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  1. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    Got Ya back bro... 12-10
  2. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    If I demand you don't write it up and save the Internet space for some nice scone recipes, would you acquiesce my request?
  3. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    A-aron unfortunately won't be able to solve that issue bud.
  4. Who do you take into farmers?

    I've thought about Minx alot in this match up and I have concluded that it's probably not worth it. You only have one source of Snared which Millstone and Peck can just hoover up. Then you arrive hoping she hits the Screeching banshee which is still fairly difficult. However I'm not totally against the idea and may give it a go against Farmers if the opportunity presents itself tomorrow.
  5. Who do you take into farmers?

    Errrmmm not convinced on Grace in the football team, why not Decimate? She is really reliable, brings second wind and has a Tackle double dodge that's momentous. Hemlock is good but using noxious blast seems a bit pointless especially if they have Harrow. He'll just group heal the 2 damage from poison every turn.
  6. Your favourite 6.

    This is true.
  7. Your favourite 6.

    I pretty much agree with your list except no Jaecar with Skatha. For me it's always Jaecar.. Just always.. No it's buts or maybes.
  8. Next Errata?

    I imagine Blackheart will get the momentous tackle dodge he needs to make him competitive.
  9. Singled Out - Bonus Time! Episode 15 - Jason's Wedding

    Is that the first section with James?
  10. Scalpel or Obulus

    Do any of your matchups change if you get to kick or recieve?
  11. When to Casket?

    In rare circumstances I will hold onto it. In general though I think if you have the chance then go for it. Sure we'd all love to stick there captain in their box every game. However, regardless of who you put in the box that is still at the minimum +2vp and an extra activation in the next turn.
  12. Skulk

    Played with the newest addition today. First off that model is really imposing next to other models on the table. As for actual in game feedback I can't say to much just yet as it was the first game. It did however feel handy having him on the pitch. Both his character plays are very useful and he had fun following Velocity around. That 2" melee is really really handy when he wants to lock down a 1" striker and that << makes his counter attacks a real thing.
  13. Dealing with the new guys

    For me it's Obulus into Farmers all day long and twice on Sundays. I'd also recommend Silence to mess with there activation order as it's pretty important to them. Use Puppet master to isolate Thresher or Tay-tay and try and box them with Casket. B-saw is really handy for that turn one goal and after that Unexpected arrival is really useful for breaking up their aura's. Against Blacksmiths I think Scalpel is a fantastic choice again with Silence for the same reason as above. Scalpel can pull the apprentices out of sentinel range or if she is Tooled up just straight delete them. Skulk may have some game as well as the likes of Alloy want to bounce off things for momentum.
  14. Episode 55 - Designing Models With Sherwin And Russ

    Yeah fair. I forgot he's actually a scrub who back-doored the world champion title... Charlatan.
  15. Idea for Thresher Change

    I just died inside, B-rice.