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  1. About 20 minutes or less run time. A wide variety of teams on the channel. Commentary that isn't so dry. As much as I love the game it's not entertaining to watch at regular speeds (same goes for other games), excepting live high level play or teasers like the rat stream.
  2. New releases in metal?

    You won't have to buy 5 to get 1. Loxam on the sky is falling FB post said "we've shown an alternate sculpt for pride, make of that what you will"
  3. Pelage

    The release kit supposedly has the cards and releases March 16, so only 5 weeks to go! Grab your pitchforks fellas!
  4. Pelage

    The box may be general release in April, but everyone is pretty much expecting early release adepticon so only 6-7 weeks instead.
  5. Pelage

    Yes! Give me some sweet rat spoilers!
  6. Fishermen PVC

    Apparently people like Angel? Idk I've always wanted her in a different pose to the point of actually making my own, would definitely love an official repose. Either way I hope this finds and I plan on getting in on both teams if I can get paid enough between tuition and all that. Really wish they'd have waited 3-4 weeks for this.
  7. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    Poorly timed all around at least from my perspective, those who follow SFG news closely knew it was even going to be crowdfunded for what 2 days? Thats not a great time period to find 200 spare dollars. Right in the same time frame as the Godtear early access which people aren't sure of price but speculation has also been around 200ish. Right before tax season in the states where we all think we've become momentarily rich with our refunds, and right after tuition and books wrecks us college students. Lol not trying to sound like I'm complaining but I think waiting 2-3 weeks on at least one of the projects would help numbers jump a bit faster, and advertising the crowdfunding a little more in advance would have made a bigger splash
  8. Which players are going to the minors

    The only immediate issues I see with this would be spigot and Brisket. Having 4 versions (since they revealed sSpigot for the church) of these players seems old, especially if they switch loyalties twice in one nebulous time frame we call seasons.
  9. G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Not sure if mentioned yet but just noticed Lucky's playbook is wrong. It's a copy of Harmony's Nvm I was informed this is a glitch that happens when you look at a player before another one.
  10. G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Goad on Jac is listed in the app as range S
  11. Printmakr for Steamcon creations

    It's probably a really high resolution and mostly for industrial use, and are looking to profit while the library is nonprofit. Unless someone has a major desire for something unique I don't think it's worth considering. It's likely that larger items like an actual mini will be cheaper in comparison since the ball is probably mostly base cost + manual hours of workers making sure the print will work and looks good with a real small print time (at as high of a resolution they run, maybe 1 hour?) + plastic cost.
  12. Tapper & Old Jake's

    It was changed from season 2 to season 3. He can no longer give himself the influence due to the "other" statement.
  13. NEW OPD (15.12.17)

    They pretty much all would have apprentices do the hard labor. That's why you take on an apprentice, you get an employee you can pay less because they're inexperienced and after the program you bring them on full employment and full pay. If the master doesn't have the apprentice be the one to actually do the work they won't learn.
  14. I could see the bankers being with alchemists since the guild is becoming/currently bankrupt after their over investment in the S2 cup that didn't pay off. They could be getting eaten alive by loan sharks and debt to the bankers. Chefs seems obvious to butchers after the gutter UiC ending featured Mr "Pepper"Ed temples McCommandingAura
  15. NEW OPD (15.12.17)

    Basically every guild would have masters and apprentices. Apprenticeships were one of the key purposes of guilds