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  1. The brisket led Union took to the field against Esters and her boys in a match of contrasting styles. The fast paced Union where looking to get the goals scored and get themselves off the pitch, before Brewers and her boys could drop them into the pitch. Mist took the responsibility of kicking off and Friday collected it for her team mates. The Brewers fully aware of the nimble strikers ability to get in and score the goal, timidly held back and passed the ball along the lines. However Mist as always was vigilant and sat waiting for his chance to strike.. finally the Brewers slipped up in there positioning and allowed Mist to charge in and bounce off Hooper into engagement with the cat. Having generated enough momentum off his initial attack on Hooper, Mist felt pumped up and ready to roll... Unfortunately the blood must of really been up as he failed to get the ball off the little s##t! Making amends for it with his follow up attack and fortunately for Mist winning the initiative! Which Mist duly took advantage off to score. The match continued with the Brewers steadily gaining a foothold and dumping both Avarice and Mist into the dirt to get them some points on the board. Brisket managed to take advantage of a Worthy sacrifice to get round the back of the Brewers line and to tackle Spigot and bang in another goal. Friday oblivious to the instructions from her captain and wanting to show what a striker she was herself, dodges out of combat before charging into Coin and shoving the reptile out of the way to give herself a shot at glory... 8-8! Unfortunately the rash actions of the young Brewer allowed for Mist to collect the ball from the kick out and.... Slot home the winner! 12-8 to the Union. After the match Decimate was seen off to the side of the pitch with Esters, evidently trying to build a bridge for her return!
  2. SteamCon UK Schedule of Events

    Any update on Perkins watch?
  3. SteamCon UK Schedule of Events

    Those one's are just turn up and play events bud, same as the seminars.
  4. Esters left with a mountain to climb

    Gods damned that cat is difficult to beat round the head!
  5. SteamCon UK Schedule of Events

    Will Perkins watch be streamed as well?
  6. Brisket and Fillet took to the pitch each with their own agenda at hand and once again the stakes where high. Both Captains new that as before there was more than just pride at stake. Fillet had lost the toss and had to kick to the impudent wench Brisket, the feelings of hatred welling up again causing bile to rise in the back of her throat. Brisket on the other hand stood on the other side of the pitch listening to the crowd and letting the adrenaline rise up in her as she got ready to again show Fillet who was the real power in the game and why she would not be gaining the services of Gutter. Brisket new once she had scored the winning goal and the crowd erupted in applause that the target was once again on her back and that Fillet was once again humbled by the Exile. ...incoming Vaseline photo's
  7. GIC Game Feedback Thread

    Last night’s game: Brisket with Raise the stakes vs Fillet with Take it to them. Pre-game So, this was against my usual weekly opponent playing the team he is most comfortable with. Overall, I have the better win rate in are match ups but it’s certainly a lot closer than that suggests. We didn’t play on the clock and used the usual deployment and plot cards. Teams where: Brisket, Coin, Snakeskin, Mist, Decimate, Avarice. Probably looking for 2 goals and 2 take outs or 3 goals. Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Meathook, Vet Ox, OG Brisket. Probably looking for 1 goal 4 take outs or possibly 2-2. Key Points: Raise the stakes definitely changed how I approached this game. It allowed me to put 2 influence on Snakeskin to get the charge and T> off Vet Ox to then kick the ball to Brisket (via a scatter) which was pretty important. Admittedly I could have also just walked in and tackled the ball then pass it, but the immediate resolution on the pass meant there was little point in my opponent countering to try keep the ball. Later in the game I could have used it again when Mist tackled Meathook and then passed the ball and I forgot I could do it for free (DOH!!). So, to summarise how it changed my play in effect I could leave Brisket up the pitch and just hunt the ball down with righteous zeal and fanaticism whilst leaving Brisket up field. It also impacted on my opponents play as he spent a lot more effort keeping the away from me. The heal rate was of no real consequence as I never really had the MP to spend. As an afterthought I perhaps should have taken Pirates Ransom as I was pretty certain I’d be losing every Initiative roll and its effect is easier for me to remember. Take it to them is a really nice card to play against. I felt it was a nice buff for my opponent whilst also not creating a negative experience for myself. Veteran Ox potentially getting free charges is really nice and the fact it is once per turn keeps it nice and sweet. The heal rate had 0 impact as I only took out Boiler and that was when I applied Avarice to the face. Therefore to conclude on this game I felt both of the GIC used added to the game but didn’t overly tilt it either way. The abilities we gained where both situationally strong but also had a “Trigger” that had to be met.
  8. 3-0 Blackheart team

    Hemlock is a fantastic utility piece that doesn't get used anywhere near enough. The 6 you have listed there is one I use myself quite a bit. I will swap in Gutter on occasion for Hemlock or Benny depending on opponent. It's certainly got enough goal threat for a 3-0 playstyle.
  9. Hemlocke not Minx?

    I think that's more of a colloquial term as opposed to actually meaning they are siblings.
  10. Hemlock!

    Hemlock is ace dude.
  11. Ideal roster for a Rage/Blackheart team

    @Slothrop Yeah I can't fault the logic there. My own personal experience is I like Blackheart for his ability to work around the invariably double counter charge that will be on the table. Thinking out loud here I actually wonder why Mason's take it against Blackheart.
  12. Ideal roster for a Rage/Blackheart team

    @Slothrop out of curiosity why do think Mason's is particularly egregious for Blackheart?
  13. Hunters at WTC

    He won the game's he wanted to win. If he did to well with Rambo and Hunters there was a worry for him they'd cop a Perkins to the face in the next errata.
  14. Hunters at WTC

    I think it's largely because he didn't take her. Perkins is a one Captain maverick.
  15. Stave Redux

    Played against Stave last night and he really impressed me. I'd forgotten how powerful lob barrel actually is. Being able to KD player's at range before scum goes in and wrecks something is delicious.