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  1. hans_co

    Just got my Fishermen in...

    My plan is to read the fluff after I read all the rules. I cleaned, pinned, and assembled four of my eight models already with two others mostly done and Kraken and Salt still in the box for tomorrow. Can't wait to start painting them up.
  2. hans_co

    Rules Podcast?

    Hey folks, I had an idea and I'd like some feedback on it. I've played a lot of miniature games and obviously a large part of gaining skill in the game is learning the rules forward and back. I often read through a rulebook multiple times before playing a game for the first time and then revisit it after getting my feet wet. However, we all have different learning styles. I wonder if for some people being able to review the rules in an audio format would be useful. If so, I'd like to make an audio podcast in short snippets that reads and maybe slightly explicates the rules. For example, a two-minute episode on "Movement," one on "Attacking," and so forth. 1. Does this sound useful to any of you, 2. Would it be violating any of Steamforged's rights? I'd definitely want to talk to them before doing a thing of this sort.
  3. I just wanted to say that I just got my Fishermen bundle in from DGI and I'm incredibly excited to start playing Guild Ball! I also ordered the rulebook; I've been reading it on PDF but I really was not prepared for the quality of the physical object. The layout combined with the form factor and the physical material used to make the book create a mind-blowing object. Seriously. I could only flip through it a little bit before I had to head off to work but I can't wait to get home! I don't know whether I'll read more of the book or start assembling models. Tough decisions!
  4. hans_co

    The future of Guild Ball

    In a long time (say that 5 year mark OP mentioned), I'd love to see model rotation on a season-by-season basis. Say for sanctioned tournaments in Season 7 or whatever five or so models from each faction are "retired" (for that season). I KNOW minis gamers hate rotation but it's the best solution for bloat and stagnation and it's a time-tested method that works (game-mechanically).
  5. hans_co

    Scoring goals Vs. killing...

    Great idea. I love it.
  6. hans_co

    3v3 "demo" game

    Some mistakes we made, that I realize now: --We played Armor as if it deducted from damage, not from hits. I like the RAW better. --Charges cost 2 INF, not 1 (woops)! --Knockdown gives +2 TAC to an attacking model. Also, I wonder if the 3v3 demo game shouldn't go on something like a 2.5x2.5 ft table, to give a better sense of the "feel" of a 6v6 match on a 3x3 table. Just a stray thought; I'm sure the designers have thought all this through.
  7. hans_co

    Scoring goals Vs. killing...

    Cats, while I don't like everything about your solution (the 1s/6s thing feels very swingy and warhammery), I really like the general idea here, and how that could be a way for beaty-face teams to open up scoring windows from beating face, rather than ignoring the ball and beating face. On a related note, while watching sports I've long thought fouls were a very interesting tactical space--in every game that has fouls, players engage with the risk/reward of fouling tactically and intelligently. I'm not saying it's right for Guild Ball (and if the game is releasing in December this certainly doesn't seem to be the time to be making fundamental changes to the architecture), but damn, I wish it had been in there for the design space it opens up, even if it wouldn't solve the current possible problem*. Actually, you spend 1 INF to stand up, not 1 MP. *I haven't played enough to determine whether it's a problem or not, so I don't want to act like I'm certain one way or the other.
  8. hans_co

    3v3 "demo" game

    Tonight my wife and I played a 3v3 game, just to get the rules under our belts. As it stands it was complicated enough (I've played wargames before but I'm a very slow and steady learner; she has never used a tapemeasure and suggested that the game be set on a board as she didn't like having to measure stuff )--we didn't make full use of MP (defensive stance, etc.) nor did either of us pop Legendary plays. In any case, it was super fun! Fishermen vs. Butchers, (Shark, Siren, Angel vs. Ox, Brisket, Boiler), Fishermen won 2-1 (as I said it was complicated enough and my wife was getting tired), though I think if I had started attacking earlier with my Butchers the game would have really been about fighting. It is trivially easy to gain momentum while beating face. Anyway, I won't do too much design criticism since I'm not really qualified with my half of a house-ruled play. Looking forward to playing much more so I can be an ambassador in my local area when the models drop. Will definitely post some more thoughtful and in-depth games here once I've gotten them under my belt. Just feels good to have finally played after poring over the rules for a few weeks! I will say that I enjoyed the total premeasuring rule and feel that it is the right choice for this game. The pitch, if you want a quick peek. Turns out the kitchen table is exactly 3' wide, though a bit of each corner was cut off. Not a problem for a small game.
  9. hans_co

    Scoring goals Vs. killing...

    1. I love everything Mat just said 2. Nss I want to have a beer with you and talk about games 3. That is all
  10. hans_co

    Scoring goals Vs. killing...

    I know, right? 7-1, sheesh...
  11. hans_co

    Scoring goals Vs. killing...

    This kind of legislative rule is a blunt instrument and should be reserved for when nothing else works. Every rule is designed to elicit certain behavior from the players, and this one certainly does its job ("keep first turn scoring from being too big of an advantage such that it's always/nearly always the right choice"), but at the cost of a thematic justification, which hurts the game's elegance and "feel". How have I never heard of Subbuteo? After some googling I now must own this.
  12. hans_co

    Scoring goals Vs. killing...

    Perhaps I'm wishing for Guild Ball to be something it's not (and it's not like I'll drop the game if there's one aspect about it that I don't love 100%), but part of the attraction for me is the idea that I don't need terrain for the game to be satisfying and deep. I love the idea that I can play on the kitchen table with my wife, and that I don't have to always go to the game store or build my own terrain (not gonna happen; I'm not a terrain guy). I want to be able to play on a clear field, and have the game focused on scoring goals, because that's what football is like. Now, I also want to be able to play with terrain, at my option, when I want to do different things with the game. But I'd like for no terrain to be enough of a game in itself, one mode of play among many.
  13. hans_co

    Casual/Learning Vassal Matches

    Anyone available this week/weekend to play? I'm thinking Friday or Saturday. I'm at GMT -8, so that may be a problem, since I think most of you are GB folk. It looks like my morning (9am) is your evening (5pm), and my late night (say midnight) is your morning (8am). I can do Friday at midnight (your Saturday morning) or Saturday in the morning (your Saturday evening). You'd also have to be patient with me as I learn the Vassal module. I've used Vassal before, but it's been years and I never used it much.
  14. hans_co

    Scoring goals Vs. killing...

    If the Win More attrition game proves to be so much more powerful as a style of play as to effectively take the "Ball" out of Guild Ball, I think a regenerating team is the best solution. Makes sense in the context of the game, too--they got too beat up to continue, they need to go take a rest, then they can come back. Beaty teams using beating as a way to open a scoring window. Non-beaty teams use other things as a way to open a scoring window. The game is focused on scoring windows. I've never played Blood Bowl, but I fail to see the problem with fixed turns. This creates all kinds of tactical and exciting play in real football/soccer (sorry, as an American I can't help but throw in the S word).
  15. hans_co

    Scoring goals Vs. killing...

    This is a very interesting and informative topic, with some great analysis of what makes games tick. I'll be paying keen attention to this as I play the test rules. The one thing that can't be said (and I don't think anyone is saying it) is that since this is a tabletop sports game the players "should" be trying to play the sport rather than trying to kill. If the game is about fantasy soccer, then the rules must make the players play fantasy soccer. Period. That's not the job of a gentleman's agreement; that's the job of the design.