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  1. Union in Chains: What's going on guys?!

    We need a petition to get Harriet for Captain
  2. I'm on a horse!

    Would be cool if she got the same rule as Bonesaw. Gets +1 Defense if she's already activated
  3. I'm on a horse!

    I'm hoping for Second Wind and possibly Beat Back or whatever Hammer has
  4. I'm on a horse!

    What a baller group of individuals
  5. Union in Chains: What's going on guys?!

    I hope she turns out to be a support model similar to Hearth or Hag
  6. Union in Chains: What's going on guys?!

    Engineer's aren't really as popular as other guilds, which may be a reason
  7. Burnish preview

    RP has different wording than GM, so draining momentum with stuff like Scything blow 100% works.
  8. Burnish preview

    Then stop playing
  9. Burnish preview

    Even better. Sounds like they're not immune to all CPs EDIT :: Reinforced Plating has different wording from GM. RP just says hit, GM Says hit with target
  10. Burnish preview

    The revision happened because the game itself was incredibly unbalanced BECAUSE it was a new game. There wasn't a way to test things properly without a standard base. Revision/Second Edition came through, and with a standard to go against - Obulus. A&G were always a problem because, until S3, having more activations was the most important thing in the game. Lolno, it doesn't. Here's something you might not have thought about, why not feed character plays into his legendary. If I run in Gutter in a vRage list and have her scything blow, how much momentum is your opponent going to blow to stop it? I'll trade one influence for two momentum. Or more. Of if they want to keep one model alive, that's fine, she's probably cleaving at least one other model. Smoke can do the same. And yes, he is a well designed model. Not my problem if people can't see through their tears
  11. Burnish preview

    Except the only two not released at the beginning of the game were Fillet and Siren2. That's not power creep, there's nothing to base power creep on when a game just releases. Then don't play Corsair or vRage into Blacksmiths. If I'm playing Pokemon and my opponent has a Fire type out, why would I throw a grass type at him. So, correct me if I'm wrong, his legendary makes everything within 6 completely immune to Character Plays? Or can I just roll up and hit them? Or can I just play around it I do enjoy the world is ending mentality. It's like every Warmachine release that's ever happened
  12. Burnish preview

    People who cry power creep are people who can't adapt. Simple fact. If your opponent sees Burnish across the table and puts models together in a way where you can hit 3+ models, they should be punished. And you still have to hit them. Players love crying about statistics and theory
  13. Burnish preview

    He seems pretty good. I don't like making assumptions about the BS because their master/apprentice counterpart really makes the duo. But if we get the fire loving apprentice that's been rumored, could possibly make a pretty decent beat list with Furnace
  14. General Blacksmith tips

    Hearth giving Cinder +2 Net hits would probably help tackling the ball with Hot Shot
  15. Captain my Captain

    I think While the Iron is Hot should target either goal or himself. Targeting himself let's him position himself into more thoughtful spots and possible position teammates into better locations.