it works great. The widely varied sillhouettes of the models made it impossible to mix up who was who. Overall if the Christmas day new guild baller knows going into it that they need measuring devices and dice they get a good experience. Setup and clean up is super easy and quick by popping tokens back into the sheet. This new approach is brilliant and thanks to SFG for dropping the paint requirements in the OPD so I don't have to either shirk my real life responsibility in order to paint, or be stuck playing boring old Corsair again.