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  1. Monolith-Swats

    Let's win this (cross post from Facebook)

    Count me in, cant wait for this to get underway. She's left before, why on earth would she want to go back to those louts. Lets smash 'em #Decimatethebrewers
  2. Monolith-Swats

    GIC Game Feedback Thread

    I must admit, we are spoiled with 4 health. In my opinion healing 2 health is brutal. Especially when there does not seem a specific way to balance it like life drinker and the cogs 2hp regen. I love the ability to add snare to their players but I can't help but feel this promotes a very cagey ranged game with Theron and co poking people and running away. This I think would not be very fun for both players. I much prefer the other 2 after tonight's game. Fits my playstyle more.
  3. Monolith-Swats

    GIC: Bait the Trap

    This states the initiative phase. Does this mean we can't use this at kick off? I will be very sad if it does.😞
  4. Monolith-Swats

    GIC General Theory Thread 

    Shame you couldn't hit Jaecar with 3 dice on two occasions though (as typical of you ) . But completly agree loving the GIC and i'm saying that whilst playing hunters!
  5. Monolith-Swats

    Vassal Premier League Sign Ups!

    Sign me up. Guild: Hunters Team Name: Forrest Swats
  6. Monolith-Swats

    Hunter GIC Theory Thread

    A hit to healing for the ability to guarantee (as there always seems to be at least one piece of rough ground on the board) a piece of forest terrain can be amazing, although some would argue that there should be more occurrences of forest terrain on the boards in the first place. The benefit here is that in most cases the rough ground tends to be larger than the 3" aoe that Theron dishes out. This could make Hearn1 brilliant depending where the rough ground is. To have the ability to forest jump without having to wait for Theron to plant one opens up soo many possibilities. Can't wait to try this out. I am a new to the guild (thanks to the mystery box, played 2 won 2 so far, littered with plenty of mistakes) but I am really enjoying the interaction with Hearn and Theron and this will turn it up a notch. also having a fair bit of LOS blocking terrain will also come into play.
  7. Monolith-Swats

    Mystery box!

    Still an almighty wedge of stuff for 50 squid. Hoping my box will be waiting for me when I get home. cant wait. Dammit why do I have to work.
  8. Monolith-Swats

    Mystery box!

    Just purchased one myself. Using this as a tool to decided which new team to pick for the escalation pack if my local pundit hopefully recieves one soon. Nothing like fate deciding on who you should play next. Also hoping I dont get duplicate teams, thankfully a friend in our gaming group has also put in for one. Going to be interesting.
  9. Monolith-Swats

    Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    good ol vassal, always gets a laugh, agree some truely amazing rolls on both sides. Great game, great opponent.
  10. Monolith-Swats

    Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    Round 3 Result ( probably too late but hey ho) Tom W. (Morticians) 12 - 6 Sam Lillie (Hunters) Great game and a fantastic chilled out opponent. Was an example of how much hurt the new version of Avarisse and Greed can put out. Oh and Vassal dice....
  11. Monolith-Swats

    Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    Myself and @Penguin Warrior Are playing 9 pm tonight due to life issues with myself. If this is not satisfactory then put me down as a 12 - 0 loss as it was 100 Percent my fault.
  12. Monolith-Swats

    Hammer's melee output

    Had a game with post-errata Hammer last night against farmers and must admit he did not really change much in how I played him before. But what I will say is he will absolutely destroy people with a combined def arm stat less than 5 and def 2 (aka Windle) is just plain asking for trouble. With 5 influence and wrecker nearby (initially not engaged with) Hammer managed to comfortably take out windle who had full health, this after some quick repositioning of windle and a knock down. To me he seems to want to get involved with the low def models (either kat, boar etc) and that now momentous one damage is fantastic. Easily hitting 7 dmg per influence with momentum and 8 when no ones were rolled. There is much more to him though then just pure dmg. In this game he was able to dive in and fish for grange (who had already activated), beating him all the way back into a loaded painful raged chisel. This involved something like 7 " worth of pushes. Not many captains can set up a take out like he can. As said, this is how I played hammer before the errata so nothing much has really changed, even played him like pre-errata having forgot his character plays are now 6" which is amazing when I remembered it. The momentous one is a massive boon I will not lie, that one thing is for me the best change of the errata for him. All in all I think hammer is good, very good. Though I miss his heroic and never actually used his legendary yesterday I can see it being very powerful when a clutch situation arises. I am going to get a fair few more games in, in preparation for a tournament in a couple of weeks’ time but I like what I'm seeing so far.
  13. Monolith-Swats

    Hammer Rises! - July 2017 errata

    I'm sad he lost his momentus 2 DMG and tackle. At first I though his revised playbook looked naff, but on closer inspection it is actually pretty good. Apart from losing the 2 DMG tackle. The key thing though is the fact you can use his character plays from 6" away instead of 4", this could be brilliant. Still on the fence about his legendary. I really like Hammer time being a heroic, buffing other players on multiple turns was really useful. Now its a one hit wonder, albeit a very good one. Need to get some games in with him to see how he has (hopefully) improved.
  14. Monolith-Swats


    We definitely need to get more games in to better understand the nuances of player deployment. Whilst the general consensus is that the receiver has the advantage I can't help but feel I had the upper hand when I kicked off. We played using 1 mom for kicker and kicker deploys > receiver deploys all > kicker deploys rest. Teams were... Myself: Hammer, Wrecker, Granite, Mallet, Tower, Minx Wynter: Pin Vice, Mainspring, Hoist, Colossus, Vet Velocity and Locus Needless to say that this was our usual casual midweek match. I lost the roll off and was elected to kick, which was what I was hoping for. The kicker was Hammer and I slapped him bang center of the pitch. The deployment looked like this after receiver deployed his whole team... -------------------Mainspring------O------Vet Velocity--------------------- --------------------Colossus-----------------Pin Vice----------------------- --------------------------Locus----------Hoist------------------------------- ---------------------------------Hammer------------------------------------ -------------------------------------O---------------------------------------- So the nifty positioning of Locus and Hoist in the center created a 12-13 inch zone where I could not deploy. Whilst this may seem a disadvantage, the fact I now know who is where means I can counter deploy. Which means a lot more in this setup and I think is the bigger advantage. So my counter deployment looks like this... -------------------Mainspring------O------Vet Velocity--------------------- --------------------Colossus-----------------Pin Vice----------------------- -------Mallet, Granite---Locus----------Hoist------------------------------- -----------------------Minx-----Hammer------------------------------------ -------------------Tower, WreckerO---------------------------------------- So as you can see, I'm gunning for Locus and setting up for a scrum slightly left of center. (A side note, I tend to play a more take out game with my masons). I kick of with hammer, moving towards Locus (into some cover) and kicking in between locus and granite and due to some shocking rolls the ball scatters back past my halfway line and so my opponent has the ball to give to who he wishes (in this case pin vice). In the original format this would seem a big setback, but in this format I was not too worried, I was fully expecting him to score first turn anyway and I would protect the ball from there on. Now I'm not sure what the eventual ruling will be in this format for Granite's foundation, but in this game she moved her 3" and was near enough base to base with Locus (not quite there as you have to deploy outside of 3"). So before any allocation of influence it looks like the pain train is fully stoked and a quick goal is on the cards. Brilliant! Both players ready to get scores on the board from the get go. Both will have an effect on the game one way or the other, this is what I like most about this setup. In the original format there were certain mechanics which can squeeze the fun out of the game, one of those is in the use of seduce/drag and puppet master and I will freely admit I play morticians based around that mechanic as its effective and you face no repercussions. Whilst Playing masons, I have faced off against it and it was not fun seeing your team getting pulled in one by one and getting chewed up with no ability to effect the game. This format I think would make it much more fun to play as it limits these kinds of plays. As for the match itself... Well it finished 12 - 8 to me as @Wynter said. Did not help that on his very first activation, with his very first use of influence to pass the ball to Hoist who was but 3 mm away he whiffed the dice roll! So he should of scored a first turn goal. Turn 1: Locus died to a combination of granite debuffing him and mallet wing back charge into him, Hammer beats on colossus and pushes him deep into the scrum. 2-0 Turn 2: Pin Vice gets the goal, Tackling from Tower. Tower then beats down on a knocked down, gut and strung Colossus who was crowded out by Mallet, Granite and Hammer. Hammer and Granite then put a world of hurt onto pin vice. 4 - 4 Turn 3: Pin Vice escapes with a sliver of health after I failed to allocate enough onto mallet to finish her off (blimin reanimate). Tower punishing marched and ball hogged his way over to the goal and scored and then 10" inch knee slide back into the scrum, the ball is then retrieved by colossus who sprints up the wing and kicks the ball into space near pin vice. 8 - 4 Turn 4: Colossus is in range of Hammer and Hammer takes him out, Pin Vice then beats on Wrecker to get momentum to score. 10 - 8 Turn 5: Straight roll off which I just got, as it was 3 - 3 on the momentum race end of turn 4. Load up Mallet to this time finish the job against Pin Vice for the win. Really looking forward to get more games in with this format. Cheers for the game @Wynter
  15. Monolith-Swats

    Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    Tom W. Vs Sid 12 - 0 to Tom W. Not anywhere near a true reflection of the game, vassal dice are horrific sometimes. Fantastic opponent and good luck with the rest of the tournament.