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  1. CrazyBlaine

    S4 butchers.

    Dude play broken skatha till she’s nerfed and laugh haha
  2. CrazyBlaine

    Momentum for a missed goal

    Supper sad well I suppose I can wait two years AGAIN but it honestly so many positive changes in season 4 I’m not even worried keep up the good work !
  3. CrazyBlaine

    Momentum for a missed goal

    Are we really saying that shots on goal have 88%+ chance of scoring and then in the same breath saying that being able to keep shooting as long as you have influence would be too much? Like do you hear yourself? EVERY GAME there are shots on goal. And going for a shot usually leaves your player out of position. Usually leaves you with zero momentum because you bonus timed it, or didn't because you couldn't afford to. Because momentum is a valuable resource. Like I'm not talking hypothetically here. And Correct. The odds are very high for shots. When people score (as expected) things are fine and everyone has a good game. But when someone rolls a critical miss on a d20... rolls that 6% chance miss on 4 dice.... like it's not really fair. It ruins the game, especially in a serious game. Now does this need to be part of the game. YES. But can we mitigate it slightly? I think so. I think that getting your momentum back is something that without overstepping that will make that missed goal more bearable. You could also have a dodge after a missed goal but I think that would be too much. I'm just saying that there should be some small mitigating factor to make missed shots on goal more bearable and I think that getting a momentum is the best answer.
  4. CrazyBlaine

    Momentum for a missed goal

    You know that’s not a bad idea .... we’ll refunding influence is obviously a no go but having a mitigating factor wouldn’t be unwelcome how about a universal character play that anyone can do Ready Position- Any character can spend Two influence to remove the knocked down condition and make a 1” jog so obviously a low power character play but it’s purpose would be in the event that you were countered and left with unusable influence you could reposition I am very in favour of getting rid of the feelbads without creating an unbalance
  5. CrazyBlaine

    Canadian National (Western) Championship

    The King is dead! Long live the KING! Congrats Riley!
  6. CrazyBlaine

    Momentum for a missed goal

    Ok So the boys were going over things... as we do, and the argument against playing soccer (going for goals) was articulated by the following. "If you miss your shot on goal, you not only don't get 4pnts but now you have spent a model's activation, usually 4+ influence, you have a model out of position (usually), you've given up possession of the ball (potentially), AND you've spent usually 2 momentum." So as you can see the absolute PAIN that you feel when you miss a goal is very real and often hard to come back from. So we got thinking. How can you mitigate this pain? What could you do to make missing a goal less devastating? So I figure the best answer is to refund the momentum spent to kick the goal. Change it so that you get back a momentum for shooting on goal whether you score or not. It's even thematic, since the crowd always cheers for shots on goal! Also, Please, please, please try and sneak it into season 4. Don't wait 2 @!&$!ing years like you did when I asked for a momentum for the kickoff kick ;> Trust me on this one. It's common sense, you don't need to playtest it. It's a needed and helpful change ;>
  7. CrazyBlaine

    Canadian National (Western) Championship

    This is the latest information from the other half Schedule For Canadian Nationals 8/17 - Friday evening beers at our AirBnB house nearby. Two tables for practice games + 1 outside if nice weather. 8/18 - Day 1 Play some damn games and kick some ass. THEN head back to the house for war stories and beers. Looks like there is a bbq we can use as well so we'll probably have hotdogs or order pizza. If yer undefeated at this point expect to defend your chances through excessive trash talk. If yer a loser, BYOB and have a good time ;> also feel free to crash. (But Dave come inside) 8/19 - Day 2 Get yer sorry asses out by 10 am play some more games. Crown the champ. Head the crap home. text me for more info 306-881-1852
  8. CrazyBlaine

    Canadian National (Western) Championship

    Yea for all you American's thinking about making the trip we figure to get 40ish people so it'll be one that's worth it! Plus after party in the hotel should probably get quite outa hand most likely. ;>
  9. CrazyBlaine

    Hot Shot charge

    Ok sooo never really gave it much thought but the new falconer looks awesome ;> There is weird language around timing for engaging, charging, moving and attacking for hot shot and death from above. So can you charge and use these abilities to make a charge attack from 6" away?
  10. Ritch, you've done what needs doing. Travel. The difference between a good tourney and a great one is outa towners. And I can't wait to repay the favor by bringing the party to yer house next month ;>
  11. CrazyBlaine

    Rationale for measurement in ball scatter

    I agree it's a bit murky. I'm pretty sure the rules as written are the second image (1" + half base) a scatter off a model. So edge of model to center of ball. (Barrf). But then to complicate things more, you would use the first example for a scatter (1") when you're measuring from a ball marker to another ball marker so measuring from center ball to center ball. so scatter from ball to ball (ex: kickoff, kick to space, throw in) 1-6" scatter. Scatter from model to ball (ex: ball carrier is KD, missed pass) 1-6" + half a base scatter. *Shrug* it's not THAT bad. Like coming back half a base over deployment. It is a turn off when yer learning but once ya know it's fine.
  12. CrazyBlaine

    Moving while reanimating

  13. CrazyBlaine

    Unsportsmanlike But Legal

    So here is my 2 cents. There is a problem. The problem is that you are trying to play a 3 goal team. Or trying to play a 6 takeout team. And cannot adapt. These extremes are just that. Extremes. If you want them to be balanced too bad. No one cares about your all football team. We play with ALL the rules. If you want to have a super star balls to the wall team of all strikers, don't freakin cry when they kill the ball. The game is BOTH murder and soccer so suck it up princess. This is an old conversation that is tiring. Play a lineup that can adapt and you will not get pigeonholed. Period. Play a hyper focused team and get "countered". Don't cry. Last game I had to score 3 goals with my brewers because I was getting out beat by farmers.... gotter dun. (Hooper's got a tackle on 2 boys with reach. Plus that damn cat can score like no one's business. 66% shots WITHOUT bonus time. ) Last game I had to lay some beats with gears because they killed the ball.... gotter dun boys. (tooled up and deleted sexy Velo for 3 damage a hit. Plus a free charge. That's 15-18 dmg! I made em play by the side and I have a LOT of push dodges!) So quit whining and start adapting. Play a 2-2 team if you cannot think outside the box. But know that when your one trick pony gets shut down it's your own damn fault for having only one trick. Learn to adapt.
  14. CrazyBlaine

    New Errata

    Omg mistakes were made!!!! perhaps I just say it was a witty comment who says it wasn’t? Mhahaha