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  1. Elmador

    WTB: Veteran Decimate

    Hey guys, does anyone have a spare Veteran Decimate? Preferably unpainted and unassembled. Postage doesn't matter. Greetings Marcel
  2. I agree with Jecko. "When he scores" is before the "After scoring a goal". So snared for all enemys within 4'' from the position where Midas shot the goal. Then he can use "Run the length".
  3. Elmador

    Resolving scatter

    Oh i think i see what you mean now. Because on page 28 it says "If the target is a target-spot, place the ball-marker centred on the target-spot and immediately scatter using the kick-scatter rules." And on Page 31 it says "Once you have determined the final landing-spot, the ball-path is centred on the line between the current location of the ball-marker and the final landing spot." So if you read it like this the ball path would be between the target spot and the final landing spot. Problem is. On Page 30 it says under Kick-Scatter "Hold the kick-scatter template over the target friendly model, targetspot, or target enemy goal-post". So i guess we really need a final ruling from the lawyers guild.
  4. Elmador

    Resolving scatter

    I don't understand your question. The Standard-Scatter only occurs from a spot where the ball marker allready is at the moment. From there it scatters and the ball path is drawn from the starting spot to the scatter location. The Kick-Scatter works differently because you kicked the ball. Starting at spot #1, the kicking player. You kick to spot #2, the intended receiving target. You scatter from #2 to spot #3. The balls final landing spot. The ball path is then drawn from spot #1 to spot #3. Same as in Season II. Quite simple
  5. Elmador

    Players/Clubs in Nordrhein-Westfalen

    We have some Players in Dortmund
  6. Elmador


  7. Elmador


    Do you guys have some advice on how to painht the white fur (GW paints prefered ;))?
  8. Elmador

    Is receiving the ball too good?

    Very interessting discussion. I had a game with my brewers against a kick-heavy alchemists team (mist, vitriol, midas) and decided to play it very defensivly. Kicked-off with Friday to use her as a counter-goal-scoring-thread. Worked well. The rest of the team (Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Spigot, A+G) stayed around my goal in the first turn. When positionong them i made sure that a goal-kcik would always have to go over at least one of may bases. That prevented a turn 1 goal because it would have been a difficult kick to make for mist. The alchis team started turn 2 due to momentum (passes). But then friday took another role. She stood in the middle of the pitch and was a thread of tackeling and scoreing. I was quite happy how Turn 1 ended and Turn 2 started. In the end i won with 2 friday goals. My opponent missed a goal (with mist of course). But he always had trouble to postition his kickers. I left A+G, Scum and Spigot at my goal almost the entire game. If friday would have gone down Greede would have gotten the ball. He is a 6/0. Thats pretty nice for a ball carrier. To sum up. You can utilize the kicker to be a good thread and there are always ways to make a turn 1 goal very hard.
  9. For me its simple: The active model makes an advance. An Advance is an action. An Action cannot be interrupted unless a specific timer is triggered, the parting blow. But the advancing model is still in his action. So he cannot do anything else. Therefore no counter-attack. Despite my argument above. A counter attack, if legal, would only be possible by a 2'' melee model. Becaus the advancing model has left the melee zone of the other model.
  10. Elmador


    He looks very very nice! Looking forward to paint and field him.
  11. Elmador

    Bad Pint

  12. Elmador

    Bad Pint

    Quick question regarding the brewers guild plot card "Bad Pint". "An enemy model suffers a total of [6”] of Push movement during a single friendly activation." Does the model actually have to move the 6'' or is it enough to choose a total of 6'' push results but don't reposition the enemy model at all?
  13. Elmador

    How to deal with the Champ (Seenah)

    Played against him for the first time with my brewers yesterday. Keeping him engaged did the trick. After that its just grinding him down and gaining momentum off of him. All my model where at least 3 def / 1 arm so its unlikely he gets bear hug when he attacks. I knocked him down a lot because my opponent always wanted him to stand up again for obvious reasons. He charged only twice in the game. Second time was after he came back on the field. To sum up. Let him charge a model that survives the first wave. Then engage him and grind him to death.
  14. Elmador

    How to handle Hammer

    Attack him until he has no more health... ...sorry for that :). Seriously, i played against hammer and he really puts aout damage. But in the end you have to focus him down. Tapper and Hooper with their 2'' Melle should do the trick. He has just a 1'', so you can get to him easy and he would not be able to counter. Since Hammer is very hungry for influence you would want to get to him early in the turn. Normally Mason Players used to Tool him up with the Monkey so you have the chance to get there in turn two.